Religious groups weigh support for Boy Scouts after vote to end ban on gay leaders

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Boy Scout Casey Chambers carries a rainbow flag during the San Francisco Gay Pride Festival in California on June 29, 2014. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Noah Berger
*Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-SCOUTS-REACTION, originally transmitted on July 14, 2015.

Boy Scout Casey Chambers carries a rainbow flag during the San Francisco Gay Pride Festival in California on June 29, 2014. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Noah Berger *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-SCOUTS-REACTION, originally transmitted on July 14, 2015.

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(RNS) Some faith leaders said continued support for the BSA would hinge on whether religiously affiliated troops would be allowed to choose their own leaders.

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  • Greg1

    Most churches will pull out of the BSA if they go with the gay scout leaders. They have seen the horrors that took place in the Catholic Church, and nobody in their right mind would let their boys go unattended on camping trips, and other with any of those men. The only Churches that will stay with the BSA will be the Episcopal & other Protestant churches that approve of same sex “marriage”.

  • JR

    For good reason the Scouts will disappear as an American Icon, and be replaced by private scouting groups. I don’t care how open-minded the parents are socially, they will protect their kids from possible “confusion” when all they want them to do is to enjoy scouting. Gays really need to back off.

  • Larry

    As a former Eagle Scout, I would gladly welcome the exit of the LDS and SBC from the Boy Scouts of America. Their influence has undermined the very principles of the organization in favor of promoting sectarian discrimination. The very thing Lord Baden-Powell formed Scouting to prevent.

    The fact that many think the 35 year old policy of open discrimination was at the core of the organization shows how much damage they have done to its reputation. That was the point the Boy Scouts disappeared as an American icon. Its about time it be reclaimed in the name of its core value-citizenship. Valuing all of its citizens, not just the ones your sect likes.

    But judging by the lack of people leaving the Boy Scouts in favor of the more sectarian and openly discriminatory Life Trail, it appears most people are unconcerned with the changes taking place.

  • Eric

    I suspect the BSA will be a much better organization without people like you spreading lies and slanderous stereotypes around. Take your sordid fears and fantasies back to the church basement you crawled out of.

  • Eric

    No, homophobes like you need to back off and get the help you clearly need.

  • Greg1

    I am a Catholic, Eric. I’ve seen the damage that can be done by a certain subset within the male homosexual group. And these people cannot be pre-screened.

  • Monica

    The fact of the matter is statistically most molestors ate heterosexual males, married with kids. So should we ban all dads from being scout leaders? After all, they are the ones most likely to molest young boys.

  • Contending for Truth

    This is about P E D E R A S T Y

    Nothing more and nothing less.

    This is the goal of the gay pride movement for millennia.

    No decent parent should allow their child to be turned out by homosexual “mentors.”

  • Mark Johnston

    If some too-influential religious organizations leave, will the BSA be able to allow unbelievers to join?

  • Larry

    “This is about P E D E R A S T Y.”

    Once churches leave the BSA, priests will have a tougher time finding children to molest. They will lose that playground they enjoyed for so long.

  • MarkE

    Amen, Eric.

  • Michael

    Don’t you guys get it? Openly gay leaders are *not* a problem. It is the men who secretly want to molest boys that are the problem. There are some real, live gay Eagle Scouts now, and they are well-known in their troops, and would be excellent leaders.

  • As a Mormon (and as a Christian) I don’t see why we care what the BSA does. I can’t even figure out why our Church President sits on the board. I get that we needed the PR of nationalism back in the early 1900’s when America hated us, but I think if Romney can run for president, we don’t need that PR anymore.

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  • Nancy Dunham

    Please don’t confuse pedophiles with homosexuals – your priests were pedophiles. Also BS leaders are instructed to not be alone with young people.

  • TheCountess

    Okay, decide. Is this an issue concerning God or isn’t it? Decide. For what you do today will have lasting repercussions. That a clean organization for the intent of youth has now gone by the way side, if I were a parent with children today, I would not allow them to involve themselves with going against the Word of God.
    Decide. Who’s side are YOU on?

  • Ben in oakland

    As has been pointed out to you numerous times, but you really don’t care…

    The BSA banned gays for decades and have had a massive molestation problem, which they have attempted to cover up just like to RCC has done for centuries.

    given your obsessions, your lies, and your concerns, It is becoming increasingly obvious that you were molested By a priest, but cannot reconcile the molestation with your religious therefore, you are going to blame innocent gay people in order to reconcile them.

    Got it.

  • Ben in oakland

    The BSA allows everyone to join if they believe in God. NOT just your God.

    Here’s what’s going against the clear word of God. Believing that Jesus din’t die for your sins. A sin that will land you in hell.

    Here’s also what is going against the clear word of God. Believing that God had a son, that he died for your sins, and the by believing this, you won’t go to hell. 2/3 of the world believes the Christian story is a myth. They have no belief in that particular sin, which ought to be the worst sin.

    Except for the homosexually obsessed. (BTW, that’s not gay people.)

    You’re trying to do to the Boy Scouts what you are trying to do to the U.S. Pretend that everyone is a dominionist Christian.

  • Be Brave

    Mormons are Christians?

    Not according to every voice in the New Testament.

    God does not live on a planet near a star named Kolob.

    Joseph Smith is not a prophet of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He is the prophet of an American cult and nothing more.

  • Be Brave


    If, you are gay, and that’s a big IF, you know that pederasty is the goal here. If homosexual men are allowed to “mentor” their sexual targets, then the Girl Scouts should allow college Frat guys to be scout “masters” over the girls.

  • Ben in oakland

    I am NOT a Catholic, Eric. I’ve seen the damage that can be done by a certain subset within the male catholic priest group. And these people cannot be pre-screened.

  • Ben in oakland

    And you really are completely unaware of the reality, aren’t you?

    Conservative Antigay religionists may well do so. People who are actually tethered to reality actually don’t care.

    But then they are not blinded by the kind of bigotry and judgmental religionism that insists that gay people are not quite human and a threat to everyone who is.

    You are.

  • Ben in oakland


    Have a Kleenex.

  • Ben in oakland

    They are not interested in getting it.

    their money flow, their power and dominion, their religious “faith”, their imaginary status as god’s BFFF, their wholly self assigned and completely imaginary superiority, and the exorcising of their particular demons and fears very much depend on their NOT getting it.

  • Ben in oakland

    Scratch one kind of bigot, find a nice shiny new kind of bigot underneath.

  • TheCountess

    No, I am standing on the Word of God which dictates what position people need to take when facing these issues in our modern society. God never changes and neither does His Word. The hard fact is the end of justice. Since you speak of sin, homosexuality is sin. It is one of many. Yet, it is sin nonetheless. Since the issue is just that, homosexuality, and whether we condone or condemn, it is still what thus sayeth the Lord, and not man that is at the heart of this issue of homosexuality. Are we for it, or against it? What does God have to say about it and not man’s idea. And He condemns it. I am for Him, His Word, not my own brand of religion. You must take this up with Him, the Author of His Word. I didn’t write it, He did.

  • Ben in oakland

    I really wish you would stop projecting and get yourself a Kleenex or a psychiatrist, whichever will do the most good.

    Pederasty may be your goal. In my entire life, out of the hundreds and hundreds of gay men I have known well enough to know this, I’ve only met one whom I would call gay and who had any interest in underaged but post pubescent boys. Most gay people are as appalled by it as most heterosexuals are.

    That you refuse to believe that is an indication of your bigotry, not your perspicacity. That you cannot or will not understand this, and refuse to educate yourself, says a great deal about you, but nothing about gay men.

    Right, Shawnie? right?

  • Ben in oakland

    Actually, honey, I don’t have to take it up with either of you. I don’t ascribe to your believe system, nor am I willing to grant you many dominion over my life.

    When you spend the same amount of energy and directed towards the two thirds of the world that thinks the Christian story is nonsense, and stop focusing on the sin of homosexuality to the exclusion of all others, at that point I might believe what you have to say. Otherwise, as far as I can tell, you are just giving this vicious and ancient prejudice the thinnest possible veneer of respectability by calling it sincere religious belief.

    God’s word changes every time you want to eat a bacon sandwich, every time you want to burn a witch, every time you get divorced except for adultery, or every time you want to put a Negro in his proper place.

  • Matt Mirmak

    You are a “former” Eagle Scout? When did you renounce your rank?

    Don’t get me wrong, I support the proposal to allow gay leaders in our ranks. As an Eagle Scout myself (1987), the correct way to address yourself is “I AM an Eagle Scout”. Please take some pride in your rank.

  • Larry

    You are absolutely correct. I AM an Eagle Scout.

    Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

  • Dustin

    Greg1–You are correct. People can call you names and otherwise attack you all that they want, but no amount of personal attacks will change the facts. Parents will protect their children.

  • Pabbers

    That’s not a fact.The majority of molesters are men that abuse girls. Those that abuse boys are homosexual.

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