The Slingshot: The Reason Rally; the March for Jesus; and the emoji Bible


Need to know: 05/31/2016

Roll the credits

TBN co-founder Jan Crouch dies at 78

Her Trinity Broadcast Network is today the world’s largest Christian television network. More from (beta)

Godless politics

Reason Rally organizes atheist vote

The June 4 rally’s main goal is to show that nonbelievers are a voting bloc worth courting. More from Religion News Service

Walk the walk

Brazil’s March for Jesus draws 350,000 Christians

Organizers call it the largest event organized by evangelicals in the world. More from evangelicalfocus

Internet angel

Pope Francis chats with social media stars

The pope asked the online celebs to encourage their followers to help others by offering a hug, a hand, or simply remaining silent. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

The more you know

German Protestant bishop wants Islam classes in all state schools

A leading Lutheran bishop is calling for Islam to be taught in state schools to make young Muslims impervious to fundamentalists. More from Religion News Service


What not to say when you meet a pagan

“Are you going to turn me into a toad?” Not cool. More from The Huffington Post

College material

Rejected by the Citadel because of her hijab, a college senior makes other plans

Sana Hamze finds a military institution of higher learning that is cool with her headscarf. More from


A rare openly gay Hutterite pleads for acceptance for others like him.

Kelly Hofer says he is far from the only gay member of the Protestant sect. More from the Guardian

Lost tribe

The unlikely spread of Judaism in Africa

Israel’s ambassador to Nigeria reckons there are more than 40 Jewish communities in the nation.  More from The Economist