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Friday’s Religion News Roundup: Westboro defections * Christian Fashion Week * Rove v evangelicals


Krystle Jennings Carrington (Linda Evans) and Alexis Carrington Colby (Joan Collins) battle it out on “Dynasty”

Two Phelps granddaughters have bid adieu to Westboro Baptist Church’s “God Hates Fags” protests, saying they regret the harm their demonstrations caused. A remaining Phelps spokesman says, not surprisingly, that the girls are going to hell. HuffPo has more here.

Catholic bishops in Louisiana say it would be a “tragic irony” for a convicted child killer to be executed on Ash Wednesday; so far Catholic Gov. Bobby Jindal isn’t yielding.

File this under “Surprise, Surprise”: U.S. Catholic bishops aren’t satisfied with the White House’s latest birth control mandate compromise.

At least some parents at a middle school in Jackson, Ohio, want a portrait of Jesus removed from the school’s lobby.

A Tennessee man quit his job after his W-2 tax form was stamped with the number 666.

Today’s the last day for President Obama’s point-man on all things religious, Joshua DuBois, who’s heading out to get married, write a book and teach at NYU.

Speaking of, there’s this from our Theologian-in-Chief at yesterday’s National Prayer Breakfast: “Faith is not a possession. Faith is a process.” Discuss.

A judge in Connecticut has upheld a pre-nup between an Orthodox Jewish husband and wife — a big deal, The Forward says, because it stipulates the woman should get $100 for every day her husband refuses to grant her a divorce.

Break out your shoulder pads: CBN’s David Brody says the upcoming Republican civil war between Karl Rove and political evangelicals “will rival Joan Collins and Linda Evans from the 80s show Dynasty.” Meow.

We told you earlier about Underwraps, a modesty-minded Muslim modeling agency. Now there’s Christian Fashion Week in Tampa. “We want to do something to make New York jealous,” organizer Jose Gomez said.

If you’re a pastor in Massachusetts, you could soon lose the tax exemption for the rental value of a church parsonage.

Do with this what you will: Palestinian women are apparently smuggling their husband’s sperm out of Israeli jails so they can become pregnant with the help of fertility specialists. Apparently it often takes several attempts to get it right.

And remember the Vatican official signaling support for legal protections for unmarried and gay couples? Yeah, he didn’t really mean that.

One more reason for allowing gay marriage in the U.K., liberal religious groups say: the licensing fees to host civil partnership ceremonies are 16x higher than the licensing fees to host marriages.

While we’re in the U.K., Church of England bishops said they’re working on a move to reconsider allowing women bishops “at the earliest possible date.”

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