Thompson:"The Lord is OK with me, as far as I can tell."

Fred Thompson recently defended attacks on his faith on CNN's Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Blitzer questioned the former Senator based on comments made in David Domke's USA Today column here. Domke's spiritual crib sheet on the top candidates quoted James Dobson's now infamous email. Dobson said,

"He is apparently the Great Hope that burns in the breasts of many conservative Christians? Well, not for me, my brothers. Not for me!"

To which Thompson responded in the Sit Room:

“I’m OK with the Lord, and the Lord is OK with me as far as I can tell.”

This may not suffice in South Carolina where as Domke reminds us, "faith runs deep and wide."
You can watch the whole interview here. Wolf and Senator Thompson begin talking about his faith at one minute thirty seconds.