Garner protests * Vatican windfall * Prince Vladimir: Friday’s Roundup

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Mosaic image of Prince Vladimir

courtesy Shutterstock

Mosaic of St. Prince Vladimir. Orthodox church in Sevastopol Ukraine

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A second day of protests continued across the nation. The Vatican turned up hundreds of millions of euros. Vladimir Putin traces his heritage to Prince Vladimir.

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  • John McGrath

    If you kno the history of European banking post WWII, he hidden money in the Vatican is not surprising, shocking or scandalous. Just a deviation of a once common practice.

    Due to the vey real fear of arbitrary confiscation by a communist, extreme socialist or fascist government, banks and corporations in Europe were considered to have a moral obligation to hide large amounts of money. In fact when US banks started acquiring European banks, even in the 1980s, they were pleased to discover large amounts of hidden money, money not counted when valuating the bank sale price. In Germany for many years a very small group of people were kept apprised of where all the money was hidden. This group included one or two Roman Catholic cardinals.

    The Vatican practice of hidden money may simply be due to lax financial systems. But it could also be a holdover from post WWII banking practices, including hidden money supplied by the CIA to help combat “communism.” the Vatican certainly got a great deal of this money.

    Note that the Vatican money was not fanatically hidden. It was easy enough to discover and the bureaucrats did not seem to go to any great lengths to keep their secret money secret. I can hear, “Nobody asked” echoing through the Vatican halls. Apparently nobody did, up until now.

    Places in the world have histories and practices very different from the USA. Of course the influence of hidden money in the USA has been a strong part of its politics and remains so today, in amounts not previously dreamed of.

  • George Carlin

    Well, god sure needs money. Lots of your money. Money money money! Funny that he can’t provide it for his people instantly.

  • Shar

    Oh darn! I didn’t notice your “spoiler” alert – Serial! No, I have not listened yet but it is on my phone just waiting for me.

  • Earold D. Gunter

    Hilarious! Thanks for the link. Great way to start a day! all hail Joe Pesci!!!