• For readers who are wondering:

    ‘SIM’ stands for ‘Sudan Interior Mission’ and it is a FAITH-BASED MISSIONARY organization.

    Clearly we need more SCIENCE-based behavior from these organizations!

    SIM USA wastes millions of dollars on this sort of nonsense:
    “We often partner with specialized missions in Bible translation, radio outreach, community development, medicine, HIV and AIDS ministry, aviation, and more, but our distinctive is our church-focused vision. Many of our missionaries work as church planters in pioneer areas or in partnership with local churches in discipleship, evangelism, or theological education.”

    ‘RADIO OUTREACH’ – is a euphemism for ‘preaching lies about reality’.
    Radio outreach was a central component of the Rwandan Genocide where 800,000 people were slaughtered by their Catholic brothers and sisters.

    I’m suspicious of SIM because
    when women begged CATHOLIC CHARITIES in Africa for condoms so they would not be infected by their husbands the clinics refused to hand them out.
    The cold-hearted Popes replied:
    “NO……AIDS is bad, but condoms are worse”

    Subsequently 20 Million Africans died of Aids.
    Even though the Pope had been told by doctors and other scientists that condoms would be very effective in preventing the spread of the AIDS virus.

    So, yes, I am very suspicious of SIM – USA
    and its AIDS/HIV ‘treatment’
    as well as its recommendations for ‘family planning’.

    There are dozens of better groups doing work in Africa
    including godless SCIENCE-BASED organizations such as “Doctors Without Borders” who have 22,000 volunteers doing honest, healthy, non-faith medicine.

    SIM has been notorious for not following scientific protocol
    when it comes to Ebola – and its workers are getting sick.

    SIM-USA needs to be thoroughly investigated for its failures.
    OXFAM and The Red Cross do much better work.