The missing front of my rental car. Photo by Chris Stedman.

Atheists in foxholes — and car accidents

Some say that there are “no atheists in foxholes”—that, when confronted with her or his own mortality, even the most ardent atheist suddenly becomes a believer. But a recent car accident reminded me of how my atheism fuels my appreciation for being alive.


3 practical steps to remove bitterness from Valentine’s Day

So many of us give in by bemoaning the capitalist and corporate appropriation of love by the Chocolate, Cards, and Rose Industrial Complex. (All of which is true). But none of that removes the bitterness from our hearts, and perhaps even augments it. So here are three practical steps to move from bitterness to joy on this Valentine’s Day.

Norman Rockwell's "Freedom from Want" painting.

Grateful without God: A secular Thanksgiving

(RNS) “It is important for us as nonbelievers to recognize that we are lucky in the grand scheme of the universe and to spend this time with our friends and family, and the tradition of doing that once a year, whether you are religious or not, is a valuable thing to do,” says Maggie Ardiente.

10 Gratitude Lessons I Learned from My Dog

As I head into the Thanksgiving season, I am, like many people, trying to cultivate the value of gratitude. The problem is that Thanksgiving is arriving at an inconvenient time this year when a lot of things seem to be going wrong with health, finances, blah blah . . . I won't bore you with details. But when it's a challenge to be thankful, I turn to the most thankful person I know. Who is not actually a person.