Wednesday’s Religion News Roundup: Aslan’s Islam * Masonic Mafia? * Evangelical Hoaxsters *

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Saint Ignatius, founder of the Jesuits. 

Photo via Wikipedia.

Saint Ignatius, founder of the Jesuits. Photo via Wikipedia.

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The wrath of God debate is dividing some Protestants, and you can preach at night on the streets of New Orleans. AMDG to the Jesuits!

  • Paolo Romano

    …and introduced me to a product whose name I won’t reproduce here…
    David, your round-ups are so funny.

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  • Thanks for pointing out Steve Thorngate’s article. Very well written and thoughtful. I am sure that Aslan’s faith has some bearing on his work, but probably not as much as say Pamela Geller’s faith has on her views on Islam. The fact that Muslims believe in Jesus makes them much more respectful in their scholarship of that period. My family sat around the iftaar table a few nights ago and had a good laugh watching the Fox News interview. Just another indication of how far removed that channel is from reality.

  • Kevan Scott

    Saudia F. is exactly right! What really upsets me is that so many Christians think Fox is the only legit News on the planet. So much disinformation and the sheople just eat it up and believe it without once even giving any thought to the crediability of the story at all. I think it would be great if all people atheist or not were forced to take a comparitive religion course in high school. That way we would all be at least sort of familiar with what each religions basic tenets were and so many of the misconceptions that one group has about the other could have at least a fighting chance of being dispelled. Same goes for the story of the Christians passing along fake news items designed to play on the fears and stereotypes of some very obviously fearful people. If it sounds incrediably unbelievable it probably is! Oh, by the way, a great and informative RNS roundup today. So many stories, so little time!