The Slingshot: Faith and tragedy, the pope and LGBT people, an enduring sermon for the Days of Awe


Need to know: 10/03/2016

What comes after forgiveness?

10 years after Amish schoolhouse killing, the work of grieving remains

The shooting 10 years ago in a placid Lancaster County hamlet made headlines across the world as the Amish rushed to forgive the shooter. But the grief and pain live on. More from Religion News Service

‘There is always good’

After crash, Hoboken residents ponder God and fate

As investigators look into what caused a New Jersey commuter train crash, some residents of this New York suburb ponder what role God and fate play in such tragedies. More from Religion News Service

Red card

Benedict XVI’s aide says 2014 World Cup influenced resignation

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's longtime personal aide says that the former pontiff might have tried to hold on to travel to Brazil for World Youth Day had it been held in 2014. More from

Prejudice in paradise

A Florida city that’s voting with fear

Behind the good-life gloss of Boca Raton lurks a layer of anger directed at Muslims that’s deepened across the country in the 15 years after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. More from

Who am I to judge?

Pope says respect gay and transgender people, questions gender theory

“When a person (who is gay) arrives before Jesus, Jesus certainly will not say, ‘Go away because you are homosexual,'” Francis said. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Taking stock

A rabbi’s enduring sermon on living your last five minutes

As Jews enter the Days of Awe, which began at sundown on Sunday, Rabbi Berger’s sermon on the Challenger disaster has achieved a piercing and eerie kind of immortality. More from

Silence and respect

Why sacred spaces matter in the 21st century

Sacred space is a physical structure full of religious symbols. But people who've seen it or worshipped inside it know that it's also comprised of special behaviors. More from

Answered prayer

The growing indigenous spiritual movement that could save the planet

The demonstrations in North Dakota are just the beginning. More from

Lesser evils

What’s wrong with white evangelicals

Mark Silk asks: What is it about conservative religion in white America that explains the readiness of its adherents to overlook Trump’s sins? More from Religion News Service

Proof that God loves us

This pastor is using beer to bring people back to Jesus

Church leaders suddenly have a choice to make: adapt or die. So now, some priests and pastors are meeting their parishioners not just at the altar, but at the bar on the corner, as well. More from