The Slingshot: What does God know? Monotheist atheist? Trump wars



Need to know: 05/05/2016

Monotheism has one God too many

Man who could be first atheist in Congress isn’t actually atheist

Jamie Raskin is actually Jewish. “One hundred percent Jewish," says Raskin. "Emphatically Jewish.” More from The Washington Post

Render unto ...

German politicians suggest taxing Muslims to fight radicalization

Creating a “mosque tax” for Germany’s 4 million Muslims, who make up about 5 percent of the population, would tap a broad base of contributions that could replace foreign funds. More from Religion News Service

This is not about Ted Cruz

Ewan McGregor explores the humanness of Jesus

"Last Days in the Desert,” which opens in theaters May 13, stars McGregor as both Jesus and the devil. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Another obit?

Trump victory marks major defeat for Christian Right agenda

GOP primary voters chose a man whose agenda and style are the antithesis of the Christian Right. More from Religion News Service

Only God knows

Indiana pastor can’t explain Trump’s appeal to evangelicals

Fifty percent of Indiana evangelicals went for Trump. More from Religion News Service

Preaching but not practicing?

Vegan restaurateurs caught eating meat

Celebrity-endorsed California cafe's owners said cows are part of "God’s plan as food for the predators.” More from the Guardian

Theodicy watch

Does God really want us to suffer unrelenting pain?

It is the common impulse of people of goodwill everywhere to prevent or at least mitigate all forms of gratuitous suffering. More from Religion News Service

Pray or pay

Should courts define religion?

A Massachusetts case could have repercussions on the tax-exempt status of religious organizations. More from The Atlantic