• Larry

    Part of me thinks that these guys deserve the inevitable envenoming and not at all pleasant death which comes from irresponsibly handling poisonous snakes. Welcoming their practices as simple “winnowing out a silly herd”.

    The other part feels bad for emergency services to have to waste their time on saving these guys and for the snakes themselves which are being abused in the name of religion.

  • Charlie

    While the practice comes off as quite odd, I do not believe that we should be referring to them as a “silly herd”. I believe it says something about our government deals with modern day free exercise cases if we can already guarantee that the protestors for the church will lose. Was one of the purposes of the Free Exercise Clause not to protect those who go against social norms? Their practices may be dangerous, but that doesn’t mean that their religion should be treated as some sort of sideshow

  • Larry

    Its animal abuse, but its for the Lord, so its OK. Give me a break.

    Free Exercise is not an excuse to disobey laws having nothing to do with religion. Public safety is public safety. It is no more permissible than human sacrifice or temple prostitution.

    Harassing venomous reptiles in a crowded is an inherently dangerous and reckless act. Religious belief or not, its a dangerously stupid practice which the government has every right to control in the interests of the public.

    These are dangerous animals which usually require a ton of permits and licensing to keep in captivity. Usually only specially trained animal handlers are allowed to do this.