• Steve Harper

    Thank you David—for your faithful witness to Christ, and for reminding us that the term “evangelical” is not a copyright held by contemporary ultra-conservative Christians, but rather an histiric descriptor that you accurately represent in our time.

  • Tammi Talley

    Thank you for being brave enough to publicize your stance on the LGBT issue. As with all civil rights everyone should have the opportunity to vow before God and others their eternal love for each other. I am currently reading your book, “Changing Our Minds,” and will ask my Mom to read it once I’m finished. Scripture is inspired by God, however even God wants us to use our moral logic when looking at scriptures that condemn and judge the LGBT community. We are not judge and jury and as Paul stated in Roman 2:1-3 we are not to condemn anyone because we all sin and come short of the glory of God. I studied profusely regarding this issue. prior to attending The Reformation Project’s Leadership Development Cohort in Washington D.C. and the TRP conference in Atlanta this month. God does not condemn same sex monogamous relationships. I spoke with you and thanked you for all your efforts and courage when you signed my book. Thank you Dr. Gushee for being forthright and vocal. Romans 8:32

  • JR

    Welcome. My main issue, my only issue, with religious acceptance of gay marriage is that it is an absolute contradiction of religious Scripture and secular Tradition. How can a teacher of God’s Word circumvent the naming of a sin, let alone the raising of that sin to a virtuous marital act? Is the whole issue of homosexuality now relegated to the topics Christians don’t want to hear about, much like the reality of Satan? This is what baffles me. Loving one another does not include sexual contact. Sexual love is regarded as holy and dignified only in a married state. (male/female), all other dalliances are sinful per the Bible….. how do preachers avoid this?

  • Heather hyman

    You’re absolutely correct here and it’s a breath of fresh air. Your story is almost identical to mine as far as how you came to accept the LGBT community. I too am southern (Atlanta Ga), white, straight ,& I love Christ with all my heart. I grew up in church, baptist then non denominational and believed it when I was told that homosexuality is an abomination. It wasn’t until I decided to read the Bible all the way through that I had my first inkling that something was very wrong with my position. It began as a little tug in my spirit when I read about redemption,Christ love & message of absolute acceptance for those who seek Him. My Greek dictionary became my obsession. As did the writings and ministry of Peter & Paul aka the odd couple of the NT 😉 Anyway I stumbled onto Jay Bakker’s book Fall to Grace and it confirmed everything the Spirit was already whispering in my heart. So wonderful to know I’m not alone in my understanding of Christ’s ministry! God bless you and thank…

  • Hi David. I do have certain things to comment on as regards your stance on the LGBT issues and certain other aspects of your belief system. However, I do think Bill Clinton has spoken my mind. You do not take a part of the scripture and regards other parts for God cannot be mocked. Even though Christ loves the sinners, he hates the sin and now, as a Reverend, you support gay marriage. Until you meet Christ and accept him hook, line and sinker, you may just be going in circles as regards perfecting the reason for your existence. Christ wasn’t a professor but he has been able to change the entire course of mankind in ways never done before through time and space. Please! He is holy and he commands us to be holy as he is holy. Gay marriage is unholy in the sight of God. Is it not written? No sexually immoral can inherit the kindgom of heaven. Grace unto you.

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  • Mary

    Read his book ‘Changing Our Mind’. He didn’t just jump to the side he’s on without thinking about it, and it is indeed a multi-sided issue.

  • Tom

    Interesting, Heather. I dont grasp this though. What was it about reading the Bible all the way through that gave you an inkling that your position was wrong? I see you refer to redemption,Christ love & message of absolute acceptance for those who seek Him. How does that relate? Are you thinking of any passages in particular?