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  • Stan

    Now that you have published some pope cartoons when will we see some cartoons with the muslim’s prophet muhammed?

  • Roy

    So Stan, what exactly is your point? That RNS has some double standard or is hypocritical because it has not published something which would be offensive to most Muslims? Pope cartoons are not inherently offensive to Catholics, and this particular cartoon did not strike me as offensive. While your comment suggest that there would be some equivalency between a cartoon of the pope and one of Muhammad – it is a false equivalency.

  • Atheist Max

    Thank You RNS, particularly: Kimberly Winston, Cathy Grossman and Chris Stedman for some very important reporting in the past few months.

    Religion (and the rejection of religion) continues to be at the center of so many important stories. You provide a great glimpse of the major supernatural claims around the world.
    Thanks also for supplying a place for lively commentary and for allowing atheists to get a word in edgewise.

  • Cheerful Charlie

    Want some cartoons with Mohammed? Google for Jesus and Mo.

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