Don’t blame Planned Parenthood for our abortion culture (COMMENTARY)

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Rev. David Gushee is Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics and Director of the Center for Theology and Public Life at Mercer University. Photo courtesy of Mercer University

Rev. David Gushee is Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics and Director of the Center for Theology and Public Life at Mercer University. Photo courtesy of Mercer University

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(RNS) We are the ones who created a society in which we have become utterly dependent on abortion.

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  • Bill

    So it’s not their fault. We made Planned Parenthood do it. This is a creative new way to be an apologist for Planned Parenthood and their baby killing and baby parts business.

    I do not accept your blame.

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  • Carole

    At last, a place for me to write to someone who understands its us, not “they”.
    My biggest moment of disgust when watching video was if abortions are””just clumps of tissue” then how do they get specific parts, like livers, legs etc.
    Also, if a pregnant woman is murdered, the “fetus” becomes a baby and murder charges are doubled. I just don’t understand the logic of it all. Another thing I question is what would the women think of profits being made off of their dire situations that send them to PP in the first place….. As that doctor munched on her salad and drank her wine, I wondered what does she do when dismembering live children, it might be her job and we find it gross, but medical examiners eat lunch after an autopsy at least their patient was dead.

  • John

    I’m speechless.

  • Greg

    There’s certainly a lot that you don’t understand, Carole.

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  • This article was junk last week. Reposting hasn’t improved it.
    Its clear by now the hysteria over the video was largely due to selective editing and ignorance of material facts. Gushee gives the fundies way too much credence here in what was clearly nonsense.

    Gushee seems to ignore efforts by progressives to make abortion less appealing such as:
    -Efforts to make contraception more available and affordable
    -Real sex education in public schools, not useless abstinence only garbage
    -Efforts to provide greater education and economic opportunity for women

    Where counterproductive policies of the reactionary religious right are kept in abeyance, abortion rates decline. Where contraception, education and abortion are accessible, there are fewer unplanned pregnancies and fewer abortions. The religious right offers no solutions and has no conscience. They would rather wag fingers than show concern for people

  • Bernardo

    Following the directions on the Pill and condom packages would make the abortion issue fade away.

  • Larry

    Instead of arguing that women who have abortions are some kind of monsters, how about improving their options through better social welfare programs, paid maternity leave and subsidized childcare, and more education funding for low income schools?

    But then, I suppose demonizing people who have and provide abortions is easier than actually getting your hands dirty.

  • Larry

    The above post was not meant as a response to Bernardo 🙂

  • Jeff Walton

    Thanks for covering this issue, David — last week I tweeted asking what were the best ways to encourage progressive Christian voices to speak up about the troubling allegations about Planned Parenthood. This week I am glad to have seen you, Wallis, Merritt, Powers and Wear all addressing the matter.

    In answer to your question addressed to Republicans, “For all your pro-life rhetoric, would you really pull the trigger on rolling back abortion access in any serious way?” I’ll note that according to the New York Times, Republican-led state legislatures have passed over 200 laws restricting abortion since 2011. Individually these laws may seem modest, but collectively, they are substantial.

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  • Larry

    Frankly if Progressive Christianity is looking at this situation with the same level of credulity as the Fundies, then their input really isn’t worth a damn.

    From day one the allegations proclaimed were refuted. Yet the lies and hysteria persisted. There were clear misrepresentations and fictions being promulgated which went without comment or criticism from the “Progressive Christians”. If they are not going to be calling out their more conservative brethren over clearly dishonest tactics and rhetoric, then who needs them?

    NALT (Not All Like That)’ism just makes Progressive Christians look defensive and immobile. They won’t stand up for their principles against fellow Christians who oppose their views, but they will gladly try to distinguish themselves when outsiders comment about followers of the entire faith. Instead of chiming on how they are different from Fundamentalists, it would be far better if they proved it.

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