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14 conservative Christians who are not supporting Trump

A demonstrator holds a sign against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump outside his campaign rally in Sacramento, Calif., on June 1, 2016. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Stephen Lam *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-TRUMP-OPPONENTS, originally transmitted on June 21, 2016.

This post was updated on Oct. 11 and again on Nov. 7, 2016, to add the names of several more prominent figures who have come out against voting for the Republican candidate.

(RNS) Donald Trump may have met with hundreds of conservative Christian leaders, mostly evangelicals, in New York on Tuesday, June 21, but not all Christians have lined up behind him.

Johnnie Moore — national spokesperson for My Faith Votes, one of the groups that organized the meeting — said beforehand he had seen “a real consolidation of evangelical support” for the GOP presumptive presidential candidate.

Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, gives a TED-style talk as a part of the Hispanic Baptist Pastors Alliance meeting in St. Louis. Photo by John Stroup, courtesy of Baptist Press

Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, gives a TED-style talk as a part of the Hispanic Baptist Pastors Alliance meeting in St. Louis. Photo by John Stroup, courtesy of Baptist Press

But here are several Christian leaders who have made less-than-enthusiastic statements about the businessman-turned-reality TV star-turned candidate.

1. Russell Moore

Perhaps no evangelical leader has been more outspoken in opposition to Trump than Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. In a single weekend, Moore penned an op-ed in The New York Times and made an appearance on “Face the Nation,” in which he called Trump’s campaign “reality television moral sewage.”

Trump’s retort on Twitter called Moore “a terrible representative of Evangelicals and all of the good they stand for. A nasty guy with no heart!”

Moore has since changed the bio on his Twitter profile to reflect the jab: “terrible representative of evangelical Christianity, due to nastiness.”

2. Denny Burk

A professor of biblical studies at Boyce College, Denny Burk blogged in March that though Trump has said he would appoint conservative Supreme Court justices, it was unclear what kind of justices he actually would choose; he does not seem to understand the pro-life position; and his statements supporting torture present a “real threat to our constitutional order.”

“I am not joking or being hyperbolic when I say that he is a Mussolini-in-waiting,” Burk wrote. “He must never be allowed near the Oval Office. Ever.”

Christian author Max Lucado. RNS photo courtesy

Christian author Max Lucado. Photo courtesy of

3. Max Lucado

In a February blog post titled “Decency for President” that he later expanded for The Washington Post, Oak Hills Church pastor and popular Christian author Max Lucado said Trump wouldn’t pass the “decency interview” he required for his three daughters’ dates.

Lucado wrote:

“I’m a pastor. I don’t endorse candidates or place bumper stickers on my car. But I am protective of the Christian faith. If a public personality calls on Christ one day and calls someone a “bimbo” the next, is something not awry? And to do so, not once, but repeatedly? Unrepentantly? Unapologetically? Can we not expect a tone that would set a good example for our children? We stand against bullying in schools. Shouldn’t we do the same in presidential politics?”

4. Thabiti Anyabwile

The pastor of Anacostia River Church and council member of The Gospel Coalition has called Trump a racist and many of the positions both Trump and Clinton have taken “evil.”

In a blog post in June titled “Can We Talk? Or, Why I Think A Trump Presidency Is Intolerable Even Though You Might Not Agree,” Thabiti Anyabwile wrote: “It seems to me, it’s past time Christians with minds bound by the word of God forsake party politics for party politics sake.

“If this election proves anything, it proves there remains among Christian people a lot of uncritical allegiance to the parties of men and even some idolizing of them,” Anyabwile wrote.

And this was after he published a guest post by Nick Rodriguez, a leader at his church, that asked Christian leaders to vote for Clinton.

Erick Erickson

Erick Erickson in 2011.

5. Erick Erickson

The conservative blogger behind The Resurgent told Katie Couric in May, “If the Republican Party wants to go in (Trump’s) direction, I guess I’m not a Republican anymore.”

Erick Erickson previously had said he would support Trump if he became the party’s nominee. Then in February he wrote on his website, The Resurgent, “I Will Not Vote For Donald Trump. Ever.

“Donald Trump has had no ‘road to Damascus’ conversion. He only wants to date the preacher’s daughter,” Erickson wrote.

6. Robert P. George

Warren Throckmorton posted a statement Monday (June 20) on his Patheos blog from Robby George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, who declined to attend Tuesday’s meeting. George is Catholic.

George’s statement read in part:

“I have been a severe critic of Mr. Trump and there is nothing he could say at a meeting in which he is courting conservatives that would alter my low opinion of him. I trust that I do not need to go into detail about the words and actions that have caused me to form that opinion. Perhaps the only politician in America of whom I have an even lower opinion is Hillary Clinton, so I certainly understand why some are urging us to hold our noses and support for Mr. Trump. But I fear that he will, in the end, bring disgrace upon those individuals and organizations who publicly embrace him.”

Earlier that month, he tweeted, “Good people, reject (Clinton) but don’t associate yourself with Trump. He will disgrace & taint all who snuggle up to him.”

7. Alan Noble

“For conservative evangelicals like me, the 2016 election really is a choice between two evils,” said Alan Noble, editor of the website Christ and Pop Culture, in a June article in Vox.

In his post, in which he advised evangelicals to abstain from voting for president and focus instead on congressional and local and state elections, Noble wrote that voting for Trump would undermine “decades of the religious right’s insistence that character matters in politicians.”

He called the candidate “a deceptive, infantile, racist demagogue with no political principles aside from his own self-interest.”

He also pointed out Trump’s comments that he does not ask for forgiveness, saying, “Any man who is so unaware of his own depravity that he cannot recognize his need for forgiveness is incapable of justly leading any country.

“There simply is no way around this fact for evangelicals.”

8. Eric Teetsel

Winning the award for most prophetic rebuke of Trump is Marco Rubio’s former faith outreach director, Eric Teetsel.

Teetsel stood outside the Republican nominee’s June meeting with conservative Christian leaders in New York, protesting with a handwritten poster board: “Torture is not pro-life. Racism is not pro-life. Misogyny is not pro-life. Murdering the children of terrorists is not pro-life. Proverbs 29:2.”

That’s because, he told Yahoo! News, “I think we know enough about Donald Trump to know that a Christian response should be prayer for him, but also a prophetic witness about what is true.”

9. Owen Strachan

“We … boggle at how some Christians and conservatives still defend Donald Trump,” Owen Strachan wrote in a post for the Center for Public Theology at Midwestern Seminary, where he is associate professor of Christian theology and director of the Center for Theological and Cultural Engagement.

That post came after the release of the 2005 recording. But it’s a case the president of the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood has made against Trump in several previous posts.

Remarks describing attempted affairs and assaults on women like the ones Trump was caught making on a live mic during a recording of “Access Hollywood” must be condemned and spoken against, Strachan said. And enthusiastic support for a man whose left a string of broken homes behind him could put evangelicals “in grave danger of hypocrisy,” he added.

That left him wondering in August if, “in our efforts to engage our country politically, we have become more Machiavellian and less Pauline.”

“In other words, we’re willing to do almost anything to elect officials, preserve rights, and gain seats on the Supreme Court,” he said.

10. Matthew Lee Anderson

“There is no world in which I would vote for Bernie Sanders. But I would consider it before I would ever consider voting for Donald Trump,” Matthew Lee Anderson wrote in February for Mere Orthodoxy.

Anderson looks back on the sentiment as “almost endearing” now, he wrote on Oct. 6.

To him, it seems evangelicals are despairing and will vote for anybody who isn’t Clinton. But he, at least, hopes that won’t be for Trump. (He instead has suggested Evan McMullin, the former chief policy director for the House Republican Conference in the U.S. House of Representatives and a former CIA operations officer.)

“The story on November 9th could be that the constituency which claims the gospel as its leading identifier finally became fed up with Trump’s antics and opted to vote for a third party instead,” he said.


11. Trillia Newbell

Trillia Newbell, director of community outreach for the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission for the Southern Baptist Convention, said she cried when a loved one shared he or she was supporting Trump for president. And those don’t appear to have been tears of joy.

“Actually in tears after seeing someone I love post that they are voting for Trump. I can take the Christian celebrities but friends are hard,” Newbell tweeted.

Like Strachan, she also denounced the now-infamous “Trump tape.” She also pointed out the nominee’s lack of remorse about his comments, urged her followers to think of sexual assault victims before sharing memes about them and encouraged occasionally logging off during the contentious election cycle.

12. David and Nancy French

Both David French and his wife Nancy French have been outspoken in their opposition to Trump — and it’s cost them.

David French, senior fellow at the National Review Institute, has written about the online abuse he and his wife have received from Trump supporters, including “psyche-scarring” images left in comments or sent to them on social media. And bestselling author Nancy French has written about how Trump’s defenders on the religious right bring flashbacks of her own sexual assault.

But David French wrote, “Ideas matter, and supporting Trump means advancing ideas I find not just wrong, but destructive.”

“I’ve defended the unborn my entire career; he praises Planned Parenthood. I believe that marriage is a sacred covenant between husband and wife; he’s a serial adulterer. I believe America should lead the world in defense not just of its territorial integrity but also of civilization itself; he would retreat into glorified isolationism. I believe that free trade has made America more prosperous and enriched the lives of its citizens; he threatens to start ruinous economic conflicts. I believe that a core American value is that we can and must judge our citizens by the content of their character, not the color of their skin or their families’ roots; he attacks a federal judge because of his parents’ Mexican heritage.”

13. Albert Mohler

R. Albert Mohler Jr. called it a “crisis of conscience” for evangelicals. Or, more specifically, him: “The immediate and excruciating crisis has a name — Donald Trump,” Mohler wrote in the Washington Post.

The president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville joined his fellow Southern Baptists Russell Moore and Trillia Newbell in calling on evangelical Christians to distance themselves from the Republican candidate after the “Trump tape” release. And yet, he said, those tapes didn’t reveal anything about Trump that wasn’t already clear.

“Married three times, flaunting Christian sexual mores, building his fortune and his persona on the Playboy lifestyle, under any normal circumstances Trump would be the realization of evangelical nightmares, not the carrier of evangelical hopes,” Mohler said.

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14. Deborah Fikes

Deborah Fikes not only doesn’t support Trump, she has thrown her support behind his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Fikes, a former executive adviser of the World Evangelical Alliance, wrote in the New York Times that it was the first time she’d felt compelled to reject evangelicalism’s “unquestioned political alignment with the G.O.P.” In her work with Christians around the world, though, she came to realize their “pro-life” and “pro-family” views didn’t look much like Trump’s — or the Republican party’s.

In fact, she said, “Evangelicals from all regions, but particularly in Africa, consider Hillary Clinton a ‘sister in Christ’ and someone who lives out the Golden Rule in all the good she has done for women and children. Many affectionately call her ‘Sister Hillary.'”

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Emily McFarlan Miller

Emily McFarlan Miller is a national reporter for RNS based in Chicago. She covers evangelical and mainline Protestant Christianity.


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  • WOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A grand total of SEVEN. I’m really impressed.
    Meanwhile, 2Rump is meeting with 900 conservative evangelicals today, pledging support for their theocratic intentions.
    Power trumps politics trumps principle, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  • Okay, that’s Seven Conservative Christians who outright support Hillary Clinton all the way — that’s right, ALL the way.

    It is what it is, no need for war, but let’s all be honest here: If you don’t support Trump, you’re seriously supporting Hillary. Period.

  • ok blank face boy – thanks for declaring your lack of understanding about principles. Just because you’ve sacrificed yours doesn’t mean the rest of us will fail to stand for limited government, greater self determination and oh, yeah, less stubby fingered flip flopping low information amoral selfish leadership types in Republican clothing.

  • And for most primitive evangelicals, it seems that more hatefulness trumps more religiousness almost all the time.

  • Every politician on ALL sides is yapping about their principles; but Obama already proved that whoever WINS the election is not gonna care about your principles or mine.

    But anyway, all I’m saying is the simple truth: If Trump doesn’t win, for ANY reason, then Hillary wins. You either support Trump or Hillary.

  • It’s one thing to say “if you don’t vote trump, then your letting Hillary win”. That would be accurate. But to say we “support” the rival candidate when we don’t vote for someone is wrong. That’s where principle steps in. If it’s all about a republican being in the white house then your logic is correct, but my fight is not against flesh and blood but against evil rulers and authorities. I will be held accountable for many actions, and forgiven for many more, and I will vote my conscience and will trust in Christ alone.

  • If you don’t know the difference between the offering plate and the communion tray you must be in strange territory. If you say you are a Presbyterian but no Presbyterian congregation knows of you, you are telling lies. If you don’t know the Bible’s teaching on riches and God’s preference for the poor and marginalized, you must be Donald Trump. If you don’t know the difference between two Corinthians walking into a bar and the biblical book of Second Corinthians, you are not an evangelical. If you’re an adulterer more interested in beautiful breasts than in Jesus, you need to repent. If you’re a “conservative” Christian and an “evangelical” and you cheer for Donald Trump, your priorities are all in the wrong place.

  • What choice do we have though? I’m embarrassed by Trump, but I’m certainly not going to vote for Hillary.

  • This is tough for me, because I abhor both candidates; but if honesty is required here, I abhor Hillary more. Trump seems the buffoon, confused morally and disingenuous. My opposition to Hillary is not based on gender(if anyone was wondering), but rather on her oily duplicitous nature, and her egomaniacal belief that the Presidency belongs to her by some obscure right that is not clear to me.

  • Glad to read this. Even if it’s just seven it’s still seven with a conscience. For the life of me I cannot understand evangelical support for Trump. He’s been pro-choice all his life but conveniently changed for the election, been married three times, the affairs he brags about, the bankruptcies that put thousands our work and his decidedly unChristian attitude toward the most vulnerable. Where is Jesus in any of this? This is a crappy election. The choices are awful. But I’m not going to vote for Trump because I dislike Hilary. I’d rather spoil my ballot or vote Libertarian than be forced to vote for two people whose moral character is lacking.

  • It is highly dubious that Trump has any kind of considerable support from the gay community. He has verifiable support from some military veterans and Log Cabin Republicans, constituencies that lean red anyway. Snopes has demonstrated that the supposed tweets from pro-LGBT organizations endorsing Trump after the Orlando shooting were fake. A May 2016 poll found likely LGBT voters 84% for Clinton over Trump. In light of Trump’s stands against gay marriage, it’s unlikely those numbers will flip due to some kind of new upswell of gay Islamophobia. Of course, this is Trump, so maybe next week he’ll be in favor of gay marriage.

  • I’ve provided evidence, where’s yours? Other than your last sentence you sound exactly like Trump!

  • So members of a voting block that wants to impose its religious values on a nation do NOT support this candidate even though they typically support that party??

    That seems like a good thing about the candidate, to be honest.

  • If I vote third party, as I probably will, what happens then??

    I have failed to support Trump, which by your logic means I have supported Hillary.

    But I have failed to support Hillary, which by your logic means I have supported Trump.

    Am I supporting both??

  • I actually really like all seven of these people but I think if Trump were the samaritan in the road they would walk right by him.

  • There is no “None of the above” in this election. It’s either Trump or Hillary — AND their upcoming Supreme Court picks. If you do anything other than vote for Trump — you’re supporting Hillary 1000 percent!!

  • I keep hearing “urban legend” about Hillary Clinton. The right has been after her for years. If anything was true she would have been charged. She has been consistent on her beliefs and agenda. You may not agree with her views but she is honest about what she believes. She is also a practicing Methodist which I never hear any Christians talk about. I’m voting for Hillary.

  • I’m not sure of your point, though I would like evidence beyond a mere assertion that gays’ “love” Trump. Even so, are you arguing that Hillary is a better choice for America? Sorry, I just can’t see it.

  • I won’t vote for an authoritarian Liberal Democrat with a shady and criminal past full of scandals and corruption, who would run roughshod over the Constitution, and whose foreign and domestic policies would continue to destroy our economy and culture far beyond what Obama has done. However… that means I won’t vote for Hillary, either. If Trump is the GOP nominee, I’ll be voting for Darrell Castle of the Constitution party. He’s unlikely to win, but at least my vote will go towards growing a Conservative party that may be able to field viable House and Senate candidates in 2018.

  • Thank you for letting me know about the Constitution party. I’ll look into it. I was so sure that the conservatives would win in ’16. After eight years of Obama, running against Hillary, I thought any conservative will win…I never expected to get someone our own party doesn’t want. It’s just unbelievable.

  • There’s still a chance that the convention delegates will remember that their task is not to rubber-stamp polls from back home (which often included Democrats, for crying out loud!) but to actively select the nominee who best represents the party, its platform and its future. Even if that happens, I fear that Trump’s (seemingly deliberate) destruction of the Republican party is already too far advanced to stop. Certainly those who drank the Orange Kool-Aid will abandon the GOP – even though they have been screaming that we Conservatives need to cast our principles aside and unite behind Trump to stop Hillary (whom he supported and praised all these years).

  • You could consider the choice of not voting for either pro abortion reprobates and trust God to sort it out…He has already done so anyway, come on in the water’s fine.

  • The true Biblical conservative Pastors are doing what they always do and rightly so. They are avoiding the limelight of national politics and media as they preach, from the Scriptures, against sin and endorsing evil…no matter what letter the candidate has behind their name.

  • Every presidential candidate thinks that the presidency belongs to them. But MRs. Clinton has gone through our political process, and has been chosen by the people.

    As for her oily duplicitous nature, that you can put her in the same paragraph as 2Rump is a bit of obliviousness.

  • Max Lucado made a tremendous point about children and bullying. He missed a wonderful opportunity to strike a note for racial and ethnic acceptance under the big cross-on-the-steeple: Latinos have been one of Trump’s favorite whipping boys as well. Evangelicals have slow to embarce their brown-skinned brethren or welcome them as full equals at the altar. Missed opportunity indeed! Jesus didn’t ask to see any papers with the woman at the well . . .

  • It is my hope to preserve our recent cordiality, so I’ll simply say that I recognize Mrs. Clinton’s legitimate presumptive nomination by the Democrats, and endorsement by voters via the primary system, but without being offended, I can’t accept your analysis that my assertion regarding her amounts to “obliviousness.” Perhaps…perhaps… she’s not as oily as Trump, but I cannot surrender my sense (after observing her for the best part of 24 years) that she is quite duplicitous in her own right. Peace.

  • Fair enough. Thanks. I have a different opinion of her. She’s not my ideal choice, but compared to Trump, she is hands down and a head above better, if you don’t mind the mixed metaphors.

  • Richard,

    That looks to me like a misuse of “primitive.” To my mind two of the most respectable and influential Christians of the past generation have been Rebekkah Baines Johnson and Miz Lillian Gordy Carter.

    Both the mothers of Presidents would be Primitives, an honorable appellation, in my book.


  • The greatest common denominator that seems to be manifest in this election cycle, apart from the inevitable cadre of true believers on either side, is that the majority of voters, and those I’ve canvassed, are not particularly enamored of either candidate, and yet both have garnered their respective party’s nomination (presumptively). Even my liberal friends (I have a few) are not particular pleased with Mrs. Clinton. Nor are my conservative friends generally excited about Trump. Were the other choices so awful, or is this a nightmarish beauty contest of some sort?

  • If you cannot see the difference between Mrs. Clinton, who has served our country admirably and well, though not perfect….

    And 2Rump, who is not even remotely close to anything resembling goodness, let alone perfection, and who has served no one but himself…

    I can’t help you.

  • Because the rank and file “Evangelicals” supporting Donald Trump are the twice a year Christmas and Easter church attending types of Evangelicals.

  • “Jesus didn’t ask to see any papers with the woman at the well . .”

    Civil governments and their appointed magistrates as a matter of course do. Romans 13. Also, God is sovereign in the election of His people to the kingdom.

  • Are you confused? The God of the Old Testament is the very same God of the New Testament and vise versa.

  • My Church isn’t doing a melanin or bank account check at the door. You should try finding one that does the same. Oh and Protestants don’t have an altar to be equal or unequal at. Last time I checked the earthly one was destroyed in AD 70.

  • I guess those seven people never received Trump’s secret message to conservative Christians that his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” should be interpreted as meaning “Make America Straight Again.”

  • The only reason they don’t back Trump is because they are Democrats. They know we are looking for a leader, not a pastor. They know also what the consequences of electing Hillary would be. Apparently, they are globalists and don’t care about America.

  • What would those consequences be? Can you provide some evidence to support your contentions?

  • Eric Erikson is a prominent Christian? Not. Look at his twitter archive, A Vox writer? Russell Moore is a hughe open boarders guy soo.


  • Well, I’m afraid this is another area where we will disagree, vis’a’vis Hillary, but it is my sincere desire to do so amicably. I have no trouble recognizing that you are a well read and intelligent individual with legitimate arguments, I hope I do not sound patronizing. I believe fiercely in free exchange, and prefer to do so without rancor.

  • We can absolutely disagree with amicability.

    But here is something from 2Rump’s campaign today. Google it first, to see the photo the man created, and then Tell me what you think.

    “Donald Trump’s lawyer accused Hillary Clinton of murdering an ambassador and selling uranium to Russia through her “faux charity” in a post to Twitter Tuesday morning.

    Michael Cohen, executive vice president of the Trump Organization and special counsel to the Manhattan billionaire, tweeted that a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows Trump leading Clinton on the issue of national security and on the question of who voters find more “honest and straightforward.” Along with his message, Cohen attached a meme featuring a photo of Clinton that he wrote “says it all.”

    Cohen’s meme does not make reference to a specific instance involving an ambassador, but the tweet comes on the same day that Republicans from the House Select Committee on Benghazi release their report detailing what it says are the failings of the Obama administration and Clinton’s State Department in particular in handling the 2012 attacks.”

  • I obliged your request, and while I admit to finding such types of postings juvenile, and which I agree do not elevate the level of political discourse in this country, I am uncertain (though it may not be germane) that this came from the campaign; the article I read indicated it did not, though that may be a distinction without a difference. I have tried to give your thoughts serious consideration. At this point I’m so discouraged with the entire process I hesitate to vote at all. Perhaps if we can get past the convention, and both candidates can concentrate on the substance of the race; i.e. foreign policy, the economy, national security and other important issues, there will be greater clarity, at least for me.

  • Thank you for your amicable response.

    If this article wasn’t enough for you, let’s look at this. The republicans in congress spent $7 MILLION on the latest Benghazi investigation, the EIGHTH one they have conducted since 2012. This one also concluded that Mrs. Clinton had no culpability in the affair.

    $7 million. How many children could have been fed and educated for that amount.

    Eighth hearing. How much of the nation’s business is not getting conducted by this party?

    No culpability. Despite all of the slanders leveled against Mrs. Clinton for the past 25 years, about the only thing that has actually stuck has been her misuse of an email server. Either the Republican Party is grossly incompetent, Mrs. Clinton is ten times as smart as they are, and a manipulator of the highest caliber…

    OR There is nothing there to investigate or castigate, and 95% of the slime flung at her is the worst sort of partisan politics.

    Look at 2Rump and his record of bankruptcy, slander, and falsehood. look at Mrs. Clinton, and her service to the nation. Then make your decision.

  • Well, government in this country is badly managed, regardless of party. I don’t have a great deal of confidence in either party, but as a traditionalist and a conservative, apart from any other consideration, philosophically I can’t really accept Mrs. Clinton’s platform. This should not be construed as an endorsement of Trump. As a resident of Oregon, which has few electoral votes, and a population base that is overwhelmingly “progressive” in the Willamette Valley, which represents the bulk of the state’s population, my guess is that my vote isn’t going to make much difference anyway. I respect your right to vote for the candidate of your choice. I simply feel that I don’t really have a choice at all.

  • We had a wonderful opportunity to vote for the best person to run as a republican for president this election, republicans and fraud-voter democrats voted for Donald Trump instead. It’s very sad to think about it and what the direction our country will take with a Trump presidency. When he speaks, it’s out of both sides of his mouth, meaning “let me say whatever I need to” in order to get the most votes I can. So it’s hard to tell whether he’s a true or moderate conservative, or whether he’s a democrat or a combination of democrat and republican. He’s actually “all over the board” when it comes to policy. Clearly something a republican candidate would NEVER be. To this day, I don’t know his platform very well, because it changes all the time. American voters, we can do better than this. I pray since we couldn’t rely on the American republican to vote their conscience this election, maybe the delegates at the convention WILL, and save our Republic from a disastrous outright democrat, and a chameleon con man democrat.

  • qualified as a LIAR go back over her lies, go back over why as Hillary Rodham she was considered and labeled an unprofessional, unethical, lying attorney. Go back over her record. If that is qualified? Look at the murders (sorry suicides) those that DARED to reveal ANYTHING about the Clinton’s true activities. Bill is a KNOWN rapist. Qualified to sell the US secrets to the highest bidder and compromise our nation? qualified to KILL our Ambassadors? She is incompetent. That is fact. That is her record. Qualified to throw us under the bus. Qualified to lead? She has a record of not understanding protocol or procedure. She “forgot” comes up a lot in her record. Obama wasn’t qualified and 8 yrs later we are in DEEP DEEP trouble. He never ran squat. Neither of the candidates are qualified. If ever we needed the choice NONE of the above, it is this election. Hillary belongs in jail for MANY crimes. The FBI wasn’t qualified to do anything, they should be closed down for inability to do their job. The FBI is a national disgrace now. Totally worthless and totally useless. Can’t investigate SQUAT. Our nation died when they let off a KNOWN traitor.

  • If you think the GOP-Republicans are Christian, think again! Their behavior in this election is the worst i have seen yet, and the lies they are telling are inexcusable! I’ve voted Republican in the past, but I am voting straight Democrat this November because I’m tired of the selfishness of the Republicans in office! They don’t care about Assault Weapons being on the street, they don’t care about the Veterans, the elderly that depend on Social Security, the poor that need help, the middle and lower class that are hurting. No, The GOP is now one of the most disgusting Partys I’ve ever seen!

  • Trump IS NOT QUALIFIED, and is the most UNETHICAL person I’ve seen run for President! Hillary is Snow White compared to Trump!

  • If you support ANY Republican at this time you ARE voting for the Devil! The GOP has changed into something devious i hav’nt seen in years!

  • Christ works through us, he has faith in everyone to do right, that is voting for the best person, and that is NOT Trump! Hillary has been lied about for years and it is time for it to stop! She has more compassion, intelligence and Ethics than all of the Republican Party put together!

  • You abhor Hillary more? Trump is one of the most despicable men i have ever seen, he probably has broke every rule in the Commandments but Republicans act like he is a Savior of some kind-hardly! I’ve watched Trump for years behave like an immoral horrible example of a man and supposed business leader. To cheat people of their money and downgrade people is not my idea of anything good or kind! Good luck people if you don’t realize just how devious Trump really is!

  • Good luck if you vote for a man like Trump! He has no brains or compassion to do what is necessary. He rants and raves like a maniac!

  • Trump needs serious mental help if he thinks telling the lies he does is right to do to try to fool the average voter! I’ve studied Trump throughout the years and watched his shenanigans and the minute i knew he was running i knew i could never vote for him. I don’t even know how he got away with campaigning! The GOP really needs more regulations for who can run for President, and they also need to do a mental evaluation!

  • I appreciate your point of view, as I’ve tried to indicate to all and sundry, I’m not happy with either candidate, and that seems to be the general consensus of most voters. This is truly a strange episode in the history of presidential politics. What Trump’s actual policies would be I can’t guess based on my relatively limited knowledge of his career. I’ve heard many charges, but don’t know how to begin to separate fact from fiction. But I do know precisely what Mrs. Clinton’s policies are; and they are antithetical to my particular political beliefs. It is always my desire to exchange views without personal rancor, if my comments have offended you, I sincerely regret that, but as distasteful as you find Trump (and he’s certainly no savior), I so find Mrs. Clinton.

  • You are correct, but only in that the term Evangelical like Fundamentalist has lost all of its original meaning and is just a label people slap onto a group, usually as a pejorative. And just because one may have, in the dim recesses of their past, walked an asile, shaken a hand and said a prayer, but are no longer associated with or are simply on the membership roles but no longer attend, does not an Evangelical make.

  • Pamela, you may wish to review who is the benefactor and who is the beneficiary of faith. Who are you speaking of when you say that “Christ has faith in everyone to do right”, what is the precept for such a statement?

  • No a third party voter is one who sees neither of the top two candidates worthy of their vote and has settled on an alternate. The result may be that one of the top two is elected, but not because of the person(s) voting for the third party. If the GOP loses it is because of the gross negligence to the ones who make up their base.

  • Good points Sabelotodo. Jesus loved everyone. He always helped the poor and the slaves in the Bible. He also said that the poor may not have riches here on this temporary earth but they will have riches in our permanent home which is heaven. He also said it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus hated sin. He especially did not like religious people in the high temple who thought they were so holy but were indeed hypocrites. He hates the sin of unforgiveness, lying, being arrogant, and selfishness. Jesus loved the slaves and set them free from Egypt. Slaves were dark-skinned people. The slaves of today are also dark-skinned. The new slaves of today are Latinos. A true Christ follower will follow by example. What would Jesus do? Jesus would accept all people. He would love all. He would forgive all. That is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. In Jesus holy name. AMEN!

  • Wow! Never, I think, have I seen a more ridiculous characterization of a person by people who espouse to have the love of Jesus in their heart. Do you people including the negative opiners, the subjects of this write up, and the author of the story have any clue that you, thruogh your confession of salvation, understand, that through that confession you have made a contract with God? A contract to show the Love of Christ to others? I don’t know about Trump, and it doesn’t really matter for Trump. You folks, who claim to be faith based people, better get your heads out of your dark places and smell the coffee! There is a faith based movement that is underway now, you better get back to God. Let me tell you the religious spirit is on you in a bad way right now if you think you are doing God’s work with the thinking you are spewing on this page. I know religious indoctrination is not God’s plan for us and never has been. You, if you have any communication with God, will see it too. I’m not seeing love here. I’m not seeing your hearts acting in Love. God is not seeing your hearts acting in Love. God wants to center this Nation. His candidate is Trump. Get on your knees and pray for clarity, don’t trust me, trust God, but my words are true, lest I be a dead man, and certainly you can check that out I will tell you my story. Wake up it’s not about your petty hate and fear and ignorance. God gives us what we need, He is preparing to give us back our country. He shifts the heart of the corporate leaders. Don’t screw it up!
    Hear this, this is a warning to you. God will not work outside our system and you know this if you know anything about how He deals with corporate settings. Read the OT, do not believe me. He will use Trump or Clinton. Trump is the only way this nation centers. That is the only way God gives us back this nation and we can have a chance at peace and unity. Pray for clarity then vote your heart.

  • As if Hillary has had a road to Damascus conversion. I think you all need to pray an ask the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to you. Step outside of your denomination and who ever lines your pockets and see what God has to say. For you as ministers of the gospel to support someone who steals from the people plus the White House. Which Hillary has done to the tune of $2000,000. For you to support someone who supports abortions, transgenders, homosexuality, lieing, treason and murder. And you all call yourself Christians, Ministers of the gospel. SHAME ON YOU! You dont deserve the mantle God has placed on you if you side with such wickedness as Hillary Clinton. I am utterly shocked! I will have to go through my library and do some book tossing now, that is for sure.

  • you speak of denomination? Why there is no denomination in God’s economy. the second you pull that up you loose any validity in any discussion period. God doesn’t recopgnize denomination God on sees hearts and minds and the desire to trust and please in Him so get over th rest of thart have a true discussion. Pray and seek answers.

  • Hillary has broken laws since she ran for office. She does not say what she means. There is a post I found that showed complete evidence that she changes her mind to get votes. It was a video of her talking in the past saying she thinks marriage is always between a man and a woman. She changes her mind. There is more I could say like “Benghazi” but I’m tired of always telling the truth and hearing people say they will vote for Hillary.

  • God places leaders as he sees fit over covenant nations over and over. He affects/shifts hearts, read the OT. Investigate how God interacts in corporate ways with the leaders of nations, not just Israel, but Babylon, and Egypt, etc. People, even pastors, have said, God does not affect free will. Excuse me but, read your Bible. This is corporate, not personal, it is different. It may not be the way you think. Read your Bible. We set up a legal system around a Representative Republic. God will only, yes I said only, use that system to place a leader he has chosen. Over this country. I told people back in ’08 that Obama would be elected and again in ’12. I said it was because he is the leader we deserve as a nation because we are disobedient in our covenant with God. Many agreed some did not, but there he was, just as predicted. After 8 years of what we have had, God is giving us a very clear view of his will. In a Jubilee year the 70th jubilee since Christ (investigate jubilee) walked the earth. Donald Trump is the RNC candidate and no one can see the irony in that? Don turned seventy this year. Along with several other Prophetic signs. What does all this mean? God will not use a third party or write in vote for His choice, period, take that to the bank. If you vote third party or write in you will not be doing Gods will you will be voting against God this is not opinion this is fact, just do your research. He only will work within the system. He is giving us, His people, a chance to take back the system with a man who is not beholden to the party that put him up. That is a full blown hand of God miracle. Trump is the person God has given the faith based people to take this country back. Does anyone believe it is Hillary? If any one can find an OT example of God working outside the established legal system. Please let me know.
    All that said, By all means vote your heart, but understand that it’s a big deal. Open your heart, look at everything, be prayerful, consider who your prayers go to, make a solid decision based on strong biblical understanding and consideration.

  • So, whether 2Rump wins or loses, it’s all god’s will. So god wanted gay marriage and abortion.

    This is why I don’t try to argue with the god addled, especially when they appoint themselves a prophet.

  • Actually when I was sanctified God appointed me a prophet. He says you are not showing the love of Jesus in your heart that you proclaimed to show when made the contract of salvation that you said Amen to when asked Jesus into your heart. God Loves everyone including Homo sexuals and those who have had abortions. He says it’s not enough for them to be afflicted like that and still not recieve the Grace his his son died for. Are you so much better than them? No Ben you are not He says. Would you like a rock to hide under now, or would you like to discuss it? Lets see what welse God has to say about soemone who could show Love but goes on religious sites to make fun of the alfflicted?

  • What kindof fairy tailes are you listening to? Hillary has quite a bit of blood on her hands trump not so much. Even God used murderers Moses, David, and Saul/Paul to name three. Hillary was ever even a decent lawtyer, has never employed anyone, and was fired from water gate for unethical behaivior. Trump is a very succesful business man, employs lots of women in important managerial positions, and he understands negotiations and leverage tactics that will greatly benefit the USA. Unlike the spineless dems and reps that are there now. God can and will affect the nature of elections time to time this one of those times. If you can’t see that please pray aboput it and ask God to direct your heart.

  • I am 64 years old and have never witnessed an election like this one. It was never my habit to discuss politics with anyone as I felt it was a private issue. Now, I feel I finally need to speak up, especially to Mr. Trump’s supporters. I have been reading comments on many sites from Trump supporters regarding Hillary Clinton and the Democrats and they are vile, hateful and disgusting. I thought I had seen everything but you people have me in shock. Do you understand at all who Donald Trump is?
    Donald Trump is a narcissist. In case you don’t know who a narcissist is, I will give you the Wikipedia definition.
    Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a long term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of understanding of others’ feelings.[4][5]People affected often spend a lot of time thinking about achieving power, success, or their appearance. They often take advantage of the people around them. The behavior typically begins by early adulthood, and occurs across a variety of situations

    Don’t take my word on this. You will find doing an internet search that psychiatrists have been analyzing Trump’s personality and what kind of president he would be. Since a narcissist has little feeling for anyone but himself, do you actually think he gives a damn about you? He can’t really, it’s not in him. More likely, he is at home laughing at all of you and gleefully happy about how easy it was to brainwash you all. Because that is what he has done. Trump supporters swallow all his untruths and totally inappropriate comments without batting an eye. I am very appalled that he has any women supporters. Have you women all lost your minds? Yes, you have, you’re brainwashed. He has turned good people into cynical, fearful, hateful bigots. Why? For his own gain. You see, Trump would love to be a tyrannical president. To do that, he must preside over broken people. Can you picture a man, who is a bully, liar and thief making any effort to improve your life or your child’s life? What a joke.
    Donald Trump is a dangerous man. Do you get that?? Oh, sorry, of course you don’t because you’re brainwashed. When he starts WWIII and your sons and daughters are drafted, you will regret what you have done.

    If you like the person you have become, then by all means, vote for Trump. He would really appreciate your vote. The more minions, the better. If you are feeling like you are losing the person you really are, then run like hell.

  • I think that is naive about Hillary. I believe she is guilty of so much, especially Benghazi. On the other hand i don’t think I can vote for Trump either. i will either write in my vote or vote Libertarian. It may be a waste, but I have to answer to God.

  • There is no one at the RNC with a fully functioning conscience. We all have rights to think what we want to think, to vote for whom we want to vote, to speak our minds. There are situations when it is our duty to speak what is true. Not that many years ago, from a historical perspective, a man stepped forward , who was evil to the core. He spoke about returning their nation to greatness. He used Christian terminology to trick those people into believing he was their hope for the future. Most of those people claimed to be Christ followers. They made a huge mistake. They elected a Psychopath as their leader and the result was a massive military attempt to control the world. Millions murdered. 6,000,000 people were systematically murdered , many of them Jews. The movement was based on lies, immorality, classic racism and cunning. That leader was Hitler and the delusional followers were mostly German citizens who proclaimed themselves to be Christians. They paid the price for their mistake, destroying Germany and bringing themselves to their knees in Shame. Folks, the same thing is happening today in the US, with Donald Trump and an uneducated , morally bankrupt following. Posting a condemnation of it is not trying to force an opinion on others, but, a statement that is a hope that someone will open their eyes to the fact that History Ignored is indeed, history repeated. I pray that God will have mercy on us for this mess.

  • Erikson is a Christian leader? No, he is an internet blogger who has a strong affinity for the f-bomb. And George is a Princeton professor who also happens to be Catholic. The author of this piece must of run out of Christian leaders after 5.

  • Christians should not support a man like Donald Trump who insults people of other faiths, genders and ethnicities, and even anyone he feels is not duly reverential to him (such as Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz) or is in his way (such as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio). This is not a right vs. left issue. It’s a case of right and wrong, and Donald Trump is wrong.

  • The reason you never hear any Christians talk about her methodist faith is because Hillary doesn’t talk about her Methodist faith (if there truly is any) until she’s trying to snag some votes

  • I can see someone objecting to voting for Trump, but how can any self-proclaiming Christian vote for Hillary ? This is a vote for pure evil. Anyways, a lot of these Evangelists are Christian in name only. Christian-Zionist Israel first, whilst Christian communities across the middle east are being wiped out wholesale, to which they are totally silent. I would not want their support.

  • When people say they are Christians, I tend not to trust them. Read verse below from Matthew 6:6. Jesus criticized the Pharisees because he saw them as self-righteous and were more concerned with the law than the people. If you will notice, Hillary does not brag about her accomplishments either. We learned a lot from other speakers at the DNC convention about them. I would trust her any day more than any Republican. She is humble and religion should be a very personal thing.

    5And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. Truly I tell you, they already have their reward. 6But when you pray, go into your inner room, shut your door, and pray to your Father, who is unseen. And your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. 7And when you pray, do not babble on like pagans, for they think that by their many words they will be heard.…

    Berean Study Bible

    I remember I read a joke in our local paper when President Clinton was in office. “He and the Pope were in a small boat when the “hat” of the Pope fell into the water. President Clinton stepped out of the boat and walked on the water and retrieved the “hat”. The news the next day in papers across the country, “President Clinton does not know how to swim.”” The same thing has been said about Pres. Obama…..not being a Christian. My question is, “Who is one to judge what is in another person’s heart?” Only God can judge us in the end. Stop being self-righteous.

  • Thank you, I just watched the movie, Judgment at Nuremberg two nights ago and was reminded about that. In fact, there was a statement in the movie that practically spelled Trump. This movie is so apropos for our present situation.

  • “whatever you hear in secret (the gospel is in view here) shout it from the rooftops”

    You are making the mistake of confusing Hillary’s silence as piety She SHOULD be declaring her Christian faith in a way that is loud and clear

    Oh wait, she has! by supporting same sex marriage and murder of babies she has declared exactly what her ‘faith’ is = it is nil

  • I don’t care who you are, what your profession is, or what you call yourself, anyone who supports a Democratic platform has torn God’s Word apart and denounced direct Biblical teaching. Because of this, I question their “Christianity”, not by judging, but by observation of being able to tell a tree by the fruit it bears.

  • When he referred to Second Corinthians as “Two Corinthians”, I knew he was no Christian, let alone having ANY knowledge of the Bible, spurred on by faith or even curiosity.
    He is 180 degrees away from Christ’s love.

  • Correct. Trump has been proven 100% to be a nazi – which is obvious due to his incessant preference for his own country over globalism. His optimism and wish to help his country get back on its feet job-wise, as well as protecting the border and being kinder to vets must be viewed with suspicion and scorn. Although ISIS is terrorizing the world: bombing hospitals, stabbing innocent people, raping children, beheading Christians, Donald Trump has expressed interest in not letting these misunderstood people into the USA. That’s a blow to diversity! No wonder nobody goes to his rallies.

  • Between the Hallmark Channel Christianity of Max Lucado, who is silent on abortion loving Obama and Clinton — and a guy who just picked pro-life Christian Mike Pence as his running mate, I’m gonna go with the Christianity that is displayed in the actual policy..

  • And Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton stated, “Rights have to exist in practice, not just on paper. Laws have to be backed up with resources, and political will,” she said. “Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.” She will push the liberal agenda and we will lose the First Amendment. We will be told what we can and cannot believe.

  • i will not vote in this elecyion!…there i said it..i wont BS around the question like most that dont like either candidate..this is for true christian believers’…when did voting oversee ur commitment and faith to God!…if u truly believe God is ur savior then act like it!…God comes first before any election period! the end of the day u should stick to ur morals and values…u are commited to God first by serving his will!…reguardless who gets in it should never interfere with ur commitment to God…EVER!!

  • How anyone can call themselves Christian and back this man who proved he does not know the Bible 2 Corinthians, 3 wives, dozens of mistresses, hundreds of whores, robbed thousands of workers by filing multiple bankruptcies repeatedly lied to get out of the military, mocks the disabled, women on their pireads, tells lies every day depending on who he is talking to, pledges to cut taxes for the rich so pence won’t have to pay 7.9% tax on his $113,000 income, pledges to cut food stamps S.S, Medicare, and take away Insurance for the poor. and much more. How is any of this Christ-like?

  • There is only one reason for a Christian to vote for trump. It is really hard to stack my most important issue, life, up against everything else he is bringing to the table, mostly deplorable. Thankfully, I simply have little evidence that he is sincere in his life stance, which isn’t even a consistent life stance as I hold. Heck, even If I did believe him, he is sooooo deplorable that he makes a choice easy for any genuine evangelical who votes his or her faith…just stay away from trump.

  • Uh? If you believe that Hilary is not possessed by a demon, then I pray for you. Obama is, and so is Hilary. Don’t get me wrong Trump is no better, but Hilary is of the devil not Christ, period.

  • In the words of Bill Clinton…she works like a demon. I wholeheartedly agree. She lies, steals, destroys, corrupts, murders and destroys. That is the history of this woman for her WHOLE career starting out as a Rodham. She appears to be a demon from everything I have seen. I don’t support demons, I was taught early on as a believer to REBUKE evil.

  • Hillary is a whore, and married to a rapist who has sexually assaulted many, many women. If you think the is Methodist behavior- I am STUNNED. Although I believe Bill was raised up Baptist.
    Being raised up Baptist, I can say none of their behaviors align with what I learned in church.

  • I am a Patriot. Obama HATES America. Hillary is for Hillary, and whoever will bid the highest and donate to her Foundation. I believe Trump loves America, and I know Pence does. Besides I think Trump/Pence sounds like Trumpets, Whereas Hillary needs a Kaine, and I don’t really care for the Jesuit ways.

  • Do you take communion with that mouth. Were is the proof that Sec. Clinton is a whore? Judge not less the be judged.

  • Our nation died when w. chaney illegally started wars in the middle east, creating isis and started the mess that is the world today including the attacks on the USA. WE Went from a surplus to a defficet that is still going up because of w. chaney they destroyed 5000 emails that would put them in jail. Obama has lowered gas prices, raised the stock market, were so many lost their life savings and their homes. We were loosing 750,000 jobs a month when w. left, over the last 7 years we have gained an average of 250,000 a month. Millions more have insurance medical cost have went up the lowest amount in history. The economy has always done better under a democrat presidency. And trump is the biggest crook out there $888,000. in known bribes so he could break the laws, fake charities that he is using to pay his fines and buying 6′ portraits of himself and other privileged junk. Fake university to screw the uninformed. W., chaney and trump are the ones who belong in jail. W. can’t even travel out of the country because there are warrents out for his arrest. If you vote for trump it could be your last vote because he will start W. W. lll and plunder this country like other dictators he admires. He has no respect for the constatution or any level of the law.

  • Hillary Clinton, a lifelong Methodist, as a woman married one time only and still married to a former US president, ought to have sufficient Biblical “male headship” in her married life to satisfy complementarian evangelicals of her moral legitimacy over thrice serially married, twice-divorced Donald Trump (who on the video record wants to date his own daughter, Ivanka, with whom he openly stated he has “sex” most in common).

    Also painfully evident is Trump’s moral idiocy of chronic “pants on fire” lying, playboy mentality (as his Howard Stern interviews typify), cruel disparagement of everybody who doesn’t feed his inflated ego, casual chronic bigotry, and dismissive exploitation against those vulnerable to his profiteering.

    Saved in the Southern Baptist church at age 12, I cannot fathom how real Christians could ever vote for Trump’s moral idiocy and against the second Clinton to run for president.

    Trump is the flip-flopping guy and former Democrat, based on his philandering past practices and disregard for women, most likely to appoint Supreme Court justices in favor of abortion on demand as a matter of male irresponsibility and male economic convenience. As a centrist and a Christian, Clinton is far more likely to be guided by God to make moral choices for Supreme Court appointments.

    A third party vote is essentially a vote for Trump in an electoral system that can only elect a Republican or a Democrat. Trump is essentially the second Democrat — and a socially liberal one from his own personal immorality — in this presidential race.

    Clinton for 2016 is by far the better moral choice for all Christians and other people of good will.

  • That is support of the constitution and for the rights of all people. She has not been known to have had an abortion or a same sex marriage.

  • I have heard her speak of her faith…. . it’s a social gospel kind of faith, I’m sorry to say. We have given the Spirit of God implanted in us to know the voice of God and I do not hear the voice of God in her.

  • You are right. There IS no denomination with God. HOWEVER, the Bible tells us we will know a true Christian by their fruits. Check out Trump’s fruits of the spirit. Does he even have any? NO!! PRAY and seek answers yourself, How dare you.

  • Are you serious? Trump brings up Christianity and panders to ignorant evangelicals. It’s all a game. He has NO idea what a Christian is, his entire life is a lie, parading women around like arm candy, adulterer, prideful, arrogant, rude, boastful, nasty language, his wife posed nude for Playboy, he makes insulting remarks about women, objectifies women, owns casinos, a lover of money, what more can I list? He doesn’t pay his workers the money they are owed, his entire life is about excess, me, me, me, brags about his “hand” size, he is a sick, pig.

  • The Bible clearly tells us how to discern a Christian. You will know them by their fruits: Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20So then, by their fruit you will recognize them. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” Trump has NONE of these. NONE! Well, all except the love of money…..

  • Trump has broken more laws in a year than Hillary has in her entire lifetime. Trump University????? SCAM!!!!!!!!!!

  • Give me a break. All you know is what the news media tells you. Do you blame Bush for 9-11????????

  • You’re sadly mistaken. Trump is a proven scammer, ripping people off – Trump University, 5 bankrupticies, over 3,000 lawsuits????

  • Yep, because he knows that most conservatives are old and most old people vote and he couldn’t care less about being a Christian. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” That is how a Christian can tell another Christian is true. Does Trump have ANY of these fruits? NO!

  • I will vote for Hillary because she’s not a lying piece of crap like Trump is and she knows how to run a country, deal with foreign policy, foreign dignitaries and doesn’t have an itchy trigger finger to piss off every other country in this world.

  • You are listen to the news media. Worse than fairy tales. How can you believe the news is real????????? You are rude to judge others like that. How DARE you!

  • He LOVE to employ women so he can ogle over their breasts and buttocks and be disgusting! THAT’s why he hires them, He’s a PIG

  • “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” Trump has absolutely NO faithfulness, no gentleness and NO self-control. He has diarhrrea of the mouth. AND he is definitely not kind and NOT gentle. Calling people disgusting names and swearing at his rallies. All he has is love of money.

  • Pat, I honestly cannot remember the comment that I replied to, and it looks like its author has deleted it, however, I agree with you about Trump. But if I had to choose between he and Hillary Clinton, he is better than she is. As I asked in my comment, in what way does Hillary display those virtues? All she has is love of money AND power.

  • Someone just replied to a comment I made here three months ago, about what choice did we have in this election. Then I remembered, this is where I first heard about Darrell Castle and the Constitution Party, so I scrolled down to find your comment. Thanks to you, CavalierX, that’s where my vote is going, and my husband’s, too, and another family member’s. Of course I’m in liberal New England, where my vote doesn’t count for much, but it’s still nice to know I have someone I can put my support behind. Thanks again for taking the time to share that with me. God bless you and yours.

  • To the Remnant Faithful be strengthened in numbers and in resolve. Evil collusions are now forming the general opinions of the public. This is taking place without notice. Draw attention to the way mass media is invoking change in how Christianity is perceived and in the ways freedoms are slipping away.”

    “These things will be reinforced through your judicial system if you do not bring attention to it now. You must pay attention to who says what and who supports what. If you do not, your country will never be the same again.”

    “Open borders are an open invitation to evil. Those who oppose Christian ideals would flood your nation making law and order, as it is today, obsolete. A continuation of the amoral revolution would take over hearts and government. Many freedoms would become ‘illegal’. This would be a method of control of the chaos caused by open borders.” “Take heed now – before it is too late to act.”

  • Never even heard of 9/10 of these and not really a follower of Lucado. Clinton’s ideology doesn’t match Jesus’ teachings. I cannot vote for any democrat. Least of all,Clinton. I will not condone baby killing no matter how much spin is put on the definition of a “baby”. Fetuses are humans conceived in God’s image,too. Clinton is criminal, not formally charged because FBI was bought off or threatened, Both her husband and she were disbarred and countless insidious facts that are ignored. Clinton herself has said that she “hates Christians” and belittles the military. Cannot it good conscience cast a vote for her or democrats. Jesus said “”’by their fruits you will know them”.

  • Are these who calls themselves or supposed to be “conservative Christians” supporting a candidate that supports abortion, gay-lesbian union and mostly sell America to the countries that wants to destroy us, and also her husband has made the WH a brothel? By There are only 2 real candidates in this election and both are the worse candidates in American Election history. Trump is not a true candidate, but does he supports abortion, gay-lesbian unions and would he sell America to our enemy? Watch the “Clinton Cash”. Russian now own 20% of our uranium mine field, how did this happen? Watch the “Clinton Cash”. I am supporting Trump because Clinton, read Romans 1:18-30, is exactly what these verses describe her. I think these so called “Conservative Christians” falls in the category describe in this chapter. They are hypocrites to consider themselves Christians. As far as adulterer, yes Trump is one and so is Bill Clinton (Hillary condoned it by criticizing his accusers). Choose the lesser evil. David and Solomon had so many wives too.

  • Walter, Trump is one and so is Bill Clinton (Hillary condoned it by criticizing his accusers). Who is guilty based on Romans 1:18-30, Hillary and these conservative christians, read the last verse..

  • The reason she was not charge was because the Clinton has corrupted the DOJ, FBI and other government agency that should be charging them. Watch Clinton Cash and you see how corrupt the Clintons are.. pay-for-play

  • The current Methodists are very liberal that includes Clinton. A lot of their churches approves gay-lesbian union, approve abortion, women pastors, etc… Total against what the Bible say. Most of the prominent Christians who supports Clinton are Methodist

  • You miss a lot in scriptures. First of all, Trump’s not made the declaration of how religious he was/is as Hillary has used her Methodist ‘faith’ when handy. He’s even said he was been surprised that evangelicals have supported him so heartily!

    That’s because we aren’t hoodwinked by Hillary and know THIS scripture:

    he Parable of the Two Sons
    28“But what do you think? There was a man who had two sons. He went to the first and said, ‘Son, go and work today in the vineyard.’

    29‘I will not,’ he replied. But later he changed his mindi and went.

    30Then the man went to the second son and told him the same thing.

    ‘I will, sir,’ he said. But he did not go.

    31Which of the two did the will of his father?”

    “The first,” they answered.

    Jesus said to them, “Truly I tell you, the tax collectors and prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God before you. 32For John came to you in a righteous way and you did not believe him, but the tax collectors and prostitutes did. And even after you saw this, you did not repent and believe him.

  • totally, they started back in the 60’s converting to social gospel. I was there.
    sad, bec until that time and from the beginning they were very evangelical.

  • Janet, please reconsider…you’ll be allowing bad to flourish. we know we aren’t EVER going to have a ‘pure’ President. think of the millions more of unborn babies that will be murdered, not the mention the needless death of soldiers fighting in wars that the Dems don’t have the heart to end.

  • I am a Evangelical and grew up in the church of God. I am not perfect,but I try to do what is right. I will vote for Donald Trump because he is the best of the 2 candidates. As a Christian there is no way I can vote for Hillary ,who is a liar and is part of planned parenthood and supports killing babies. She does not have Americans best interest at heart, but I believe Trump does and I believe he is a baby Christian. I don’t believe these women coming out of the woodwork at all. If you don’t vote for Trump then you are giving Hillary your vote.

  • Trump repented of his sins, and asked Jesus Christ into his life, and Hillary is an unrepentant liar who says she believes the bible but has a Shaman “bless” her, tries to communicate with spirits (according to Bill Clinton himself), says Christians should give up their deeply held religious convictions to support abortion and LGBT agendas, and is a globalist determined to shred the constitution, a racist globalist, no less, who along with her husband supports the UN determination to take over land and freedoms in the U.S. This is not conspiracy ‘theory’, it is FACT.

    I read a book years ago(None Dare Call it Treason) that talked about the ongoing attempts to take over this country and force it to follow after a globalist (communistic) agenda. Things like the recent Trade agreements and Agenda 21 were known about for years. But the things being done in secrecy to give away U.S. land and freedoms are just horrifying. PLEASE watch the video, and Christians.. you need to realize that Trump has repented and asked Jesus into his life. He is determined to support our constitution, our country, our borders and our streets. Hillary is exactly the opposite. Those who are paying attention and seeking God during this election know that God is working on Donald Trump. of COURSE Evangelicals are still supporting him! Even if he didn’t give his life to Jesus Christ I would STILL support him, because a potential win by someone determined to protect our freedoms is worth that risk when the alternative is a woman who is hell bent definitively on destroying them.…/Has-Trump-God-Prominent…

  • For an unidicted felon?. Which mrs Clinton is.In fact knowing she committed crimes voting for her would make you an accessory. She and Chelsey left the church when it stood against Abortion. The methodist Church opposes her stand on that and has recently withdrawn from all congress with any such committee that agrees with abortion (Other than for a mothers life).One cannot vote for Hillary and be a practicing Methodist. She is no t following the Discipline.

  • The modern Methodist are very liberal. They approve or support abortion, gay and lesbian unions, they also allow females to become church leaders.. All these things they approve are totally against the Bible. No to mention their member, Clinton, is corrupt.

  • What about Clinton? Bill had actual sex in the WH and Hillary accused and called his victims name.. Clinton sold the US to the countries that wants to destroy us like, Russia – owns 20% of the uranium mines here in the USA, Iran – got $150 Billion and $150 million in cold cash, approved by Clinton. India – has now been approve to have nuclear access. Brazil , etc…. All these got what they wanted after they made donations to the Clinton Foundation. The media is part of the cover up. They are aware of it but they don’t want to publicize it. Watch the Clinton Cash.

  • Please don’t call yourself a Christian when you can vote for anyone that supports abortion, lies and will do anything for power and money. If you were a Christian you would know, if you read the Bible of the true word of God.

  • The Clintons are the most corrupt in the US history of politics. If they can corrupt the DOJ and FBI, what that this tells you? She sold the US to the Russians, Iranians, India, Brazil, Saudis (Arab countries)… She doesn’t care about you. You are just a cockroach because you don’t havae the $MILLIONS to donate to her foundation.

  • I cannot believe that any one of you would vote for Hillary Clinton. She is a murderer of four American heroes and worse than that she believes in murder of the most innocent – babies. A “NO” vote for Trump is a Yes vote for Hillary. You should all be ashamed.

  • She brought up Presbyterian because that is what Trump says he is. Trump said, “most people don’t know this about me, but I’m a Christian.” Then he goes on to speak of going to a Presbyterian church.

  • voting for these two is allowing evil to flourish. We have voted Republicans in because of their “prolife” stance. We still have abortion all these years later. Did you know it was republican supreme court during Roe v. Wade? We’ve had majority Rep congress, and still nothing. Republicans started the military industrial complex. You think they are ending “wars”…Dems and Reps have become a duopoly. It’s time to take America back to “we the people” and get rid of this duopoly!

  • If you don’t know who George Soros is. Who Saul Alinsky was. What Agenda 21 is, and what Cloward-Piven means… educate yourself. Research these names tied with Clinton & Obama before you go to vote!

  • So God gives his book the Holy Bible, yet as Christ and you think you won’t be judged for your politics. I’m not voting for Trump I’m voting AGAINST Clinton. The Demoncratic party Socialist/Communist (Community Organizers).

    Now we want to put God in the equation and he has already spoken on those matters that he will judge us all by. Now I can NOT & will not support a PARTY or individual who has hid behind the robes of the KKK. Who has removed prayer from our school’s who gives us abortion on demand, who has enslaved millions on the taxpayers dime (WELFARE).

    A Party that has no regards for the safety of it’s citizens by bringing in unvetted immigrants that will not assimilate. They will be on our dime (WELFARE). Those that are not on WELFARE will be COMPETING for our jobs & the jobs of our children. This same PARTY (Community Organizers) will have them registered with the Demoncratic Party (Socialist/Communist) once they become citizens.

    This same PARTY along with the other 538 Establishment politicians who have the power to fix America’s problems, yet by INTENT refuse to fix the Nations problems. Yes God was all about the good Samaritan & God is about wisdom and discernment.

    You Christians are going to judge Trumps character by his words and actions yet impart your forgiveness of Hillary, Bill & Obama. Yes I find nowhere in the Bible were God has said he was a Demoncrat or a Re-puking, however he has said a lot about morality. Neither candidate meets Gods standard, however one Party stands in direct oppostion to Gods litimus test on moral issues & that is the Community Organizers (Socialist/Communist) the Demoncratic Party & they have been working since the 60’s to bring us under the World Order.

    Examine yourselves, you have nothing to explain to me, however you will have to explain to God how you believe the Bible, then VOTE for a PARTY whose platform opposes God & what he has to say about morality. Both have said & did a lot that disgust God. Yet one Party is for everything God is Against. I wouldn’t vote for a born again Christian who was aligned with the Demoncratic Party. Now if that Party would change it’s political platform & represent the God I serve then & only then would they receieve my vote. So Trump is NOT a Role model for woman as opposed to Hillary who is. So what does that say to your daughters who have been Raped. We can forgive her, however God has allowed you to judge Trump. I beg to differ…

  • Do not let them deceive us we must not be passive this is serious and everyone everywhere needs to know this. The fix is in folks, the Socialist/Communist movement they have an AGENDA to bring us under the World Order. They INTEND to steal this election. This is serious and we must not allow them to deceive us. If they loose it will set their AGENDA back.

    If they win your second amendment rights will come under a vicious attack. Once the new Liberal Supreme Court Justices are appointed. Add to that your stance on morality issues specifically abortion, same sex marriage & transgender issues. There will be laws passed that will make it against the law to oppose or to speak out on your moral objection to these issues. In others words they will pass laws to force you to conform or face legal action by the courts.

    It is my belief that Trump will win the popular vote, however the Socialist/Communist movement plan to steal this election with the rigged fraudulent voting machines as well as illegal absentee ballots that are ready to go waiting to be dumped into key swing states. Now I’m NOT voting for Trump, I’m voting AGAINST HILLARY and the ESTABLISHMENT.

    This is the same establishment who has for over thirty years by their INTENT has created America’s problems. It’s not that they can’t fix America’s problems It’s by their INTENT NOT to fix America’s problems. So yes this is a very critical time in America. The Socialist/Communist movement have been working diligently since the sixties to bring us under complete social compliance. Obamacare with the INTENT of the government to manage your healthcare.

    They have slowly and methodically been pushing more of this into our public schools poisoning our children at an earlier age to their propaganda. Most children in public schools really know very little about America or our founding fathers the documents, the statements our founding fathers made, or their sacrifice to secure our freedom and the constitution they gave us.

    So make no mistake this is a critical time. It’s a shame because of all the brilliant minds and MORALLY ETHICAL people that we have in America we are left with the TWO choices we have. No I’m NOT voting for Trump, I’m voting AGAINST HILLARY and the crooked ESTABLISHMENT who has flushed America down the toilet for more than thirty years. Once Again you do NOT need to be passive it is a serious election year our Nation and our grandkids and our great grandkids future is at stake.

  • If you don’t know who George Soros is. Who Saul Alinsky was. What Agenda 21 is, and what Cloward-Piven means… educate yourself. Research these names tied with Clinton & Obama before you go to vote!

  • Do not let them deceive us we must not be passive this is serious and everyone everywhere needs to know this. The fix is in folks, the Socialist/Communist movement they have an AGENDA to bring us under the World Order. They INTEND to steal this election. This is serious and we must not allow them to deceive us. If they loose it will set their AGENDA back.

    If they win your second amendment rights will come under a vicious attack. Once the new Liberal Supreme Court Justices are appointed. Add to that your stance on morality issues specifically abortion, same sex marriage & transgender issues. There will be laws passed that will make it against the law to oppose or to speak out on your moral objection to these issues. In others words they will pass laws to force you to conform or face legal action by the courts.

    It is my belief that Trump will win the popular vote, however the Socialist/Communist movement plan to steal this election with the rigged fraudulent voting machines as well as illegal absentee ballots that are ready to go waiting to be dumped into key swing states. Now I’m NOT voting for Trump, I’m voting AGAINST HILLARY and the ESTABLISHMENT.

    This is the same establishment who has for over thirty years by their INTENT has created America’s problems. It’s not that they can’t fix America’s problems It’s by their INTENT NOT to fix America’s problems. So yes this is a very critical time in America. The Socialist/Communist movement have been working diligently since the sixties to bring us under complete social compliance. Obamacare with the INTENT of the government to manage your healthcare.

    They have slowly and methodically been pushing more of this into our public schools poisoning our children at an earlier age to their propaganda. Most children in public schools really know very little about America or our founding fathers the documents, the statements our founding fathers made, or their sacrifice to secure our freedom and the constitution they gave us.

    So make no mistake this is a critical time. It’s a shame because of all the brilliant minds and MORALLY ETHICAL people that we have in America we are left with the TWO choices we have. No I’m NOT voting for Trump, I’m voting AGAINST HILLARY and the crooked ESTABLISHMENT who has flushed America down the toilet for more than thirty years. Once Again you do NOT need to be passive it is a serious election year our Nation and our grandkids and our great grandkids future is at stake.

  • All those immigrants that will be on our dime (WELFARE,) who will not assimilate. Those that aren’t on welfare will be COMPETING for your jobs and your children’s job if they don’t cut your head off first…

  • I was waiting at the RED LIGHT today: I saw a poor homeless man with his sign held HIGH, I got out of my vehicle and went to the car behind me a TOLD the guy to give me a hundred dollars: I told him I was feeling genorous and wanted to help the homeless man out. YOU SEE HOW LIBERALISM WORKS, or do I need to read it to you Reeeeaaaaalllll SlllllooooWWW!!!

  • I don’t care if you call yourself a born again Christian if you align yourself with a Party that hid behind the robes of the KKK, enslaved millions on the taxpayers dime WELFARE, grants abortion on demand. The same party that removed prayer from our school’s. Removed placing your hand on the Bible while swearing in to serve and defend the United States & the constitution.

    Who gives special rights to groups promoting alternate lifestyles and defying states rights that have voted against such only to have the Supreme Court rule against the states rendering your VOTE useless.

    Bring inimmigrants that have no intention to assimilate. Then placing them on WELFARE, THose that are not on WELFARE competing for your jobs & your children’s in an already depleted job market. A Party of Community Organizers (Socialist/Communist.

    I’m not VOTING for Trump, I’m voting AGAINST Hillary & the establishment who have the power to solve America’s problems but by INTENT refuse to fix America’s problems. No neither one are acceptable candidates in Gods eyes.

    Yet you are going to forgive one and throw stones at the other. You talk morality and what Trump has said and did to women who on National TV said it was wrong and he was sorry that it happened.

    Now you hold Hillary up as a roll model for your daughter who has an adultrous, rapist husband. Whom she herself defended two men of brutally raping a 12 year old girl and her defense, the young fantasied about older men. Too that off she on video interviews laughing about it.

    No I can not vote for a PARTY that is for everything God is against and you stand behind a pulpit. God is not Demoncrat or Re-puking he is for morality so there Party whose AGENDA is in defiance of al that God is against. You don’t have to explain anything to me, however you will have to explain your politics to God.

    Once this article and all the others have been censored and Removed because it’ not Politcally Correct. Censorship is alive and well in Socialist/Communist America.

  • I’m Catholic and yet I understand and agree with most of you, But,to say Hillary is a practicing Methodist ?? when did Hillary the winner of some Margaret Sanger awards from Planned Parenthood – become a practicing Methodist – She’s a believer’ in late term abortions – and Margaret Sanger the award she receives as a statue believed in Eugenics -the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding
    to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics.
    Developed largely by Francis Galton as a method of improving the human
    race, it fell into disfavor only after the perversion of its doctrines
    by the Nazis.Because of her the black population in America isn’t as big as it should be – Planned Parenthood is practically on every block in all low income neighborhoods in every city and state in the USA it’s purpose is “abortion” Margaret Sanger has killed billions by now . I don’t believe a Methodist and even a church going Methodist would accept or support Planned Parenthood or Margaret Sanger – Let alone any Religion on this page – Trump is another one he has said he is Pro-life,but the silver tongued devil adds he love’s Planned Parenthood -My guess he only reads the Enquirer -and they never covered what Planned Parenthood does to make money so they can buy Lamborghini’s – while being funded by our Government

  • Obama is not running. Clinton is not the only alternative to Trump. I’m voting for Evan McMullin. And before you go there…no, a vote for McMullin is NOT a vote for
    Clinton. It is a vote for decency, honesty, integrity and for behaving like an adult.

  • I don’t like Trump either but at least he is not a treasonous, criminal, baby killer. Anyone who votes for her is diluted or misinformed. Jesus would never support abortion or align himself with gay marriage or take illegal donations from terrorist nations. Don’t believe me, then do your own research, you can find this all true based on reliable sources such as Drudge Report, TownHall, and Breitbart.

    Hillary Clinton Crimes against Humanity:
    1. People talk about Trump’s foul mouth but her own staff claims that Hillary regularly uses the words, F***, GD,
    2. Her own body guards and secret service don’t like to work for her because she is verbally abusive to them
    3 She has major health problems that will interfere with her job
    4. She is an abortionist who approved of 3 trimester abortions up to the 9 month (God hates abortion – read your bible)
    5. She approves of the gay lifestyle (Read Romans 1:18 – ) and has been reported by Bill Clinton himself as being an active lesbian. If God finds homosexuality an abomination then why should you think any differently (are you smarter than God?) Don’t you know this lifestyle is destructive to souls?
    6. As secretary of state she actively funded terrorist groups such as ISIS
    7. She stood by in the Bengazi attacks knowing our ambassador and military would be killed. She knew the attack was going to take place and did nothing.
    8. Her Clinton Foundation has received millions of dollars in illegal donations from terrorist nations
    9. She defended a 12 time rapist when she was lawyer and laughed about how she was going to get him off.
    10. She has had several people killed mysteriously who were going to testify against her including Steven Vince in the White Water scandal (if you are under the age of 30, you need to read about this).
    11. Talk about women’s rights – she knew Bill Clinton was having all these affairs and did nothing about it. Instead of standing up for her marriage, she was more interested in the power she held and was hell bent on keeping it. Bill Clinton was impeached for his infidelity with Monica but was never kicked out of office.
    12. She says she has had conversations with Gandi and Mrs. Roosevelt (demonic conversations – Bible forbids communicating with demons and the dead).
    14. Her staff members don’t stick around long because they say she is so mean and vile to her employees.
    15. She is egging Russia on to attack us. Russia’s military is far more advanced than ours. We are no longer the most powerful country in the world.
    16. She is spending us into a hole we’ll never get out of to the tuned of $19 trillion+++++.

  • let’s all vote for CLINTON so rapture will come sooner. Because voting for TRUMP might delay the rapture. Then we’ll just watch the judgement day how CLINTON will be judge or burn in HELL for pandering to the abortionist, gay-lesbian union and corruption… She sure is a Methodist

  • You’re voting for McMullin? So it’s okay to compromise certain Christian principles, but not others, right?

    Both Trump and McMullin embrace the perversion of marriage as “the law of the land.”

    Hard to understand why you’d compromise and vote for an establishment Republican running with an independent label when there is a better alternative with even greater ballot access, who also helps us to build a new party to supplant the leftist GOP, which is no longer friendly to Christian Constitutionist

    Darrell Castle, Constitution Party.

  • “Allowing bad to flourish….”

    You mean like voting for a GOP nominee who supports continued funding of Planned Parenthood, embraces the perversion of marriage and believes in the right to self-identify gender to gain access to restrooms designated for the opposite sex?

  • you want a scripture read james chapter 4 versus 16 and 17 and tell me how could you vote for trump if you know the bible you need to go back to the day care center at church because you didn’t learn a thing in church school but GREED 66% of church leaders voted for trump and I firmly believe they will reap what they sow

  • Paul opposed Jesus Christ until he met Christ on the road to Damascus. Hillary Clinton covers up her involvement with Satan you stupid morons. Vote for no one or pray to KNOW what our GOD will do with the conscience of these two candidates for President. The Almighty God we worship, Jesus the Christ is going to conquer the heart and tongue of one of these candidates. Pray for that morons. Hillary Clinton’s involvement with pedophilia RAPE of girls is going to made obvious to you as well. A JUBILEE is coming to the whole world Christ prophesied it in Luke 4. Redistribution of wealth by taxation is SIN. Fractional reserve banking will be exposed as the cause of your poverty, low taxation is not.

  • Their Christianity – whatever the candidate – is a public charade to win Christian votes. It’s well known that Christians are the most gullible people on earth; you could sell them igloos in a heatwave.

  • God-less nations get Got-less leaders. Political Leaders Christianity – whatever the candidate – is a public charade to win Christian votes. It’s well known that we Christians are the most
    gullible people on earth; you could sell them [us] igloos in a heatwave; 2 Tim 4 ‘the time will come when people will prefer to have their ears tickled with deception and fables, rather than endure sound doctrine’
    There’s more than 2 candidates, and two parties, to vote for, worth researching them…

  • If Trump breaks his public marriage vows (twice) why would they belive his public presidential vows. The naive folks who tuned into watch are stupid

  • wow, thats some endorsement of a serial adulterer based on one parable, apt though you mention prostitutes, which would prick up trumps ears!

    This ones better ‘Judge the man within [unrepentant in sexual sin], expel the evil doer. Hand him over to satan that he may be saved’ 1 Cor 4;12

  • ”God will send them a strong delusion so they will believe a lie’ 2 Thes. – no-one is more deluded and immoral than Donald. Anyone would think theres no choice – but theres other small parties with good morals

  • no he’s just a family breaker, a serial adulterer – boasting of his sexual conquests – and a serial liar who pays no respect to God’s institution of marriage, or wives and kid’s dumped. Trump is ANTI-Family. God states he hates, divorce’ and God help the man who brings the wrong wife pain. (Malachi 2)
    And, I forgot, Trump is also flying the LBGT flag – no change there then.

  • You missed out DIVORCE – which God states he hates. Step in the thrice married adulterer, D. Trump.

  • Let’s be honest, no one at either RNC or DNC has a fully functioning conscience…or brain for that matter. Neither one has a “godly” agenda, and neither one has any room to finger point at the other….just different sides of the same bad coin. Both parties have been hijacked by what was once seen as the “fringe element”. I’ve been both a registered Democrat and a registered Republican in previous years…I am now VERY proud to say I’m registered as an Independent. It’s time for a viable 3rd party in this country!!!

  • 1.Clinton is nt the POTUS – Trump is maybe for the nxt 8 yrs
    2. MEN are called to LEAD – yes lead women, whom they are head of – throughout the BIble. The sins/ways of the family or a nation, come back to the Role modelling of the head.

  • There may not be a denomination but there is but one Lord One Faith one baptism one God who is above all through all and now in U all. It’s called Doctrine in Doctrine is important. God may not be a Baptist Methodist Presbyterian or a Pentecostal. But one thing God is and that is the final judge. It’s not a cakewalk to get into heaven the Bible said to strive to enter into the strait gate. It’s not a broad pathway like everyone thinks it is a little bit out of every religion is going. Another lie by Satan himself. One Lord don’t mean there’s three One Faith doesn’t mean there’s all sorts of faiths one baptism does it mean you don’t have to be baptized you can think about being bad times. The Book of Romans is not a book that tells people how to be saved. People should have a book of Acts experience just like on the day of Pentecost. God still pouring out the Holy Ghost he’s still baptizing people in his lovely name and people serve him with gladness in their heart.

  • Here’s what I’ve got to say to all the naysayers about President Donald Trump. Be careful how you judge for the same judgment that you judge others you are going to be judged by the same judgment. The hearts of the Kings are in the hands of the Lord. God didn’t tell us to criticize our leader however we are to pray for our leadership. Some people make up the religion as they go along. And there’s no one on this site that knows what God knows about Donald Trump. I hope you don’t think Bill Clinton was a Christian the way he conducted the Oval Office. Nor do I hope you think Obama was a Christian the way he exalted Islam and criticized Christianity. Maybe some of us or to get back into the word of God and pray effectually for the president of the United States. There’s one thing Donald Trump is not and that is a politician is that what we wanted another politician promising a good life with no bumps in the road telling us one thing and doing another. Donald Trump is tried to do exactly what he ran on that’s called Truth. Obama and the vice president of Obama mr. Biden said they believed in one thing and did another. They don’t even know the definition of marriage and yet we want to criticize as Christians because Donald Trump doesn’t meet our thoughts of what a Christian should be. Maybe God’s just starting to work on him. I’m pretty sure God has been ruling the earth now for a Clyde a long time. And he doesn’t need our suggestions and he doesn’t appreciate our accusations however he does appreciate those who lived up his word and lift up their brothers. And when their brothers are wrong face them and tell them to pray. Because prayers the only thing going to save America not money not insurance not the military the only thing that’s going to save America is a good old-fashioned book of Acts Revival baptism of the Holy Ghost miracles sights and wonders all caused by prayer and prayer alone.

  • I think it is naive to vote for republicans who tout the evangelical card, but who consistently turn around and legistate only in favor of the top 1% rich while dispising the poor and vulnerable. This makes me sick!

  • Jesus also says that at the end of the age, he will seperate the GOATS from the sheep. If you voted for DJT, you’re a goat. Good luck with that.

  • That’s a pretty stupid comparison. It seems that igloos would be quire valuable in a heatwave. LOL Dummy…

  • God did not tell us to criticize our leaders? Do you expect anyone to believe you never judged or criticized Obama, Hillary and liberals? Don’t be a double minded hypocrite just because you are a Trump fan. As for not judging, Christians are called to discern and test a persons Spirit to see if it is God. If you read your Bible every Prophet called out fakes and snakes. Nowhere did the Prophets and real people of God excuse sin and ungodly leaders. Trump is not a Politician? He has played Politics right into the White House. He has thrown tons of money to Politicians like Hillary(He helped supported her when she successfully ran as a New York Senator) back when Trump was a liberal Democrat.

    As for Trump saying one thing and not doing another you are not paying attention. Trump has changed his mind on key issues even trashing his own appointees like Tillerson and Jeff Sessions ( a double minded trait) with no loyalty to his own GOP inner circle he selected. Trump trashed Sessions and Tillerson along with all his GOP rivals so how was that displaying behavior God would be proud of? Trump’s constant tweets against everyone he deems a critic is not only bullying but chidish and petty. Not good role modeling for someone who says he is a Christian.

    Trump slandered Ted Cruz retired Pastor dad (ruining that man’s reputation for the rest of his life) as having something to do with the death of the late President John F.Kennedy without one shred of real evidence but it was in the Enquirer, a trash gossip paper. Yet he claims to hate fake news but spreads it at the drop of a hat. That is called slander and baring false witness! Shame on Christians enabling this kind of sick behavior.

    Last but not least Trump admitted as recent as this year he has never apologized to God which means he does not qualify as a real Christian because the major tenet of the Christian doctrine is to confess and repent of ones sins to God. The proud Trump thinks he does not need to do that because he thinks he is already righteous. Imagine that the man who said there are some good Nazis and KKK, a three times married p===see grabbing, twitter addict who constantly enjoys trashing his opponents thinks he is too good to confess his sins to God. Just horrid. Even worst Christians aligning themselves with that ruining the reputation of Christianity. This is not helping the growth of Evangelism. Just disgraceful.

  • At the begining jesus says you must repent ask for forgivness and turn from your wicked ways,I know not what god will do that is not for me to say.It is the scriptures that will turn the tide to many .who beleive and study his word to be approved of the lord and the holy spirit

  • Tell me are you a liberal at heart? Yeah I’m sure that that’s in the scriptures. So is the wheat and the stubbles. God raises Kings up and he brings them down. I doubt very seriously if you could go too much further in biblical terms. Seems to me you’ve already misrepresented the word. Yes I voted for Donald Trump and as I pray for him every single day. But this nation has gone so liberal and involved itself in the sickness of sin I think that’s what you need to worry about not Donald J Trump. You might have to look where you’re standing in the day of judgement.

  • I may be a goat according to you but you said God judges the heart where that you are only stuck in the pepperoni. You probably have no idea scriptures in the Sunday school teacher who is at the bar on a Saturday night and church Sunday school on Sunday morning trying to tell the children how good God is. Obama set the stage for the destruction of American had it not been for the radical foolishness of trump American would have put itself in a place of no recovery. Everything you blamed on Trump is caused by Hillary Clinton and Obama. The corruption of the FBI is just phenomenal. And it looks like some of them may just lose their retirement and others go to jail for this false narrative. Accused of racism and yet they don’t have anything on record of it but we sure do have a lot of racism coming out of the Obama Administration. Half the nation white folks or just controlled by radical black hate. Or their white husbands control them to make them vote the way they do but yet they go into the voting booth on their own how stupid is that period only coming from the radicals. A man that stood in 2006 with one of the most radical Muslim haters that the world has ever seen. But the pictures were hid from the public eyes but Louis Farrakhan one day along with his brother Obama will split the portals of hell if they don’t repent. A man in 2008 that’s believe in the traditional marriage of a man and a woman. Who lost his way who lost the dictionary who began to change laws and the meaning of words set by a world that is headed for a disasterous judgement. Yet we say judge not lest ye be judged but without judgement we have no way of righteousness everything goes nothing is bad except politics who vote for Trump will stand in the field with the goats. I’d rather stand with the goats then to stand in the field with wolves in sheep’s clothing. But I truly believe that no politician is going to help America at this point period without a Revival and without the preaching of God’s word and the delivering power of His might America is going down the tube and it will not come out if it does not repent. Ministers better get out of money and get their heart back in the word of God. Because God is already judged the liars he is already judge the fornicators he is already judge the idolaters and adulterers he is already judge divorce he is already judged the killing of The Unborn fetus. God is already judge the feminist movement God has already judged Sodom and Gomorrah and the spirit of it. They will be gathered together and cast into a pit there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Unless you repent and that is the only path way out. But repentance does not mean to continue in it you must turn from everything I said and more righteousness exalteth a nation sin is a reproach to all people. When you quote the scripture on me you better quote it all. You ain’t playing with a novice when it comes to sin it has its day you can play today but you will pay tomorrow.

  • Trump is an abomination to Christians, Americans, any sense of decency. And NONE of it seems to bother him in the least.

  • Dennis Richardson – you’re one of the vile contemptible beings that Jesus Chris spoke of would come at the end of the age. Jesus Hates you, you LYING SACKS OF DUNG. Accusing Hillary Clinton of Pedophilia. You’re a PIG. Enjoy hell.

  • Those 14 conservatives Christians, would rather vote for liberals and DemonRats – who wanted to remove God from all places, Pro-abortionist, approves gay and lesbians marriage, etc…. It seems these supposed to be conservative does not read the Bible. They have their own opinion and not what the Bible says about it. They are getting to be PC… Maybe they don’t practice abortion and gay and lesbian marriage but when they VOTE for a candidate who knowing approves all the sins and evil the Bible mentioned, they are just as guilty as committing the sins. Vote for the lesser evil.

  • We read all day the judgment the right had toward gays, Obama, Hillary and Democrats. Now that it is the immoral adulterous Trump it is don’t judge time. Too funny.
    Also, you obviously never read the whole Bible where all the Prophets judged the wicked, adulterous leaders and Kings of their day. Nowhere in the bible are immoral adulterous wicked leaders coddled, enabled or excused but the true prophets rebuked & called them to repent and do better.

  • You are entitled to your opinion. It is too funny that the same ones saying “who are you to judge Trump” are the very ones judging Obama, gays, Democrats and anyone not in their cult country club aka churches.

  • You have some nerve pushing repentance but excusing a self described pu s– e grabbing, paid porn star hush money while wife number three (his second foreign) wife was at home with his young son, combative, made fun of a disabled reporter then lied about it, Trump who confessed that he never apologized to God.
    The only problem Jesus had was with the religious hypocrites whom he called brood of snakes.
    It is good to be concerned about the baby outside of the womb and not just the one in the womb. I’ve met few religious right wingers concerned about the kids Trump snatched from their illegal Mexican parents. These poor kids had nothing but their parents and Trump took that away until the Courts made him give them back. He could have sent them back with family intact but he is too vicious for that.

    Obama inherited two wars and a recession from George W. Bush whom your golden calf idol Trump trashed for starting the war in Iraq to shame Jeb Bush during the campaign. Trump laid the blame at the feet of George W. Bush for the senseless trillion dollar war in Iraq and toppling Saddam whom Trump said kept the terrorist in line.

    There is no record of Trump’s racism? Are you serious? Trump was sued for housing discrimination against blacks and lost. As recent as last year he called some of the Charlottesville marching with torches Neo Klan fine people. He constantly picks on people of color from Mexico (across the border) and called most illegals rapist and murderers as if they are all bad. Many agree with a need to secure our borders but Trump does not have to demonize them all to do so. Christians who align themselves with Trump have no credibility on playing the morality card and the sad part is they don’t even know it.

  • Hillary may not have talked about her faith but when did Trump talk about his faith and loving Jesus? When he set his sites on the White House that is when. He did not even pray with the congregation at Bush Sr.’s funeral or recite the Apostle’s Creed like everyone else that paid their respects in the house of God at that funeral. Just goes to show how rude Trump is andr disinterested if it is not all about him and the reality TV show he has turned the White House into.

  • Guess your mother never told you that two wrongs do not make a right, not even on a good day. If Hillary is corrupt that makes no sense to excuse Trump from also being immoral or corrupt. One thing Hillary did not do was make fun of a disabled reporter and lie like she didn’t when we all could see it on camera.

  • Did your mother ever tell you that two wrongs do not make a right, not even on a good day? If Hillary is corrupt that makes no sense to excuse Trump from also being immoral or corrupt just because Hillary is.

    One thing Hillary did not do was make fun of a disabled reporter and lie like she didn’t when we all could see it on camera. Making fun of disabled folks and boasting of grabbing pus- -y while married to wife number three is just disgusting but the white Evangelicals still elected him for President. What a disgrace to Jesus!

    Also what ever happened to the right wing religious conservative’s favorite slogan “If Hillary Can’t Trust Her Husband the Voters Shouldn’t Either” during Bill Clinton successful run for President in the 90’s? Yet with Trump let’s just look the other way? Let’s hope that Christianity can recover from all the damage that kind of hypocrisy has done to the case for Christ.

  • Oh Please ZIGGY, do tell! we are not blind or Deaf, Donald Trump puts his self out there, he Lies on a constant basis, if you don’t know God is judging him, you need to go back and read! he breaks a Commandment every day he’s a habitual Liar, ( thou shall not bare false witness) he takes from the poor and gives to the Rich, It’s easier for a Camel to go through the Eye of a Needle than a Rich man to get into Heaven, remember that? if you think what he’s doing is okay you don’t know the Word of God! know the teachings of the Bible doesn’t say anywhere that we are to bury our heads in the sand, or we’re guilty of Judging anyone you should be careful , you just judged others! Donald Trump is not a Christian, He couldn’t quote scripture if he tried! he’s an Adulator, Liar and Trader to our Country you can pray for him but so far he doesn’t have a decent bone in his body and yes I’m judging him, because we don’t have to bury our heads in the sand for a President who is wrecking Our Country and putting Children in harms way placing Razor wire to the ground along the Border, to hurt people and Animals, with our Money that should be spent taking care of our Poor and low income who are paying Taxes while him and the Rich are getting a free ride and the Taxpayers ARE PAYING HIS SHARE OF TAXES, the truth is he’s a liar! he’s done every thing he said he wouldn’t, YOU ARE JUDGEING OTHERS pray about that!

  • your a Republican that’s not hard to figure out, Religion has nothing to do with Politics! I’m sorry for you thinking Donald Trump is anything but a Corrupt Dictator, if he was going to be shot he couldn’t quote scripture so don’t preach about his Keeping Promises he hasn’t, he’s a Liar and a bully!

  • So far YES. We have PEACE! After Obama took us into Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Lybia, Cameroon, Afghanistan, Pakistan and more Trump has stopped the constant warfare. He stopped ISIS to a big extent. People in S Korea are NOT AFRAID! People in Vietnam are no longer afraid of a madman throwing a bomb at them. How is that NOT fruit of the spirit? Black men have good paying jobs. Women are being paid more too. Jobs jobs jobs are coming back. The good kind. Not the Obama “learn to code” snideness. And honestly is returning. We are starting to see the corruption in the FBI, IRS, DOJ. We are starting to see how people like Mccain lied to us. How people like Obama divided us when they said they would unite us.

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