Flunking Sainthood, Jana Riess
women's shoes

Mormonism: A country club with a strict dress code

Guest blogger Mette Harrison says Mormons spend too much time talking about appropriate dress, particularly for young women. All this attention to clothing makes church feel more like an exclusive country club than a faith dedicated to Christ’s example.

Tracy McKay Family (156)

Polygamy lives on in Mormon temple sealings

While plural marriage has officially been banned by the LDS Church for more than a hundred years, the truth and lived reality for many modern Mormon women is actually far more complicated. Tracy McKay-Lamb is one of those women.

Youth pass the sacrament during the service at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Lenexa Ward on June 17, 2012in Lenexa, Kan. RNS photo by Sally Morrow

Who is leaving the LDS Church?

Singles, young adults, and men (especially those who did not serve a mission) seem to be among the most likely demographics of people who leave the LDS Church. But “The Next Mormons” research can find out a good deal more that we don’t yet know.


Mormon women fear eternal polygamy, study shows

Carol Lynn Pearson’s new book argues that many, if not most, Mormon women feel pain and fear at the prospect of sharing their husbands with at least one other wife for all of eternity. Even if polygamy isn’t currently practiced, it’s “alive and unwell” in Mormon doctrine and temple sealing practices.