Banned Valentines * Gay love * Hindu censors: Religious Freedom Recap: Feb. 10 – 17

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Valentine’s Day courts controversy in Tajikistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Indonesia. A flurry of states debate same-sex love and marriage. And a publisher in India pulls a prominent book on Hinduism after religious feelings are hurt. Don’t go breaking my heart.

  • Atheist Max

    More evidence that love is destroyed by religion.
    Religion poisons everything.

  • Kevan Scott

    Max, I wouldn’t say all religion destroys love, I would say, though, that all hard corefundalmentalist religions do a pretty good job at doing that. If you take a good hard look at those who are very fundy in their beliefs those are the exact same ones who are the most intolerent of others beliefs, alternative thought etc. But, I also find that there are those who are not so fundy who do more good in the world than not. I wish that those who say that God or Christ or Allah is love would do more in promoting that love than the hatred we have seen come from them. I find that in all three major religions and have found that same hate in some of the sub cults of those religions. I also find myself much more comfortable in keeping my beliefs to myself while at the same time attempting to keep my moral compass pointed in the right direction. Hard to say, hard to do. If more people would focus on the love of their religion instead of the rules and who is or isn’t violating the rules then perhaps you, me and others wouldn’t have near as much problems with religion.

  • Atheist Max

    Kevan, you make some good points.

    But I often wonder why people bring up ‘God’ on any matter involving love.
    Certainly love must be earned in order to have value. Even so called ‘unconditional love’ can disappear with the wrong missteps.

    To command love, as God does, is a problem.
    To command LOVE for that which you are also scolded and enjoined to FEAR
    is the definition of sadomasochism. A recipe for mental illness.

    Also, if “God is Love” as some say, one can only wonder what Lust, or Hate, or Ennui are. Are all of these things also gods? And why pray to ‘love’? Why not pray to ‘Luck’?