• ben in oakland

    Charming and compassionate as always.

  • Doc Anthony

    I love all that good hot RNS drama !!

    Beats all those soggy “Reality-TV” shows !!

  • Here we have one episode in a crabs-in-a-bucket exchange between two opinion journalists and your complaint is that one of the spectators is not ‘compassionate’? Do you put minimal thought into these remarks?

    And if Mr. Gibson wants ‘charm’, he might meet us all halfway and produce some writing that is neither silly nor repulsive. It won’t happen because Eckstrom’s editorial policy is dead set against non-silly and non-repulsive work.

  • Larry

    So Mr. Gibson, when have you stopped eating babies and kittens? 🙂

  • Helena

    What an absurd comment. The right-wing-mean trolls are out in force.

  • This whole ‘journalistic’ enterprise is a collecting pool of humbug and you’re complaint is that I’m ‘mean’. Well, it looks that way if you call something rotten by what it really is. David Gibson he works for Kevin Eckstrom as a press agent for Vichy Catholics. If he wants people to be sweet to him, he can get a normal job.