• Doc Anthony

    Dalai Lama

  • Harry

    Didn’t the Buddha teach his monks to free themselves from suffering? In this instance, it would seem that the Buddha would have wanted his monks to refrain from fighting over political positions. Wouldn’t the Buddha advise his monks to look upon with compassion and ‘let it go’? Wasn’t the Buddha’s teaching clear on ‘letting go’?

  • Julian Penrod

    An unleavened hatchet job. Careful, and deceitful, misrepresentation and misuse of language and principle to promote falsehood.
    Accusing China of “one of the worst track records on religious freedom”, then explaining that to mean treating “unregistered faiths” by “torturing, imprisoning and forcibly converting followers”. “Converting” to what? To convert to anything means to accept that faith and that is not an anti religious stand. And to permit even one faith is not forbidding religious freedom. And what, exactly, constitutes an “unregistered faith”? Basically, any fly-by-night get-rich-quick scheme by any Jim Jones could constitute a “religion”, by general rules of the subject, but a cult like his would be patently “unregistered”! Essentially, Pellot is condemning the prevention of another Jonestown or Heaven’s Gate!
    And the casual interjecting of the principle, “If someone guilty of a wrongdoing accuses you, truthfully, of the same wrongdoing, then, suddenly, you are not guilty!” Pellot accuses China of “profaning unregistered religions”, then takes issue with China saying the Dalai Lama, or, be frank, the “Dalai Lama”, is profaning Buddhism. Suddenly, the “Dalai Lama” is not wrong. China accuses the “Dalai Lama” of hypocrisy, but Pellot proves the “Dalai Lama” is not hypocritical by accusing China of hypocrisy.
    But, face it, where is the proof that the current supposed Dalai Lama is actually a legitimate manifestation of Avalokitesvara? There is only the word of individuals who claim the current individual chose possessions of an earlier Lama. Certainly, the individual in place now has been no stranger to political machination. There isn’t even proof the individual who, today, wields his position like a club is the same individual who recognized the earlier Lama’s possessions.
    Perhaps this is an answer to a number of questions. In choosing a conniving political fraud to pretend to be a “Dalai Lama”, Tibet consigned itself to the anger of forces beyond their control. Angered by this effrontery to the idea of accepting the presence of God, The Almighty, in all forms, decided to act against Tibet and Buddhism. Allowing Tibet to be taken over by China. Allowing the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas. If the Buddhists do not act and try to break the conniving in the upper ranks of Buddhism, God’s wrath against them may be even worse in the future.