Pope to NY? * Bradlee to heaven? * Is Twitter evil? Wednesday’s Roundup

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Twitter has set new rules banning accounts that promote violence or threaten others.

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Pope Francis appears headed to the Big Apple. The late Ben Bradlee on where he thinks he's headed now. Will Chicago's new archbishop ditch the mansion?

  • Long ago, before Watergate or the Pentagon papers, as a journalism student at American University in Washington, DC, I called the Post to get an interview with Bradlee. No problem, said his assistant, and promptly set up a meeting.

    We spoke for several hours in his office and it was amazing to me that someone so important would give so much of his time to one student. When a call came in from a top official he let me listen in, much to his obvious delight. And mine.

    Bradlee had grace and he also had backbone. He stood up to an enraged president and America changed as a result. He represented the best in journalism.

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  • Sullivan’s view on Idaho was mine until a few days ago on the premise of “compelled speech.” Then Jeremy came up with screen captures demonstrating that the Knapps conformed their website to their civil complaint. I had an email colloquy with the city attorney who confirms this recent “got religion.”

    Previously, they conducted civil marriages as well as marriages for other faiths. Therefore, if a gay couple wanted a civil ceremony at the very tacky hitching post how could they refuse? OTH, if a gay couple wanted a Christian ceremony, the Knapps would have the option of bring in an affirming pastor.

    However, this is all hypothetical. Since no gay couple (to my knowledge) has requested to marry at this place (why would they?) this is just a publicity stunt — and it worked.

    I have frequently said that the simple solution to these problems is for the proprietor to post a sign indicating his or her disapproval of same-sex marriage. It is perfectly legal. Well, in addition to seeking publicity, the Knapps have now posted the sign and it is doubtful that gays, their families or their allies will be bothering them with their business.

  • Ms. Graham deserves some of the credit for allowing Mr. Bradlee free reign — even when it imperiled the paper. By the way he stood up to more than one enraged POTUS.

  • Lin Jenkins

    I really enjoy reading the daily RNS updates, but recently I’ve tried several links to stories of interest, only to find them locked behind a paywall. I recognize that this may be the best story you could find on the topic at hand, but it’s still frustrating. If there’s not an acceptable free alternative, could you please at least note that a link requires a subscription? (I believe you used to do this, actually.)


  • Doc Anthony

    I agree with your last paragraph, in that churches and Christian-related businesses should at least post such signs or notices.

    However, it remains to be seen whether the Gay Gestapo will simply back off and respect those public signs/notices.

    So far, it looks as if the Gay Gestapo intends to bully and attack ANY church-, clergy-, or Christian-related business or agency — even the smallest Ma-and-Pa businesses — if they dare to offer the slightest resistance against gay marriage, regardless of what signs or notices are posted.

    Constitutional religious freedoms mean nothing to gay activists.