The Slingshot: Courting Christians; Resisting Trump; European Islamophobia



Need to know: 06/22/2016

I'm a believer

Trump to top evangelicals: ‘I’m on your side’

“We’re going to be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again,” the candidate promises evangelicals. More from Religion News Service

The boosters

Evangelicals give Trump much-needed boost after Manhattan summit

More than 1,000 evangelicals cheered the Republican candidate, many pledged support — good news in a week dominated by scrutiny of his nearly empty campaign coffers. More from Religion News Service

The resistors

14 conservative Christians who are not supporting Trump

Not every evangelical leader was present at Trump’s wooing party for Christian conservatives yesterday. More from Religion News Service

The troubled continent

First Islamophobia summit to be held in Europe

An organizer of the meeting in Sarajevo says Europe is “at a dangerous moment with Brexit and the rise of far right parties in the EU.” More from The Jerusalem Post |

Camp out

Closure of Kenyan refugee camp worries religious leaders

Clergy fear a humanitarian crisis when one of the world’s largest refugee camps, with 350,000 people, closes this year. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Three strikes

India’s Muslim women seek to ban ‘triple talaq’ divorce law

High court considers a challenge to a tradition that allows a man to divorce his wife by saying “talaq” — or “divorce” — three times. More from Religion News Service

Quran museum

Smithsonian to host 1st major U.S. Quran exhibition

The show is an opportunity for people in the United States and "reflect on their own assumptions” about Islam’s holy book, says gallery director. More from

Drawing hatred

Swastikas in London playground prompt fears of rise in anti-Semitism

Hand-drawn Nazi symbols appeared on four consecutive days where children play and near a home for British-Jewish veterans. More from Religion News Service

From the Upper East Side to Calcutta

Lorna Kelly dies at 70; left Sotheby’s to help the poor

Kelly left the upper echelons of Manhattan’s art world to serve with Mother Teresa. More from


My Holy Land Vacation: Touring Israel with 450 Christian Zionists

Tom Bissell, author of “Apostle,” spends 10 days with a Christian conservative talk radio host and 450 American Christians who want to keep Israel a Jewish homeland. More from Harper