• Glyndon Morris

    And once again “Christians” drive good people away from the Gospel.

  • Jeffrey R

    There are no good people(Romans 3:10), and no one can be driven away from the Gospel who it was intended for. Romans 8:28-30. I wouldn’t expect you to understand 1 Corinthians 1:18.

  • Nick

    I’m with you, Glyndon. This hate and racism disguised as the gospel is disgusting. Praying for our Arab brothers and sisters in Michigan.

  • Sister Geraldine Marie, OP, RN, PHN

    The group may be exercising 1st Amendment rights, but they are far from practicing Christian moral principles, especially to love one’s neighbor as oneself!
    They should read YAH’SHUA’s conversation with the Samaritan woman in the 4th chapter of John’s gospel. He did not berate the woman nor refuse to speak to her, a Samaritan AND a woman (which at that time, wasn’t allowed). In fact, He revealed to her that He was the Messiah!

  • Diogenes

    As always, Sister Geraldine, your thoughts are mild and well reasoned, a blessing on this site. Your point is further amplified by the fact that these folks appeared with a severed pig’s head, an unnecessary insult to the festival participants.

  • Joao

    And you know they were being hateful and being unchristian how? The report doesn’t even mention what they said. The way american politicians and media are, even saying “Mohammad is no prophet, Jesus can save you” can be called hateful nowadays.

  • Joao2

    The same PD in Dearborn arrested Nabeel Qureshi for doing nothing but answer questions from muslims (he’s a former muslim, now christian evangelist), when he was the one that was cursed at and almost attacked, so, sister, do presume the innocence of the people you’re criticizing.

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  • Garson Abuita

    Even if you want to argue the signs that said “Islam is a religion of blood and murder,” and “Muhammad was a child molester”, what was the point of the severed pig’s head if not to display hate?