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N.C. governor allows anti-Shariah bill to become law

N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory made some tweaks to a law that critics say discriminates against LGBT people.

(RNS) North Carolina became the seventh state to prohibit its judges from considering Islamic law after Gov. Pat McCrory allowed the bill to become law without formally signing it.

Muslims across North Carolina, with help from national organizations, are working feverishly to get Gov. Pat McCrory to veto legislation that protect its citizens from the application of “foreign law.” Photo courtesy the office of Gov. Pat McCrory

Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina

McCrory, a Republican, called the law “unnecessary,” but declined to veto it. The bill became law on Sunday (Aug. 25).

The state joins Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

Supporters hailed the bill as an important safeguard that protects the American legal system from foreign laws that are incompatible with the U.S. Constitution, while critics argued that the bill’s only purpose is to whip-up anti Muslim hatred because the Constitution already overrides foreign laws.

“The intent behind this law is bigoted and it is intended to alienate the Muslim community,” said Jibril Hough, a spokesman for the Islamic Center of Charlotte.

The North Carolina ban is limited to family law; bans in other states are broader, applying to commercial law, contract law and other types of laws.

Lawyers specializing in Islamic law said such legislation could make it harder for Muslim women married in Islamic countries under Shariah law to obtain alimony and child support payments because husbands will be able to argue they were never married. Judges will be prohibited from recognizing those Shariah marriage contracts.

“These bogus attempts to defile Islam have a negative effect on Muslim youth who feel marginalized and discriminated against,” said Khalilah Sabra, executive director of the Immigrant Justice Clinic at the Muslim American Foundation in Raleigh, N.C.

In Missouri, Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed a similar anti-Shariah bill in June. Lawmakers there have until September to mount an override effort.


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Omar Sacirbey

Omar Sacirbey is a Boston-based correspondent for Religion News Service and other publications.


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  • Our governor has proven himself to be beholden to extremist elements in the NC Republican party–from appointing people like Art Pope to key posts in his administration to putting his campaign contributors on the NC university system board of governors to signing ridiculous legislation like this, to supporting and signing voter suppression legislation. He should be ashamed–but seems to have none.

  • Shariah Law is against gay marriage, abortion and especially late term abortion, sex education and condom distribution. Shariah Law is against evolution theory. Shariah Law wants prayer in schools!

    Hence, North Carolina now has legalized gay marriages, all types of abortion, allow sex education in school and the state of North Carolina now has to teach evolution in all school. The state of North Carolina must ban all prayer in schools.

  • How hypocritical. Talumdic/Noahide law is supplanting our Constitution and these people are worried about Sharia. Just another day in the Zionist States of Amerikkka.

  • So Democrat, if Sharia Law is so great, why aren’t you living in a Muslim country where women have no rights?

  • Roland, Democrats like you are Nazis because you support fascist, barbaric, misogynistic, homophobic Sharia.

  • Sharia Law = stoning rape victims, hanging gays, no rights for Christians or Jews, women in full-body garbage bags, no education for girls

  • These are the kind of laws that every American can support. Sharia isn’t a set of laws but rather a barbaric set of ideas fostered on a group of people by mohammmed who was a know child molestor

  • You should look up what “fascism” means. Republicons are the ones who support a fascist-style government with “corporations are people”. Please try to read a little before you post hate-filled idiocy.

  • If you want to live in this country then abide by the laws of this country…It is not discrimination it is called being an American citizen. It is not hate, intolerance or any of the politically correct terms…….it is setting boundaries.

  • If you want to live in this country then abide by the laws of this country…It is not discrimination it is called being an American citizen. It is not hate, intolerance or any of the politically correct terms…….it is setting boundaries. This law is not bigoted and is not targeting the Muslim community. Nice try…speak it and people believe it…that is your opinion not fact not truth.

  • What brought you from, wherever you came from? This country was supposed to treat all of us, how it says in the ‘Bill of Rights’. NO LESS NO MORE – that is why I came here!

  • You must be talking about Jews, they must stone adulterers per their Torah, keep their women on opposite side of street and to have a woman lead the country ‘fuggedaboutit’. Woman’s picture is not allowed to be published amongst practicing Jews. Christians used to hate and call educated women witches (In some circles they still do today) before killing them. Muslims are better even today in post-colonial corruption, check your facts before you post again.

  • Shariah is the only law on earth that protects women rights – look up Yvonne Ridley and Lauren Booth. Don’t let the fools and bigots get the best of you.

  • Get your facts right – it is less befitting of an intelligent person to repeat without verifying it first. The last prophet, Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him) was a mercy and compassion to all of us. Don’t believe in every non-sense you see on the web – go find the truth, you owe it to yourself. Check out a huge number of Muslim-Christian, Muslim-Hindu and some Muslim-Jew debates as well. You see the best of each side in a face-off during a live debate!

  • Read the private confessions of FBI officers – Muslims are the most law abiding citizens you could hope for. Our lives have been thoroughly scrutinized and NOTHING incriminating have been found except for poster-cases that the undercover agents paid and directed to commit a crime.

  • I used to be a lefty who used to id iotically parrot pro-Mu slim apologetics just a few shorts years ago. Then the evidence hit me: There have been over 20 thousand ter rorist attacks around the world in the name of Is lam since 9/11, killing over 100 thousand people. Everyday there are about 10 ji hadi ter rorist attacks killing around 50 people.

    Then I brushed up on the history of the spread of Is lam, and came to realize that Is lam and Ji had have never been separable and never will be. It became clear that Ji had is the most potent fas cist ideology ever conceived in this world.

    Therefore, not just Sha riah, but Is lam itself should be banned to rid world of this vio lent cult.

    Most rational people will come to the same conclusion if they take an objective look at the volume of evidence and history that is out there.

  • Sharia Law has no respect for women. Under Sharia Law, girls get bullets in the head or acid thrown in their faces for going to school. Under Sharia Law, rape victims are stoned. Under Sharia Law, women are beaten for not wearing full-body potato sacks.

    Islam = bigotry, fascism, homophobia, misogyny.

  • ‘Shariah is the only law on earth that protects women rights’

    That’s a pure lie.

    Here’s the truth.

    How does Sharia Law Compare with British Law?

    Sharia law is very different from British law, including when it comes to women’s rights. Under Sharia law, a woman does not have the unilateral right to divorce and she can be refused divorce even if she is being beaten or raped. Also under Sharia, a woman’s right to refuse sex to her husband is not recognised and there is no legal punishment for domestic violence.

    In Sharia, a woman may lose the custody of her children if she insists on divorce as only fathers have automatic rights to their children. In the matter of inheritance, women inherit only half of the value of an estate as compared to men – under British law, men and women inherit in equal amounts.

    Under British law, a woman’s testimony in court is given the same weight of the testimony of a man, whereas under Sharia, a woman’s testimony is worth only half of a man’s.

    Source: One Secular Law for All, UK

  • So why do Muslims allow de-cap, mutilations, stoning, beating (etc.) as acceptable punishments? America has left that bloody in-humane doctrines of punishment long ago. So if somebody crosses you, you’re ok to have someone’s hands or feet chopped off for the rest of his life? That’s messed up, man.

  • Dude, you still in the 3000 BC. I’ll send you to Israel so you’ll see they don’t do that anymore. And guess what, they really don’t hate you Muslims. They just don’t like people trying to kill them. oh yeah, no one’s paying me to say this. Me, not Jewish.

  • How come jihadists are so fascinated with Hitler anyway? wassup with that? It’s all over their subscription pages overlayed with mid east propagandas? check it for yourself.

  • Correct. This foolish legislation, as well as his appointments, from the universities to the election boards are undermining democracy. It won’t end with North Carolina if his moneyed backers can get away with it here, they will do it everywhere.

  • If the Constitution covers it, and its to alienate the Islamic Community? Explain Dearborn, Michigan. this will spark the final Crusades…just FYI…When the Church goes to war, we wage it completely.

  • Forcing little girls and boys into marriage, and killing your own children, but not allowing abortion, killing those who appose you, and worshiping a stupid, that is all I need to know, anyone one of those…I do not agree with the killing of children, wither in the womb or not, and people have free will, and should have the right to marry womb they will, within the natural order of things. and the last two are pretty much opposite what I do. I fellowship with a being of ultimate power, and you being alive is testament to how I oppose killing those who appose my opinion. However, on that last one, Dearborn might just change my mind, because see, now you threatening my loved ones….which is the American citizens. War is soon afoot.

  • You can tell you don’t understand Islam. Islam simply means peace & muslim simply means submitting yourself to the will of God (Allah which means The God). Though Muslims are taught to love Christians & Jews (people of the books) most Christians believe in 2 Gods (father&son) Jews believe that Jesus(May peace&blessings b upon him) was a bastard child. Though both views are sadly wrong we are not supposed to argue about beliefs so you won’t find many defending Islam. But most importantly it is a very big difference between radiculs extremist & true Islam. There are Christian & Jewish extremist radiculs rapest murderers ect but we don’t say this is what Christians or Jewish culture is based on. Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the bunch because true Muslims practice peace & we hate terrorism just as everyone else does it is over 1billion Muslims if our religion was based upon killing & war there would be no one left in the world but Muslims. The constitution of America was written based upon muslim law & Washington in 1935 named the Prophet Muhammad as 1 of the greatest law givers of the world. May peace & blessing be with you & may you be guided to the truth.

  • Practice Sharia law in your home country. Practice your RELIGION here if you like.. we have freedom of RELIGION. Sharia ‘LAW’ has absolutely NO PLACE in America. We have the U.S. Constitution. That is the ONLY law of the land. That is American law.PERIOD. Americans will never give in to the horrific tyranny of radical Islamist “Sharia law”. Never.

  • Fascinating debate in the comments. Get our facts straight hm? OK, Lets do. Mohammad (Peanut butter under ham) got beat by his uncle, worked for his aunt, wandered into a cave where he claimed to have met the Angel Gabriel. He returned and presented his new religion where everyone was equal, Muslims, Christians and Jews. This went along well until the Caliphs broke the treaty of Mohammad (peanut butter under ham) making them the first apostates of Islam. Next the Caliphs violated more of the original tenets of the original “peaceful” religion by raiding anyone else that disagreed with them. Since Mohammad (peanut butter under ham) got a share he went along with it, making one modification to save the original “peaceful” religion, a tax on the other people of the book…those other 2 books of Islam that Muslims don’t read…ahem the old and new testaments? Yeah those. But let us skip over all the murder, robbery, rape “You do that?” (yes, I’ve read it all), misogyny and so on and skip to Aisha’s prophecy. “Allah changes his mind to suit your needs.” Between 60 to 160 years after Mohammad (peanut butter under ham) died. The Caliphs began picking and choosing, editing and selecting, with the final version suiting the needs of the last Caliph who burned all other editions. What is left? A 14th century version of the last Caliph’s to finalize the Koran preferred way of conquering the world. Peaceful religion my Rosy Red Royal Hawai’ian. You can’t hide the truth. But you can do what the Christians and Jews did. Cast aside the Caliph’s version, revert to the original Gabriel’s teachings of equality and quit using the Buddhist Moon Goddess as an excuse because you covet your neighbors stuff, wife, daughter and house. Oh, didn’t know that the Black Rock in Mecca once belonged to the Buddhist Moon Goddess Allah? It’s in the history books. Look it up.