Downton Dawkins * Voyager Theology? * Francis’ ‘Christian Murderers’: Friday’s Religion News Roundup

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Word Cloud of Pope Francis's Tweets by Michael Peppard via Wordle

Word Cloud of Pope Francis's Tweets by Michael Peppard via Wordle

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Richard Dawkins has no problems with "mild pedophilia" or his Anglican culture. But he disses American atheists who sue to ban religious symbols. Focus on the Family is down, Pope Francis is up -- but whoa, check out his homily today on Christians who gossip. "Murderers," he says. That doesn't appear in his Twitter cloud.

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  • John McGrath

    If Christians who gossip are murderers, the the Vatican is full of murderers. But then maybe most of the people in the Vaitican are not Christians, just careerists.

  • David Gibson

    John McGrath, I think that might have been one of the Pope’s intended audiences, in fact, in the Vatican. I don’t think that being a careerist — or even a murderer — cancels out one’s Christianity, however.

  • Kevan Scott

    I live in Co. Springs, home of Focus, and can tell you that this started the day that Dobson stepped down. It is simply poor management, plus a non-profit which has let political principles guide them instead of doing “the Lord’s work’. I can remember a time not too long ago when Focus was, by far, the cities largest employer. No more. They also kicked many loyal employees to the curb which should never happen with a so called christian ministry. Sad to see, and I have seen it personally living in a houshold years ago where I was the only one in that house that didn’t work for them. Now every one of those other people in that house are working at places like WalMart or not working at all.

  • Gee, this edition sure seemed ‘All Roman Catholic/All the Time.’ Yes, there were others here and there.

    I think Pope Francisco is wonderful and the best hope in decades to return the RCC to a focus on the gospel of JC.

    How about some mention of the stories about the Emerging Church movement among mainline Protestant churches in the USA?

    Rev. Nadia Bolz-Webber’s book, “Pastrix”, was just published this week and is very controversial for many Christians. It’s also quite profane and one of my favorites. She’s on a book tour and in the news. N-W pastors an ELCA church in Denver, HFASS, pronounced ‘Half-Ass.’

    Follow up!

    In the meantime, I continue to be a fan of RNS and several of your blogs. Thanks.