• Henok

    may God give her mercy! beyonce is sister of Satan! may the lord Jesus give her salivation1 for her soul!

  • NiNi

    I’m not surprised at all about this, nor should any Christ follower. In the Gospel in the book of 2Thessalonians 2:1-12; it talks about the events leading to the 2nd coming of Christ. I do not believe Beyonce want any part of a “church” that worship her. She herself is a GOD-fearing woman. These are a bunch of identity lost individuals that need Jesus. The author of this article is off her rocker too for her comparisons. No man can compare themselves to GOD and HIS SON, Jesus. No man can compare!!!!!

  • John McGrath

    Just formalizing a truth lived by many, their lives made happier by their pop faith. This “ism” or “ity” joins the thousands of others and is no more delusional or spiritually true.

  • Nate

    Religion has 99 problems, but Bey ain’t one.

    Let’s get back to the teachings and model of Jesus. And let’s turn our backs on:
    Power politics
    Prosperity gospel
    Pastor worship
    Bad stewardship of creation
    Ignoring the cries of the poor and oppressed
    Currying favor with the rich and powerful
    Using religious power to sexually abuse the vulnerable
    Reducing Jesus to a system of doctrines
    Reducing spirituality to a system of steps
    Hating and devouring co-religionists in God’s name
    Damning and doing violence to religious others in the Name of the Prince of Peace
    I could go on.

    Once we get our own house in order, then perhaps we will have time to dialogue with fairly silly religious upstarts like Beyism. Until that day, let’s crank up the radio with something we can dance to (perhaps Crazy in Love) and get to work.

  • signal

    The person who believes this stuff needs immediate psychiatric help. If you’re going to worship a human, WORSHIP YOUR DAMN SELF. Freaking crazy, live your own life, not someone elses. People following these beyonce worshiping footsteps are the type of people to decline the IQ and overall value of a species

  • Alan

    Are you guys Seriously hurling Insults at Beyoncè and cursing her? Beyonce has nothing to do with all That.. It’s just a group of really disturbed and Attention seeking people doing this Messed up shit..

  • Bud

    This is a satire, right?

  • Stepheni T


  • Rufus Bauche

    Beyonce is a devil puppet dat hav sole are soul to de devil in exchange of money and fame.satan is her god an she is trying to lead many people into everlasting destruction,pls brethren in the Lord lets all know dat only Jesus our Lord has de key to eternal life, beware bcos Beyonce is a forerunner of antichrist who has chosen the part of everlasting destruction.

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  • Look stop the madness, these people or flesh and weak, I do believe they really sale there soul to the Satan for worldly things,Satan tried it with Jesus am glad he to Satan to get behind him letting him no that he is nothing. And most black singer grow up in church.