Billy Graham’s grandson: evangelicals ‘worse’ than Catholics on sex …

Basyle "Boz" Tchividjian from Liberty Universtiy School of Law speaks during a panel titled "Investigating Religion: The Continuing Story of Clergy Abuse Beyond Roman Catholics" at the Religion Newswriters Association Conference in Austin on Thursday (Sept. 26). RNS photo by Sally Morrow
Basyle "Boz" Tchividjian from Liberty Universtiy School of Law speaks during a panel titled "Investigating Religion: The Continuing Story of Clergy Abuse Beyond Roman Catholics" at the Religion Newswriters Association Conference in Austin on Thursday (Sept. 26). RNS photo by Sally Morrow

Basyle “Boz” Tchividjian from Liberty Universtiy School of Law speaks during a panel titled “Investigating Religion: The Continuing Story of Clergy Abuse Beyond Roman Catholics” at the Religion Newswriters Association Conference in Austin on Thursday (Sept. 26). RNS photo by Sally Morrow

AUSTIN, Texas (RNS) The Christian mission field is a “magnet” for sexual abusers, Boz Tchividjian, a Liberty University law professor who investigates abuse said Thursday (Sept. 26) to a room of journalists.

While comparing evangelicals to Catholics on abuse response, “I think we are worse,” he said at the Religion Newswriters Association conference, saying too many evangelicals had “sacrificed the souls” of young victims.

“Protestants can be very arrogant when pointing to Catholics,”  said Tchividjian, a grandson of evangelist Billy Graham and executive director of Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE), which has investigated sex abuse allegations.

Earlier this summer, GRACE spearheaded an online petition decrying the “silence” and “inattention” of evangelical leaders to sexual abuse in their churches.

Mission agencies, “where abuse is most prevalent,” often don’t report abuse because they fear being barred from working in foreign countries, he said. Abusers will get sent home and might join another agency. Of known data from abuse cases, 25 percent are repeat cases, he said.

Still, he says, he sees some positive movements among some Protestants. Bob Jones University has hired GRACE to investigate abuse allegations, a move that encourages Tchividjian, a former Florida prosecutor. “That’s like the mothership of fundamentalism,” he said. His grandfather split with Bob Jones in a fundamentalist and evangelical division.

“The Protestant culture is defined by independence,” Tchividjian said. Evangelicals often frown upon transparency and accountability, he said, as many Protestants rely on Scripture more than religious leaders, compared to Catholics.

Abusers discourage whistle-blowing by condemning gossip to try to keep people from reporting abuse, he said. Victims are also told to protect the reputation of Jesus.

Too many Protestant institutions have sacrificed souls in order to protect their institutions, he said. “We’ve got the Gospels backwards,” he said.

Tchividjian said he is speaking with Pepperdine University, a Church of Christ-affiliated school in California, about creating a national GRACE center.

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Sarah Pulliam Bailey is a national correspondent for RNS, covering how faith intersects with politics, culture and other news. She previously served as online editor for Christianity Today where she remains an editor-at-large.


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  • I am a survivor of 10 years of sexual abuse at the hands of my preacher father. I have now become an advocate for victims of abuse. For years I have been saying that when the full scope of the abuse within the evangelical church comes to light, the Catholics will pale in comparison. I have talked to thousands of abuse victims and it would shock you how many are preacher’s kids, missionary kids and kids who have grown up in evangelical homes. The problem with tracking these numbers is because the evangelicals don’t have the hierarchical system that the Catholics do. Abuse victims can’t take it “up the chain of commend” because so many of these churches have no accountability. I seriously warn evangelicals about gloating over the Catholic scandals because our day is coming and it ain’t going to be pretty when we see what has been swept under the rug for decades. God is cleaning his church and this is a day that I have long prayed for. May every pedophile and predator preacher be exposed and may our churches become safe havens for the brokenhearted.

  • Look up the statistics from American insurance angencies number of cases. Secular organizations come in first for abuse, with nearly 5 times both Protestant and Catholic. Prot. churches comes in second for around 1.5-2 percent more than Catholic abuse cases.
    Also, the sheer majority of abusers in the latter two are the laity, not pastors or priests.

  • It sounds to me like you are “invested” in such sin being uncovered within evangelical churches. I cannot imagine how one could participate in church teaching or leadership knowing that they were guilty of such an obvious failure to practice the life Christ calls us to.

  • If GRACE is doing more to rehabilitate and reform behaviour then that’s good, but just being a police and political presence in the Church is something else..

  • Hi Kevin, @ 9:51am you wrote, ” I cannot imagine how one could participate in church teaching or leadership knowing that they were guilty of such an obvious failure to practice the life Christ calls us to.” My friend, it is precisely this inability in believers to “imagine” such failures (sins and crimes) as existing concurrent with the practice of Christian ministry that enables and attracts sexual molesters and pedophiles to churches, esp. independent churches with no external authority/accountability structure that might intervene. Tragic, but true!

  • Judaism has now been found to have rampant child sex abuse within their midst, too, as evidenced by the numbers of abuse claims being made throughout Europe, Australia and the USA. Maybe the problem lies with Abrahamic religions; if all of these people who pray to and fear “Yahweh” have no problem raping children or allowing others to do so without reporting it, there HAS to be a defect with the religion itself.

  • I don’t go to church anymore. It is not a safe place for abuse survivors. I watched a documentary on TV about an elderly pedophile and he was talking about how he abused kids. The reporter asked him, “now that schools have gotten so sophisticated on recognizing abusers, is it hard to find kids now?” He did not miss a beat and said “Oh no, we are targeting churches now. It is great, the people there are so stupid. They welcome you with wide open arms and they are always looking for volunteers in their children’s programs.” I have to agree with him – church people are stupid. They hide their heads in the sand and leave their children easy targets for predators.

  • Hi Pete, @ 10:26am you wrote, “If GRACE is doing more to rehabilitate and reform behaviour then that’s good, but just being a police and political presence in the Church is something else..” I think GRACE is about identifying, protecting, and representing victims more than rehabilitating/reforming molesters. Also, at this point, it appears to me that the police do a better job of protecting victims than the church has done (this is certainly true in my experience), so we (the church) may not be able to do that until we’ve cleaned house, and purposefully trained ourselves to address this tragic issue of sexual abuse in our churches. Does that seem a fair point to make?

  • What you’ve demonstrated in referencing statistics is simply that secular organizations report abuse at a higher rate. What you have implied (without support) is that abuse occurs more frequently within secular organizations. The two claims are entirely separate.

  • It matters not whether Priest, Preacher, Teacher, Evangelist or Missionary to a foreign or domestic field, God hates ALL sin by all groups. It is not Protestant Vs Catholic or any other. “For we war not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers,against the rulers of dakness of this world.” Jesus Christ came to set us free from ALL sin of all types. Do you gloat when a Baptist is found in sin? A Catholic? Any other? Shame upon you! Sin is a stench in the nostrils of a Holy God. It must be exposed, but not to get one up on some other faith, but because we detest what it does to the human race. Every sin, no matter how small in our own eyes has world wide repercussions. If unrepented of, it has the same eternal penalty with no recourse. I grew up in a alcoholic home and that had life time repercussions upon me and 4 brothers and sisters, as well as our mother and alcoholic dad. How many out there are justifying your imbibing in a little wine? A little of the hard stuff? There is a clear warning in several places in God’s word about this. Why is everyone focused upon sexual sins, and not all of the others? Each has equal repercussions if unrepented of. Are you sinning? Am I? Let’s do a inside inventory. Be honest! God reads minds.

  • This is what we do…we gaze theologically at our bellybuttons asking silly questions like “I wonder who is MORE guilty, Catholic or Protestant?” when poor suffering souls like Linda M. Fossen discontinue attending. People like her will no longer experience God’s blessings of fellowship with others that truly love them. That is the real loss. We need to be praying that God protect our people, children and adults, and that He miraculously restores them to experience His grace and mercy in our lives. I feel for these victims. But, it was God who said “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.” God’s exacting wrath will fall heavy these monsters.

  • No, the religions are not the main area of abuse. In the USA alone the abuse of children in public schools is estimated by socio/psycho industry professionals to be 100 times that which exists in the now-past Catholic Church abuse scandal of the 1970’s-90’s.

  • In discussions about sexual abuse, someone is always sure to say secular organizations supposedly abuse at a higher rate than religious ones. Apparently this kind of thing is supposed to shut down the whole conversation by saying “there are others worse than us so there’s no need to talk about our problem at all”. But point is that religious institutions shouldn’t have the problem at all, period. It shouldn’t even be possible compare how bad the problem is between religious and secular institutions because it shouldn’t exist in religious ones (and certainly not in secular ones either, but I’m focusing on religion here). This is probably too idealistic, but aren’t Christians (such as myself) always claiming that belief in Christ results in a changed life, a better life? Shouldn’t churches–certainly church leadership–be trying to model that “better life” we’re always going on about? Churches are still made up of broken human beings, no matter how sincere their belief. But for so many churches to simply ignore or tolerate sexual abuse as normal operating procedure pretty much says they don’t really believe in all that quaint stuff like charity, love of neighbor, humility, etc. More cynically, I feel like churches too often ignore harmful behavior while still using the “Christ can save you” teaching as a profitable line to feed potential buyers–excuse me, “followers”–of Jesus. Perhaps as long as the customers come in and buy the product, the moral state of the sellers doesn’t matter that much . . ? I’d appreciate being convinced otherwise, please.

  • Ive read that too. Islam is considered to have institutionalized abuse as it is not only a very closed group, but infiltrators have said it is not reportable. Reporting it would be to invite anything from more abuse, to threats to death.

  • Many years ago I had a neighbor with two children who was borderline retarded. She told me that she had gone to a pastor of an evangelical church she was at that time attending and told him that she loved him (i.e. she had a crush on him, I suspect.) Anyway, since they were alone in his office, he promptly raped her. She had not expected that, nor did she desire it. Now I know this is just hearsay, but I would argue that the same naievete that caused her to make a declaration of love to the pastor would make her inventing such a story unlikely. I was friendly with her for many years and “mental transparency” accurately describes her.

  • It’s a problem with humanity itself and stems from original sin. The problem has been magnified over the last 50 years or so because of sexual ‘liberation’ and the promotion of complete sexual license and amorality along with the notion that “If it feels good, do it.” when this sexual license is preached then those with aberrant sexual perversions feel justified in seeking out their own sexual pleasure at any and all costs. In short, we’ve all invited this tragedy into our lives and the lives of our children.

  • The Catholic abuse scandals are nowhere near being “past”. In the far future, 100’s of years from now, the Catholic Church will say of these times: The chasteness, devotion and piety of our clergy was falsely attacked by Satanists, government, atheists and enemies of Jesus. Our flock successfully rallied to the defense and further glory of the Mother Church.

    This is what they will LIE about, for all time. Catholicism is a CRIMINAL organization.

  • I wish there were a cite to the national association of insurers and the report in question. I would like to go right to the source. As for Mr. Graham’s grandson speaking out on this issue, it is a sad commentary no matter how you look at it. I can say now, at least, the Catholic Church in North America may be the safest place you can leave a child as no clergy, teaching staff or lay council members are permitted to be in contact with minors (and NEVER alone) with going through the VIRTUS training and process (background checks, fingerprinting, monthly articles you must prove you read and answered questions on, etc.).

  • So Linda , only clergu committ sexuel abuse now. Where did you get this evidence.But according to Charol Shakeshaft, the researcher of a little-remembered 2004 study prepared for the U.S. Department of Education, “the physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests.”

    After effectively disappearing from the radar, Shakeshaft’s study is now being revisited by commentators seeking to restore a sense of proportion to the mainstream coverage of the Church scandal.

    According to the 2004 study “the most accurate data available at this time” indicates that “nearly 9.6 percent of students are targets of educator sexual misconduct sometime during their school career.”

    “Educator sexual misconduct is woefully under-studied,” writes the researcher. “We have scant data on incidence and even less on descriptions of predators and targets. There are many questions that call for answers.“

    Now by any chance do you send your children to school, or like yourself who is absent from Church, are your children absent fron school.
    and are schools so safe.

    Maybe you should be more carefull in believing some evidence from a paedophille, after all do you think that he was stupid enough to tell the truth about where he targets for his victims
    Maybe you might reveal the name of the TV programme.just to alay the idea that it was a figment of your imagination

  • Considering the amount of religious people murdered for their beliefs by your atheist brethren in the Soviet Union, China, North Korea and other places, I think you have a brass necjk ridiculing believers and hiding behind a ridiculas name that would do W S Gilbert proud

  • I believe in God because of my observations into His creations. Since His creations are designed, I believe in The Great Intelligent Designer. Now there is nothing “mythical” about my God since He walked on the earth over 2000 years ago. However, why don’t pray to the god of “RANDOM MUTATION” and ask “IT” to reveal to you the locations of the “TRANSITIONAL SPECIES”. Well where are they? Don’t have a comeback, clown? Since your CLOWN “theory” is being demolished by the scientific community at this very moment, you need to shut your mouth and go to an atheist blog and chit chat about your FAILED theory. Troll!

  • About this article and the universe of issues related to it, i.e.; adultery, fornication, divorce, sexual abuse, et al, I believe the reason ALL of this happens is simple to understand. And likewise, the ANSWER to all of this is simple to explain, but hard to understand, believe, apply, and to put in practice. TH PROBLEM WHY humanity, secular and religious, is plagued with sexual sins and abuse? 1) God created all of us and made a divine plan for sexual pleasure and reproduction: a man and a woman. Simple, understandable, biblical. It came for God. 2) When a husband. . .or a wife. . .or both decide that they will NOT follow God´s plan and blueprint for sex, sin enters in a million different ways. . .and we all know that the wages of sin is death. 3) Conclusion: God made a plan and if a man and woman will live within His plan, sin is defeated and this couple will experience all the pleasure and good that God want to bless them with. SOLUTION: 1) Get saved, baptized, and join a good Bible-teaching God-honoring Church, first and foremost. 2) LEARN all that God says about how to be a loving, godly, and Christ-like husband. Wives, LEARN all that God says about how to be a loving, godly, Christ-like wife. 3) Remember God´s divine order for humanity: God, husband, wife, kid 1, kid 2, kid 3, dog, cat, rat, turtle, goldfish. 4) Remember that EACH SPOUSE should GIVE 100% and EXPECT 0% from the other spouse, i.e.; the husband GIVES 100% to his wife and the wife gives 100% to her husband. 5) Learn what ¨making love¨ really means. . .to love your partner even when you don´t want to or are not in ¨the mood.¨ 6) REMEMBER THIS: if a man in marriage is HAPPY in every area of the marriage. . .and the wife is HAPPY in every area of the marriage, THERE WILL BE NO DIVORCE, ABUSE, HOMOSEXUALITY, FLIRTING, PORNO, nothing! DIVORCES HAPPEN BECAUSE ONE OR BOTH ARE NOT GETTING WHAT THEY WANT AND NEED OUT OF THE MARRIAGE. IF BOTH UNDERSTAND THIS, LEARN WHAT TRUE GODLY MARRIAGE IS, AND COMMIT TO EACH OTHER TO MOVE HEAVEN AND HELL TO MAKE THE MARRIAGE WORK, the congratulations!!!!! You both will be able to honor that part of your marriage vows when you said to each other, ¨Til death do us part!¨ God bless you!!!!!

  • con o sullivan you mean how the religious people massacred people during the crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the Native Americans, Holocaust, and the wars of Ireland. Or how about how they are killing and massacring atheists in Africa, or the bombing of abortion clinics.

  • I stopped attending church on a regular basis when the evangelical crazies started taking over that doesn’t mean I don’t experience God’s blessings of fellowship. I simply take my fellowship away from the church. Don’t presume that her faith in God is shattered, it seems to me her faith in Man has shattered and is probably not repairable.

  • Dear a Prolifer: I´m so sorry to hear this story, I hope both parties can biblically deal with the aftermath of this terrible and horrific situation. For those in the Ministry and others who are reading this, I have 2 solutions for this problem, both of which are mainly for a pastor or Church staffer, but would also apply to ANY Christian man. SOLUTION: 1) In the Church offices, including the pastor´s (!), the door from the outside that leads into his office, should be a GLASS DOOR! It can be closed for private conversation, but, everyone outside of that office should be able to look inside the entire office AT ALL TIMES, to see exactly what is going on inside that office with the pastor and any counselee, visitor, or any other woman who is NOT HIS WIFE. 2) Then, away from the Office with the glass doors, in every other place not his office, anywhere, anytime, EVERY PASTOR, CHURCH LEADER, STAFF PERSON, AND ALL OTHER CHRISTIAN MALES SHOULD NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER BE ALONE WITH A WOMAN WHO IS NOT HIS WIFE, INSIDE A CLOSED, PRIVATE ROOM FOR ANY REASON. Our flesh is weak. . .and it just takes a couple of minutes for all hell to happen. DOES THIS SOUND STRANGE OR SILLY TO YOU? Why not ask this lady who was raped in the Pastor´s office. Ask her what she thinks about what I´ve just said. You might be surprised!!!! I would bet a week´s wage that she would have given ALL THE TEA IN CHINA if that Pastor who raped her would have had a glass door for his office and that there would have been total accountability for HIM in that situation. God bless you!

  • I think the numbers of reported abuse cases in churches is low and I say this for a number of reasons. 1. We trust those we worship with be it preachers, deacons, teachers, or even just our fellow members. 2. Have you seen what happens when a young woman comes forward in this country to report rape? What do you think would happen if she came forward with an allegation of rape by, say, her youth director? Exactly. 3. Often abuse is not reported to authorities because the church claims a higher authority. 4. Victims are often made to fell that it is their fault and that they are the sinner not the abuser.
    So do I think the number of actual abuse cases in churches is high? Yes, yes I do.

  • Sorry but that is a load of BS. Total and utter BS. Not only does it not pertain to the article at all, but it is a bunch of crap.

  • At Ogden Lafaye…Go away troll. Folks here are trying to discuss a serious issue. You don’t belong in this discussion.

  • Sexual sins in church, whether Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Jehovah’s Witness, etc…,,,,,,,,, all stem from one source — the lack of focus o God and what God wants. Too many people in general and in ministry are caught up in the “self”, including materialism, alcoholism, fornication, adultery…., etc…… in my world, I try to spread honest “agape” love, as God would want me to, to all that I interact with…. Too many people in religious authority are not that way, and especially when they encounter vulnerable people, like children or adults wounded as children, for example, the sin can easily follow….. As Christians of all kinds, we need to focus on Jesus, and anyone of true saintly example who has ever lived…For others, your understanding of what God truly wants of you should show you the right path… Do not automatically assume teh holiness of people in charge of a religious setting….

  • Val, such vitriol! You must be having a bad day. Look, the REASON all this ¨crap¨ in the story happens if because those involved are out of kilter with God´s plan for sexual pleasure that HE INSTITUTED in the Garden of Eden. Now, you may think this is all crazy, but, what really helps EVERYONE, including you and me, is to realize the REASON why many of whatever religious stripe SIN! So that´s it. If you can´t see it or agree with this premise, then live your life by doing whatever and believing whatever that is right IN YOUR OWN EYES. Have a nice day.

  • Kevin, with all die respect, you don´t get out much, do you??? This stuff is ALL OVER THE PLACE and UNDER THE RADAR SCREEN!!! Just because those involved are good in hiding their sins, does not mean that it´s not there. Trust me, ask ANY PASTOR if what I have said is true. . .and you´ll see. Hey, I´m not against you. . .it´s just I´ve seen A LOT that has happened everywhere the last 60 years!
    Have a nice day.

  • People were wrong to be outraged by the priest abuse scandal if the reason for their outrage was the notion that there was something singularly sick and weird about priests that made them alone commit crimes against children, or if they believed there was something unique to bishops in possessing an institutional instinct to cover up the crimes, and perpetuate the victimization by attacking the victims. As our school system keeps demonstrating, there is nothing uniquely Catholic about this. All institutions behave this way.

    On the other hand, people were absolutely right to be outraged by the priest abuse scandal because the Church’s response to priestly abuse was not unique but average, like the average response of all human organizations to such crimes. Why single the Church out when the average response of schools or the military, or corporate cultures is also to let the same things go on and commit similar coverups? Because, blast it!, the Church is the Body of Christ, that’s why! It’s. Not. Supposed. To. Be. Average. It’s. Supposed. To. Be. Holy. Those to whom much is given, much will be required.

    A quote from Catholic mark shea

    Evangelicals should learn from the mistakes of the Catholic Church and NOT repeat them.

  • I disagree totally in his assessment and can say 100% assuredly that the true Church of the Lord has never molested anyone, and can not, for the Lord himself keeps them. Many out there hiding behind the robes of goodness to satisfy their vile cravings. He like many need to differentiate between what is true and what is false, but thats the plan. Peter said it well; Many will follow their evil teaching and shameful immorality. And because of these teachers, the way of truth will be slandered.

  • It really isn’t important which church has the most abusers. The sad fact is that in many instances money crimes are deemed more important than crimes against children. Court sentences bear that out. It is also a fact that predators must have access to your children in order to abuse them.In most cases a family member, friend or neighbor is the abuser. Predators also seek employment or social activities which give them free reign with children. Many of them do attend church with the express purpose of targeting children. Back in the day, most children were supervised by a parent at all times. Momma was home after school. Of course, our desire for a better life for our children has left them vulnerable to predators. It has been a trade off and sadly our children have paid the cost for a more prosperous lifestyle. Argue all you want, but I have gone from a childhood where we could play outside without a guard even after dark to an old woman who worries when she sees children outside alone. The world has changed and certainly not for the better. We have turned from God and basic morality to animals who prey on others without blinking an eye.

  • Y’all ought to see this:

    Here’s why it always “seems” the Catholics are the biggest offenders. They are the big target. Everyone knows who the Catholic Church is. No one knows who Auburn Missionary Baptist Church is; The Catholic Church has a paper trailed hierarchy, thus you can go up the food chain to find money for liability claims. They pastor of Auburn Missionary Baptist Church lives on the property, runs the place with his wife and answers to no one. He’s broke. He quietly goes off to jail, his story on the back page. The Catholic Church gets sued for 8 figures so that in and of itself is news. Plus, who doesn’t want to see the big dog get knocked down a notch or ten. Makes page 1. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of Auburn Missionary Baptist church cases no one hears about. This is why is always “seems” the Catholics are the big predators. I’m Baptist and I can tell you that Satan’s plan is working out perfectly.

  • Whether it is us Catholics or Protestants who are worse is irrelevant when compared to the hellholes some public schools are.
    Even the NY Times- in one Front Page story- admitted that public schools in NY were rife with abuse when compared to any Catholic situation.
    But that was the end of their interest in the public schools and abuse.
    Public schools abuse problem is far, far worse for two big reasons:
    First, the media protects public schools and does virtually no investigative reporting on abuse problems and cover-ups (Even after admitting that the public schools even have a slogan for sending abusers from school system to school system. They call it “moving the trash along.”
    Second–public school students and parents are forced to attend public schools–there is no choice in education unless one is fairly well-to-do. The law demands it. No one is forced to be involved in any religious school by force of law.

  • What a lot of folks don’t realize, no matter what religious affiliation or secular, the lust virus has been turned loose on society. Lust does not recognize socio- economic, ethnic, religious, boundaries. It is more powerful than herion, alcohol, weed, pills or cocaine.
    What is real is every human being walking this earth is a walking pharmacy. It has been proven that when a person is in a lust trance the brain produces opiate type chemicals, thus the insataible desire to cross the line into sin, no matter the consequences. Satan is using the vice that is the most prowerful means to enslave people, lust; i.e. pseudo-sex.

  • This is very true, and I am so sad to hear of your victimization, Linda. You are courageous to speak out and help others heal. I work for the Catholic Church in a large archdiocese and we require every volunteer and employee to have Level II fingerprinting, and to attend the VIRTUS training sessions. At every VIRTUS session, someone usually approaches the facilitator at the end and shares their story of sexual abuse. It’s all over. May God forgive us all and heal us all. May He protect the children!

  • It is very understandable for people to think Catholic priests are most vulnerable to sex abuse because of the discipline of celibacy. Likewise the nature and mission of the Church is never objectively communicated or understood nor some Christians having the desire to understand our faith which is mystical, sacramental, transcendant enduring 2,000 years.

    The reality is the contracepting world has sexualized people to suggest a degree that it is difficult to believe there are people out there who can renounce everything for the Kingdom of God just as in the first 300 years of Christianity –the many martrys who laid down their lives for Christ rather than serve paganism and the flesh.

    The Church is rid of false priests who did not have a true vocation, who were among those ‘stars’ swept away by the world’s allurements of the 20th Century Great Apostasy.

  • All over the world, there is tremendous amount of sex abuse, enslavement, even murder. It is happening now even children under 12 raping children, hell on earth.

    On October 13, Pope Francis will reconsecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, most pure virgin and our Blessed Mother. If only the Evengelicals knew of her protection and care in persevering us in Christ and helping us withstand evil, Mary, the Great Sign.

  • The Lord is sweeping first His Church and then the whole world as a preparation for His coming. Let us welcome this phenomenon as cleansing graces are being poured upon those who repent. If today, we hear His voice, then let us not harden our hearts.

  • Linda , Your bravery is an inspiration to me. May God Bless you all the days of your life. I pray that you will find Peace and Happiness in this horrible world and find it to be a glimpse of the Eternal bliss we hope to receive in the Arms of Our Lord.

  • People should go to the internet, and find out how to pray the rosary.

    The rosary has four mysteries, the first beginning with the infancy of Christ at the Incarnation — Mary’s conception of Christ in the Holy Spirit. The next mystery that has five decades is the sorrowful, beginning with Gethsemane, and the ending at the Crucifixion. The next is the Illuminative — beginning with Christ’s baptism and ending with the Eucharist. The last mysteries are the Glorious Mysteries — beginning with Christ’s resurrection, then to Pentecost, and then Mary crowned in heaven for her ‘Yes’ to the Lord.

    The rosary is the small beautiful weapon, combined with our hidden and humility, Mary’s heel, to crush the head of Satan. There are more and more Protestants learning the rosary.

    Use it to pray for consecrated souls in the clergy, for Protestant ministers, and all those who publicly serve the Lord.

  • Perverts single out churches and other similar places because they know people are naive and gullible there and are more likely not to realize what is going on. Victims are carefully picked out who are weak and have low self esteem. Some perverts become clergy just to have access to kids. Some join organizations where there are kids around. I think a lot of these evils have prevailed because some people just cannot believe that a priest or minister can do “that.” However, there are many individuals who will go to any lengths just like an addict to get their evil lusts fulfilled. People need to screen better and put all clergy who come in on surveillance until one can be sure that he is not a pervert. When he is found out, he must be arrested immediately not later. Awareness can do a lot to cut out most cases from happening. Parents have to teach their children that sometime bad people do certain things and they must be on guard. Believe your child when he talks to you. Look into the case and always supervise your child at activities. It is too bad that we can’t trust people anymore but one cannot be too careful today.

  • Linda,

    So sorry to hear of the abuse you suffered. I pray as you do that those who have abused others will be disciplined and that justice comes to those who have been injured.

  • Ok, so as long as Catholics carry out more sexual abuse than evangelicals then you’re fine with that…

    Apostate Christianity is finally unveiled and shows its true face !

    I suppose evangelicals who believe that keeping the commandments is optional and that any sin or wickedness is automatically covered by their ‘saved ‘ condition – abuse must be easy.

  • You don’t see too much push back either by the public against the flourishing gay agenda into the schools, at younger and younger ages/grades. Children adopted into gay parenting don’t have a say in the different type of family setting they must grow up in either, and those groups, like Catholic Charities’ adoption agencies were forced to close if refusing such set ups. Obama pushes these agendas along with policies like forcing citizens to pay taxes for Planned Parenthood and even favored letting children intended for abortion who were born alive die without aid, even within hospital settings, some of which his mentor, Rev. Wright, was on the board.

    The secular study done re: the Catholic abuse history concluded that somewhere around 80% at least were cases of active homosexuals abusing pre adolescents/adolescents. It’s all been classified by the MSM as “pedophilia” while that real definition applied to a very small percentage, and those abuser types are labeled as incurable now. Several of the seminaries weren’t labeled “pink palaces” for nothing. The agenda took over just who was tossed out of formation and who went on to ordination, and moved up from there, within, into hierarchical positions therefore with the blackmail process as backup to protection. The atmosphere of the culture on the whole was developing, conveniently, of non-judging, and the “all inclusive”=”love” coercion against common sense faithful. Orthodox/traditional seminarians gave up their calling, at least for a time, due to the tactics against them and even being aggressively approached themselves. As long as this agenda continues to gain force, esp. within the law, the entire excusing of abuse and transfer within the whole public schools system and the traditional groups for child participation will go unpunished…esp. by the same attys who only looked for the easy groups with deep pockets.

  • And for all those good ‘saved ‘ folks who are in denial. This is Billy Graham’s grandson making this statement and also ask yourself why Bob Jones University has hired GRACE to investigate claims of sexual abuse.

    It was kind of apparent when the head of the evangelical alliance was unveiled as a lying pervert and drug abuser that beneath the whole thing was a sewer waiting to be uncovered.

    In case you weren’t sure, this is NOT The Lord’s Church.

  • The main issue in comparing sexual abuse in the Catholic vs. Protestant churches is the assumption many make, i.e. sexual abuse is due to the celibacy requirement for Catholic priests and religious. It is this assumption which has been proven wrong many times. Sexual abuse – whether “Catholic”, “Protestant” or secular is a crime of violence, an abuse of power, an issue of gaining control over another being, which is sexually expressed.

  • Thank you Valerie. I find that my faith is actually stronger when I am not associated with a church. Who would want to be associated with the church we have today. Every other week at least we have another pastor who is involved in a sex scandal. They don’t even step down anymore – they “rehabilitate” them in the pulpit. The church which is supposed to be a spiritual hospital for the brokenhearted, sick and downtrodden has become a glorified country club where everyone shows off their toys and tries to prove who is being more blessed by God. For any of you naysayers, you ask any abuse survivor what happens if they disclose their abuse in church. You are immediately marginalized and ostracized. They might pray once for you but it will be a stupid prayer about asking God to remove your memories. Last I checked God is not in the lobotomy business. Or they will run you to the altar and force you to forgive your perp. Then they never want to discuss your abuse again. When we go home and are confronted with the same pain in our hearts, we now feel like such failures as Christians and we end up feeling worse than when we went to church. If our abuser is someone in the church, you can almost guarantee that no one will confront them. “We don’t want to sow discord among the brethren”, they will say. In time, we learn that church is the last place to get help. So we go to secular therapists who are skilled to deal with our trauma but can never answer the gnawing question we have inside: “where was God when this was happening to me?” It is a struggle we will wrestle with God until we finally come to acceptance that not all our questions can be answered here on earth. We either chuck our faith in God or we become more solid in our faith. Thankfully, my faith grows stronger – but it is the work of the Holy Spirit in my life, certainly nothing I can take credit for.

  • Kathleen, if you believe that Pope Francis’ consecration of the world will help protect children, that’s just a bit discouraging at best. And please, don’t just wish that Evangelicals would “come back” to Catholicism, but rather pray for more urgent matters.

    Please pray to God that all those tempted would realise what sins they are contemplating, and that they would slip from Satan’s grip, and not let him have any foothold on their soul.

  • Agreed, Ben. 🙂
    Let’s encourage those who believe they are the “elect” in their Calvinist understanding of the mechanics of salvation actually live their lives in a way that’s worthy of the calling.

  • I think you may have missed the point, which is that many people, both Catholic and Protestant, both Christian and non-Christian, have assumed that sex abuse is much worse in the Catholic Church, since it has been the subject of most of the media coverage. If the first step toward healing is acknowledging the facts of the problem, it is necessary to explain that sex abuse is just as prevalent, if not more, within Protestant Christianity. We can’t solve a problem if we don’t believe it exists.

  • Ron, telling someone who disagrees with you that they must be “having a bad day” is patronizing, at the least. I think she made a good point, but in any case she should be able to express her opinion without you changing the subject and making it about her attitude.

  • I don’t think people who sexually abuse children do so because they have failed to focus on God. I believe they are, indeed, especially sick and evil people. Evil doesn’t always have horns and a tail. It often looks like your next-door neighbor. And yes, I believe some sins ARE worse than others. So does our criminal justice system, and so does The Lord, as evidenced in both the Old and New Testaments. The OT had death-penalty offenses, and the NT warns us that sometimes church members simply have to be put out and treated like tax collectors.

  • Please don’t do this, Kathleen; it isn’t the time or the place. We’re discussing sexual abuse in the church, and it’s helpful to stay on topic.

  • Dear Linda, I’m so sorry for what you went through. It is good to hear that you have used your tragedy to bring good to others, however. May God bless you and your efforts. You are in my prayers.

  • Tizy, atheistic totalitarian regimes have are responsible for the mass murder of millions — Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. The problem is not religion, it’s evil and the sinfulness of humanity.

  • It saddens me as to where this conversation is going. While I, a Catholic, would dearly love to bring Protestants home to the Catholic Church, I’m sure most Protestant Churches feel the same and wish us to join them. This article should not pit us one against another, but unite us in a common cause. The safety of our children AND adults who are abused by someone whom they trusted is the responsibility of all God’s servants. This immorality permeates every sector of society and none seem immune.
    It seems to this writer that the only solutions to the enormity of this problem are to drag them into the light of day no matter which sections of society are implicated and PRAYER, PRAYER, and MORE PRAYER not as Catholics, Protestants, Jews etc., but as the children of God.

  • Yes, when the true dimensions of abuse began to come out, following (apparently) on some post-war, government-commissioned, non-religious research, abuse was found ACROSS the spectrum, in public and private institutes, in major (Christian-denomination) religions, in families, schools and so on. Systematic cover-ups were revealed in schooling systems, hospitals, orphanages and government departments, with some offenders having a decade or two of ongoing negative reports, but just another ‘transfer’, no discipline, no remedies. The SPCC used to seek out cases. Fortunately, Boz has been brave enough to speak up very openly. I knew and heard long ago about child-abuse prevalence, at all levels, including Protestant faiths and non-denominational schools, so I KNEW that the anti-Catholic torrent of vicious media attacks was just part of one big wide media scam. In particular, enormous online criticism was hurled against Pope Benedict 16; a torrent of it. It used to dominate the web for days at a time (no accident), particularly Yahoo. Abuse was, shamefully, strangely, UNIVERSAL at least in this ‘modern’ period where marriage is seen (and early marriage even more so) as a hassle or a mere extension of romance. In fact, men and women were MADE (generally speaking) to be ‘married’; as taught universally in all cultures, with or without a religion behind it. And at the same time, some abuse ‘stories’ were being told just to create incredible damage for individual teachers, for guardians, counsellors and against very valuable youth movements, such as the real, old Boy Scouts, the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigades, and so on. How many people today just dismiss Baden-Powell as a ‘child abuser’, discrediting the incredible efforts he made to strengthen ordinary boys, both body and mind? And yes, I have known cases where a group ‘hushes up’ severe abuse, because of ‘opinion’, or a ban on harmful speech (not Christians in this case). How to deal with it? The Buddhists do teach that EVERY sin, ex: drinking alcohol/ spirits, or telling lies, leads along inevitably to every other sin. They have “Five Lay Precepts”, all linked together, whereas the Abramaic faiths have ten ‘commandments’. So yes, it is important to look at ALL of those things in ourselves, too. Thank you for your open-hearted comment.

  • I do not know, david, where you have taken such from my comments.

    There are a number of comments prior to mine that point to the many new regulations in ecclesial life safeguarding our children in our modern culture.

    Consecration is entrustment , protection from us destroying ourselves, whose papal, binding action reconnects us to God inspite of us. There will signs inthe sky up through 2015 that coincide with Jewish feasts, all this referring to our restoration.

    We are created with free will, but it takes grace to choose good. The prayers of the Virgin are most powerful because she was created full of grace. This reality has been communicated down through the universal Christian Church in the Latin and Eastern faith by Mary to believers.

    The Old Testament gave witness to the faith and lack of faith by the Jewish people. Our Lord’s death and resurrection is the greatest event of the universe in returning and restoring us back to God, and the Church became the public witness of believers revealing the same conditions and setbacks as our Jewish predecessors.

    Jesus is very big, big enough to forgive even those in the Church for its sins, all of them, forgiveness and restoration. Again non Catholics are oftentimes indoctrinated with a false context of the Church.

    God bless!

  • This affirms my prior comments as well. The celibate life is a church discipline first introduced on the late 300s in Spain so the clergy could totally focus on the Lords work. Eastern rites can marry, but some there admit they are divided in their service. The Latin rite could remain celibate although there are new discussions now consideding to lift it.

    What we have been witnessing in the past 20th century has been the Great Apostasy and evil trying to destroy the Church. We are now seeing many entering the priesthood.

  • True. Most cases were of homosexual nature and lay Catholics were aware of the number of homosexual priests, and most concerned There are also chaste homosexual priests who are faithful and not abusers serving today.

  • I did so to prior comments because there are numbers of Evangelicals who are indoctrinated about my faith and Mary. I demonstrated the mysteries all focus on Christ , and priests with devofion to Mary know her help in keeping them pure, particularly in ou American culture. Sorry for any offense.

  • Kathleen, you are naive. The Catholic Church is still accepting homosexuals in seminaries. Recently a known homosexual was admitted into seminary. When the bishop was asked about this he said,”They must be chaste for five years.” Sounds like he was fine with a homosexual becoming a priest. How do they keep track if the homosexual is chaste? Don’t they worry about his soul and the fact he will be tempted in an all male organization? Since we know pedophilia is done mostly by homosexuals just look at the Man Boy Love group, the Church is not protecting their flock but themselves and their business.

    The Church also has Dignity USA(look them up on the web) that promotes homosexuality in many of their local churches. Don’t tell me the Church is rid of false priests. Please, when I asked about heretical priests I was told by my Monsignor that there is ‘a shortage of priests’. In other words, they’ve got to keep the business running so they don’t get rid of ‘false priests’ whether they are homosexualy active or teaching heretical ideas.

  • Indeed the press did a ‘number’ on the Catholic Church and span the story (terrible things no doubt)..but they span the ‘priest story’ to make it appear that the catholic priests were all pedofiliacs when in fact the ‘true story’ was that the homosexual priest was having relationships with young men e.g 15/16..
    yes there were some pedofiliacs but not the ‘claimed’ percentages mainstream media was trying to throw around and unscrupulous lawyers (they’ve got to be in the thousands) were trying to get ‘into the act’..’big money to hit the Catholic Church’.. All I can say is that on that day when each one of us will be in front of Our Lord Jesus – the Truth in all its entirety and the ‘book of our lives’ will be opened. Noone can fool God– noone… so for those who have taken from our Church and lied in order to destroy her (as many have done and will do).. may God forigve their sin. I take my hat off to the good Cardinals, Bishops, priests, sister and religious who have remained faithful to their calling, day in and day out…. here and in very hard places in the world where they were sent and risked ‘and risk’ their lives. I’d like to see how many of us are willing to ‘go where we are sent without question’? worth thinking about when everyone picks up the stones!! may God have mercy on this generation and on each of us..and may we learn to be merciful and loving ‘first’ as Pope Francis just said in ‘America’…..

  • Everyday there is a new abuse scandal in the Catholic church here in USA and all over thw Catholic world. Graham’s grandson is naieve. I was 60 yrs. in the rcc ( out 12) and the sexual abuse gets worse every minute. Check a website called Abuse tracker. It’s all there , not just Catholic but mainly catholic all over the catholic world.

  • Oh come on. Your religion is inextricably tied to child abuse. Not only does it condone it, but it regards it as a holy act. Abraham was willing to KILL his child – and do so because your imaginary god told him to. Then your god figures “welp, the only way to fix the sin I inflicted on the world in the first place via that tree way back in my mythical Eden is to impregnate a woman engaged to someone else and then murder my own son.”

    It’s not a case of sin this, sin that, religion is good. It’s a case of religion is an awful, horrible lie that CREATES the abuse situations within its ranks.

    Wake up, people.

  • omg…. You have described exactly what happened to me. I’m atheist now and have severed all ties to religion. It was the most freeing thing. I will never be able to forget the shame and embarrassment of what a pastor did to me at age 12. the odd looks, comments about my developed body, and the pressure to never tell anyone else. Even the chrisian therapist who did nothing but scold me and tell me how great my mom was. she was partially responsible. but i couldn’t mention that. How could these “godly people” put blame on a 6th grader? Because they are indoctrinated and are more concerned with how things appear rather than helping the ones hurt most. Oh, and it was baptist of course. Women are at fault for everything in that cult. These sick monsters who prey on the weak, young, and timid need to be brought to real justice. The police. Not the church who will undoubtedly sugar coat the sin and spin the truth for the congregation so its easier for them to “forgive”.

  • Biblically deal with this??? Are you kidding me? she was raped by a pastor !! She needs real help from real professionals, not more religious crap told to her about how it’s somehow “gawds mysterious plan” for her life. While you give some reasonable preventive measures, what about screening your pastors before they come to your church? the options of professional therapy and having the police involved are not mentioned and are most necessary.

  • Wrong. The media does not cover up abuse of kids. It is even sensationalized especially when its a woman abuser, and there has been many. Note the recent Montana case where the male teacher served only 30 days after found guilty of rape of a 14 year old student. she committed suicide later. All media reports on these incidents because it is sensationalistic and news is about ratings, nice try….And no one should by law be forced to go to a religious school. keep religion in your home and church, not where my tax dollars go for everyone’s educational benefit. the constitution does not allow for a state mandated religion and you should be happy for that in the event that, say, muslims become a religious majority. ..

  • Kevin, your argument is a red-herring. Linda’s being invested doesn’t discount anything she said. Uncovering this sin is very important to the gospel. But I agree that no one should participate in a church where this sin was practiced or covered up. A church near me actually had a pedophile ring within the leadership, securing joint practice and cover-up.

  • Thank you for a well written article. While clergy child sexual abuse is horrific, another form of abuse in our churches that is being increasingly uncovered is clergy sexual exploitation of adults. Often times it comes after the clergy member has “groomed” a woman parishioner in a “counseling” setting, but not exclusively so. An excellent website that provides education and hope to adult survivors of such clergy exploitation is

  • Pope Francis stated he is ending the use of the title, ‘Monsignor’.

    All seminaries teach the discipline upholding celibacy, but that doesn’t mean a seminarian will later fall.

    My church is not a business. LIkewise I sympathize with all devout people who see their leaders fall, but that is an issue of entrustment to men and not to Christ, Who is the one High Priest, and is the source of life in our Church. Nobody owns anything. All of the Church belongs to God. You do a search and see what person owns the Church and reaps from it The Church is the greatest philanthropic organization in the world, exceeding any country, and these funds are administered outside the Vatican. People dont know that but stay with the spins.

    Our archbishop told a few parishes they were free as individuals to participate in a gay parade, but not use the Church flag. They did it any way, just as those priests who disobeyed the pope and bishops.

    Many priests and lay had complained to the Church about this gay network, pope paul VI alluded to it, ‘the smoke of Satan has entered the sanctuary’…Pope John Paul removed many bishops. Pope Benedict was removing a bishop a month during his short term.

    The seminaries fully train seminarians, but that doesnt mean things will work out.

    No matter how much regulations, tests examinations are done, in every social institution will have a 3% deviancy..they get through irregardless, the Church is no different.

    The more you study our faith and not the spin out there….Dignity has been banned, celibate Dignity upheld, you will find the Church does not promote or tolerate sin. You cannot force people to obey.

    Christ is the source of life in the Church, and He removes those who do not bear good fruit, and with our prayers, He calls those to follow Him.

    Smber of years ago, a newspaper in New York had a big campaign during Holy Week to decimate the Church. In Baltimore, MD, that Easter saw 1,000 converts come into the Church in spite of fallen priests and bad press. Over a hundred years ago, Pope Leo had a mystical experience that revealed to him that Satan would be given 100 years to destroy the Church from within, and the laity is called to pray and do penance for the priesthood, in part to protect them from the Evil One, but many of them have fallen for the world.
    The pope is no longer allowing any cleric to be given the title of ‘Monsignor’ again.
    My sister heard recently of a priest who went to visit the bishop of pakistan and had no idea of what to expect. He met with the bishop who was so full of peace and love, and told him he and they had no fear of death.
    Our seminaries are once again growing. My former archdiocese who had a former liberal archbishop prayed very much for new candidates and in 5 or 6 years 33 seminarians training for the priesthood.
    The priesthood is a sacrament. It is Christ Himself and not men Who is the life of the Church, not men. He will prune trees to bear more fruit, and those who don’t, He removes, and with our prayers gives us that which will give us life.

  • I am so sorry for what you have gone through. Such an abuse that you gone through shows the depth the veil of religion can hide, so evil.

    Do not put your trust in man…how so much harder for you…pray for you…

  • Likewise priests and woman religious woman informed the clergy are oftentimes hit on by women, and the struggles they have being chaste with the pornograhy.

    You can not target a class of people as being worse than another….it is every where….and then there are professionals who serve in the healthfields, in some areas rampant adultery destroying families.

  • 1. “We would be naive and dishonest were we to say this is a Roman Catholic problem and has nothing to do with us because we have married and female priests in our church. Sin and abusive behavior know no ecclesial or other boundaries.” Rt. Rev. William Persell, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago, Good Friday Sermon, 2002.

    2. “The three companies that insure the majority of Protestant churches in America say they typically receive upward of 260 reports each year of young people under 18 being sexually abused.” Last year there were 6 plausible cases involving Catholic priests. Six.

    3. % of Catholic priests who are pedophiles: between 0.2 and 1.7 %. Protestant clergy: 2 to 3%. Prof Philip Jenkins, Pedophiles and Priests.

    Lawsuit claims evangelical church hid abuse claims

    5. “Retired bishop Peter Ball arrested on suspicion of child sex offences” (13 Nov 2012). Rt Rev Peter Ball thought to be most senior Church of England figure to be arrested in connection with a sex abuse inquiry

    6. etc. etc.

  • Not so shocking. Actually, the problem is likely a lot worse that even this story suggests. It’s incredibly bad — especially but not only those overseas missions: too many extreme perverts.

  • The hyperbole of the accusations and the hysterical reactions are not helpful. They get us off the most important topics of 1. Prevention, 2. Healing. For forty years I have counseled and prayed for the victims of shock, trauma and abuse. To fight over who is better or worse misses the point. In fact, it can lead people to assume that healing is not possible. Angry denunciations lead to conclusions that victims cannot be healed. Every victim can be healed. Victims can become victors. Unfortunately, few if any congregations, denominations or organizations have Counselors well equipped to help the victims recover.

  • Tragic truth. Thankful people are speaking out. I just wish you folks would learn how to spell and write English.

  • This sounds like speculation and exaggeration. This is what happens when someone wants to make a point.

  • Thank you, Linda for your courageous testimony. I wholeheartedly agree with you and Boz Tchividjian that sex abuse in the evangelical/fundamentalist/charismatic churches. I grew up in a Chinese evangelical missionary church (fundie, in my view) in the New Jersey-New York area. I was sexually abused by a lay youth minister about thirty years ago. I was also asked by three church members (one was studying to be a missionary) to step forward and press charges because this person had also preyed on other young girls and women before being shuttled off in another sister church. I was fifteen at the time and also afraid. I’m no longer at the church but still have relatives there. I am no longer a believer but would still like to step forward. I do fear that the church will retaliate by ostracizing my relatives. I know the right thing to do is to step forward – esp. since other victims were involved.

  • Tchividjian is correct, objectively speaking. While I have written publicly my condemnation of abuse by Catholic priests and protestants, in passing, however, the secular world is worse than every other institution. For example, in the UK state school sector no govt would dare to have a public inquiry into student abuse as this would show the system up to be many times worse. There have been inquiries into abuse in the UK state care sector but reports have been shredded. Maybe it is similar in USA.

  • @ Mike. As was said and is investigated, the problem does not lie in Abrahamic religions. There is sexual abuse in all religions!
    Also in the secular world (i.e. non religious society), the percentage of sexual abuse of minors and other ages is much higher! Think of public schools, Boy and Girl scouts, Jehovah’s Witnesses, swim teachers (with no religion), etc…etc…

  • I wasn’t sexually abused, but spiritually abused…very long story. I got a divorce after 36 years of verbal and physical abuse; finally got the courage to get a divorce; Baptist church…told me that If I didn’t agree to “reconcile” they would take it before the church (what did they think I had been trying to do!!??), I fought the system for 18 months to try and stop the pastor (of disaster) from “counseling” any more women because 2 of them were suicidal (because of his “counseling” skills)….In the end (on my birthday, 9/29 10 years ago), my name was put up on a big screen, followed by the words: “Conduct Unbecoming a Child of God.” I stood in front of the congregation (Hester Prynne, anyone/) and said:”Wow, didn’t think this many people would show up to help me celebrate my birthday…..they were grim as heart attacks, I was smiling.

    I had been called to a meeting of deacons (15 “men”) not allowed to have a woman present with me and asked: “Are you still having sex with your ex?” I had allowed the x to live in my house for awhile after the divorce. THe x was never called to a deacons meeting…..HE was the abuser.

    Something positive came from the debacle:; my website with over 21,000 hits. I wrote about my life of overcoming (poverty, abuse, no father, molestation, eetc., etc…..) and won a scholarship and am a Sophomore at 67. All of the previous abuse was nothing compared to spiritual abuse. Feel free to e-mail me: [email protected]

  • To reasonandlogic, it makes me sad that you deny God, because of what man has done. God made us because he loved us and time after time, we disappointed him, yet he is still there for us, waiting for us to see the light and know that he loves us despite our weakness to do wrong. He just wants us to acknowledge our sins, ask for forgiveness and attempt do better next time. We were all given free will to either accept God’s grace or become the kind of people who molest children. It’s sad that so many chose to do wrong, but this is not God’s doing. Evil and doing wrong started with Adam and Eve and has been continuing since. It’s Satan’s will to draw you away from God and so far, he’s doing a great job, so it seems. God asks us to follow him and when you do, your life is truly free. To be an atheist is to turn your back on God and , deny he exists, which to me is not reasonable or logical, but that is a story for another day.

  • I feel its a matter of the so-called popular media focusing on the Catholic church that other abusers such as teachers and other chruches have not been reported.

  • What does gay or homosexual have to do with abuse? Abusers are the offenders– not a person’s sexual orientation.

  • There is something unique about sexual abuse; it not just like any other sin. Cultural. Religious. Always someone after your body from little girl on, in comments, and ogling, in media emphasis on appearance, and Scriptures, no matter the religion. All have an effect. I remember, as an adolescent– reading about the Old Testament father who answered the door finally, and because he couldn’t be bothered, pushed out one daughter for exploitation by the strangers, and later another daughter. The telling factor about sexual abuse is that it changes a person.

  • Said from an ivory tower. What if the marriage isn’t all roses no matter what? I remember when people stayed married for years and years and the children were reared in in alcoholic home while at church St. Paul was cited as advocating the woman stay because in the end he may be saved! Yeah, sure.

  • Warning your children is just words. If a child is craving nurturing and touching, and attention, any attention will do– for a while.

  • You are mistaken. Pedophilia is an offense of relatively few homosexuals, but rather mostly heterosexuals. Of ordinary men, and a woman here and there. Look at the bigger picture.

  • How romantic a notion. No, celibacy was not introduced so that priests could more efficiently focus on their job. It was instituted because married priests, when they died, passed their real estates to their children instead of to the church.

  • Hit on by women? Poor dears, they just can’t resist those needy, conniving women. No, a counseling situation implies a power differential, and the onus is on the counselor to not take advantage.

  • My husband and I availed ourselves of Christian marriage counseling, and it was so very unprofessional and amateurish in retrospect. More “devotion” to God is not always the solution. In fact, it only delays taking action.

  • He doesn’t know this. The whole Graham clan live in a bubble, and know only their own world– their profit-making, tax-exempt business empire disguised as the gospel. They fool themselves, but not everybody.

  • The ability to spell is not a function of smarts, or good thinking, but of education, or being a native speaker in some cases. You wouldn’t want people to not express themselves because they can’t spell, or their grammar is bad, would you? Try to listen to “what the spirit is saying to the churches,” as the old saying goes.

  • He would have first-hand knowledge of what happens in the “Christian mission field,” if anyone does, now wouldn’t he?

  • That a god, God, created us is a belief, not fact. Oh, wait. Allah did. Allah, which means al=the, and lah, God. The one and only God.

  • Linda M. Fossen,
    I am also a sexual abuse ‘over comer’, but mine did not happen in the church (although, I have heard about some cases that did). My main issue here is that we MUST take the ‘labels’ (Catholic, Protestant, etc.) off of this and say what it really is, “humans sexually abusing each other”.
    I get the feeling that it’s ‘told more often’ about the Catholic Church because ‘perhaps’ that’s what the public ‘expects’ (or is even used to), while other denominations are more ‘hidden’ because people don’t speak out or address it as much (my mom told me stories about black ministers, who’ve not only molested, raped, etc. but also made some of their congregants ‘pregnant’ as well)??
    As for “staying away from the church”, ‘The Body’ is actually considered to be the church itself, so what I’m asking is for those staying away, why not ask God/Jesus where ‘They’ would want you to be instead? I say this because NO ‘Earthly building’ is perfect and neither are the ‘humans’ who lead the congregations, but God/Jesus Are. Look to ‘Them’ instead and read ‘Hebrews 10:25’ and what it says about not forsaking the assembling of ourselves with ‘like minded’ individuals (who can help to boost us up in Christ when something goes wrong, with prayer). We can worship God/Jesus at home but it really isn’t the same thing. Will pray for you and others too. ‘We’re NOT alone’.

  • In 1965 ,I married my childhood sweetheart, A young Evangelist, full Gospel Independent Preacher. In 1969, I learned he was molesting young boys. I was devastated. He admitted ask forgiveness we traveled three more years together all over the US and overseas. When I would suspect , and I would question, He would say “Touch not my Anointed and do my PROPHETS no Harm. push me up against the wall,try to cast the devil out of me. After 9 years of begging God to save my marriage and change him, God change me to accept the things I couldn’t change. We divorced, 13 years later he was arrested and charged as the FBI’S number one Notorious Child Molester in 1987.He preached every day of his life , transporting young boys for child molestation. Our children and I faced rejection, shame, and pain imaginable.he served 20 years in Prison, for over 800 boys…….Today ,I still see the same protections for the pedophiles who are rampant in abusing our little ones. Jesus said suffer the little children to come into me….Where are we in this fight against child abuse ?Who are you protecting the child or the Abuser? We need to get it straight and protect our children.. Deny, Deny, is the game the pedophiles plays!!! and the threats on the abused to not tell , is and was his saying.. God allows me this relief, because i am a preacher of the Gospel..when a child is 6 years old, what do they know ? except to take the attention of quarters for pinball machine, game machine,Disney world trips, traveling the country,etc etc….Please lets Pray GOD hears our prayers for these little children!!!

  • I would say a dent in the comparison you ask for could start here My x was the FBI’s number one Notorious Child Molester in over 800 hundred young boys. in 1988. Read my post below.

  • I agree with you Linda and am sorry for what you’ve experienced. I was being abused by my spouse and went to my pastor for help. During counseling, before the leaders knew about the abuse, my pastor developed an attraction to me and crossed over into mild sexual abuse. When the leaders did hear of the relational struggles with my spouse the pastor led the charge for me to forgive my spouse, stay married, and not tell anyone we were separated. I had no allies to stand in court with me. The leaders joined my ex in pressuring me to agree to joint custody for the children. After many months I tried to tell the leaders the pastor had harmed me and they refused to let me tell them what happened. When I wrote a letter appealing to the group with authority over my church I quickly heard from the leaders that the pastor wanted to ask forgiveness. I attended a meeting with one other church leader present but was not able to bring my witness. After I accepted a sanitized, minimizing version of an apology they were surprised I was still considering pressing charges against the church. I was told if I pursued it that they would drag out every secret I’d confided during counseling. In the end I backed down, and I have guilt over this decision every day. I’ve tried to attend another local church in the same denomination and I have felt on several occasions that I’ve been slandered to the leaders of the new church. I’m trying to decide if I am going to have to sacrifice my theological preferences for finding a safe church home or stay in a church that has ties to the former church or to leave the church altogether! It is truly a miracle that I still have any faith remaining. There are serious problems in the church when abuse victims are asked to keep silent! It allows revictimazation to occur. And sexual abuse from a pastor is even more degrading to a Christian’s identity!

    I am taking counseling classes and plan to write a book hoping to help women maintain a strong faith when husbands and churches abuse them. I’m blogging about abuse this month since October is domestic violence month. I’m hoping I can open people’s eyes to the injustices and suffering going on in churches. I hope I can help point people to the source of compassion and healing.

  • That is an outrageous load of bull. Sexual abuse and exploitation of women and children has ALWAYS happened. It is worse in sexually conservative cultures because nobody talks about it, or does anything about it. I invite you to look outside your little world bubble and google Mennonite ghost rapes in Bolivia, or child sex slavery in India and the middle east. Sexual liberation has brought abuse into the light, because now people don’t have to worry about the shame of being ‘sexually impure’ and women don’t have to worry about being considered damaged goods and unfit for marriage. Your comment is ignorant and inflammatory.

  • Because abuse in the Catholic Church is mostly in the media, and has to do with mostly decades old cases, people assume that Catholics are worse than anyone. When you consider that the Catholic Church is far larger than any other Christian church….by far….and also a much larger clergy, by far, especially in past decades, and all over the world, the percentage of clergy accused, (and yes, some are falsely accused) will seem disproportionate .

    In fact, abuse knows no boundaries, and the majority takes place in families or by people known to the family. The Catholic Church in the last ten years or more is going to extraordinary lengths to protect children now, and in the meantime, priests who are not guilty of anything feel compelled to pull away from children, which is sad, but necessary, I guess.

    I have been in the Catholic Church since birth, went to Catholic school, had a very large family, and neither myself, nor my friends, nor my children, including the boys who were altar servers, have ever been abused. I have known a few priests who had affairs, or left the priesthood to marry, but only a couple.

    If Evangelicals are “Worse” , then it might be that their churches are smaller. Also, most Catholics are not afraid to speak up about this subject, it is the hierarchy that lagged. Not anymore. In most parishes, this subject is openly discussed. I feel bad for the victims, and the wrongly accused. And, in the end, our parishes have been made to suffer after so many worked so hard to keep them going. We are angry at what we have lost..

    Children should be protected everywhere.

  • Thanks for correcting the notion.

    It actually is secondary that a celibate priest is able to devote more time to the flock. Remember, Catholic priests have way more responsibilities than ministers. Mass everyday, usually funerals, confessions, anointing of the sick, weddings every weekend, parish fundraisers, on and on. Pastors used to be involved mainly with spiritual needs of the flock, but more and more are involved in administration.

    Since some parishes have up to 3-4 priests……if they are lucky….how on earth would the parish support all those families? Yes, we do have a few convert priests who are married, but most of them have grown families or are widowed. The resumption of the diaconate helps somewhat to ease the load, but it takes five years and the wife needs to be involved. Not too many couples are willing to commit to that.

  • Since March 2010 our family has been seeking justice for our two young grandchildren.They were sexually molested by the very own father and six other adults.Case went to proseution.With out the videos and picturs taken during these sexual assualts.Our ex-son will remain free.Even though in a civil court my daughter got full legal and physical custody of her children.The judge allowed as well. The last names of the children to be changed to our daughters maiden name.Thge lwed name changes on the children’s birth certificates too.Court appointed child phychologist
    . concluded what numerous professionals had concluded.This man is guilty! The children’s disclosures were consistent.Both of my grandchildren suffer from PTS.My ex-son inlaw willingly signed a civil stipulation giving up all rights to the children to my daughter.He did not want to go into the prosecution side of this case and try to defend himself against the numerous professionals awaiting to take the stand against him. My ex-soninlaw hides in God’s word and church’s works for various churches behind the cameras.Taping short films on Christians daily walk with Christ.The hypocritsey of this predators whole being in the churches makes me want to vomit!!! Still he is free to prey on children.Our family is completely broken.I want the churches to wake up and open their sermons up to addressing the thousands of wolfs in sheep clothing sitting in all our churches across this country preying on our children.While all the while pretending to be praying with them and for then.I am mad as hell at the loop holes in our judicial system that allows these perverts to remain free! Mad that our church leaders aren’t standing up and preaching the truth of the true face and nature of who these predators are.The very people we are entrusting our children to.Their are no words that I could type that would begin to describe our families pain and suffering.Child predators have become an global epidemic.Devouring our most precious resource.Our children.Their are no children immuned to this.Our family is large,loving,and close.We never saw this coming.We are nurse’s,teachers,doctor’s,lawyers,and yes preachers.My ex-son inlaws father is a minister.I am a nurse,mother,wife,and grandmother.I will cry in my grave over this.Our hearts are broken.I wrestle with the whys.Why God allows these people to dwell in his house and flourish.While we can barely keep our heads above the water.My ex-on inlaw is remarried to a woman in his church with two children.They had a baby girl a year ago together.Our case remains in the prosecution office.The prosecutor stated to my daughter,husbaand and myself that she knew he was guilty.His bad behaviour will catch up with him.I shouted out.At the expense of other children?She stated that unfortuntaely that happens sometimes.Without the child porn tapes and pictures the case would not stand up in the grand jury. Who, and how, can we make a difference to stop these hedious crimes against our children?That leaves our children forever scared and sentanced!
    Who ever reads our story.Help us make a change!!!!

  • A mythical sky-god hmm? What a clever way of putting it. I do see that verbiage now in use by the 2% of the nation that is atheist. So perhaps, we believe in sky-gods but before you claim some false sense of superiority, it looks to me like you folks seem to be sheep.

    If that bothers you, then imagine how we’re bothered when you can’t speak respectfully to people who have beliefs that differ from yours. The feeling is similar to what you, hopefully, are experiencing now.

    But that said, what I can never get a good answer from ..from an atheist is: How do you explain how nothingness caused somethingness? Even the God particle, which I can fully embrace, has a contingency.

    Science has not been able to explain it — and yes, I live in academia. So have a hand at it. Thomas Aquinas would love to hear your answer.

  • I have researched the problem of sexual abuse among Amish and conservative Mennonites extensively. The problem of sexual abuse is much worse than what most Christians have any idea exists. In some communities it is rampant. The cover up of sexual abuse by church leadership is very common. I am in the process of writing a book titled The Failure of the Great Amish and Conservative Mennonite Dress Experiment which describes the problem of sexual abuse, the Scriptural reasons for it and the solution. I have another article on the sexual abuse topic titled Doug Phillips, Vision Forum and the Bigger Picture that shows the pattern of sexual abuse that is happening in various denominations.

  • Stupidity is in throwing the baby out with the bath water. What Church doesn’t fingerprint Her volunteers these days? Sadly evil exits, and specifically for the purpose of leading people who are not stupid, but made in the image and likeness of God, away from God and His Church. Amen to the Catholic Church who has survived over 2000 years, not on people’s merits, but on God’s – despite our failures of human shortcomings.

  • Small letter gods and plural saviors are foolish. Fortunately God calls even his persecutors, like Saul of Tarsus, to be great saints. St. Paul is testimony that the last shall be first. There is hope!

  • To Ogden Lafaye

    It is indeed interesting that you profess to know what the Catholic leaders will say in the future. It’s funny that they’re not saying what you say they will say – now. Wouldn’t the proposed defense help more in the present? Or is it that, instead, the straightforward dealing with the truth, as painful as it is, is the most noble?

  • Hey religious people, this is why non religious people fear and hate religion.

    That’s just for the modern crimes. How about historical crimes.

    80+ million Hindus massacred by Islam in India 730 to 738.
    5,000 pagans slaughtered by Christians at the massacre of Verdun.
    Tens of thousands of pagans slaughtered by Christian leaders in the dark ages.
    millions of Africans enslaved and murdered by Christians.
    tens of millions killed by Islam’s wars of conquest through the Asia and Africa.
    Millions killed by the Islamic slave trade.
    Millions killed by the Jewish Israelites during the biblical wars.
    Tens of thousands of Christians killed by the Pagan Romans.
    Tens of thousands of Pagans killed by the Christianized Romans.
    Unknown but likely high amounts people killed by Israel’s harsh policies during biblical times in which all these acts were punishable by death.
    Millions killed by Islam’s repeated conquests of India from 1000 to 1500.
    around 2 million Jews killed by the Pagan Romans during the Jewish Civil War in the first century CE.
    250,000 to 500,000 killed by the Crusades.
    100,000 to 500,000 killed in witch burnings by Christians from 1000 to 1800.
    Hundreds of thousands of Native Americans killed by Christian missionaries.
    12 million killed by Christian Adolf Hitler during WW2.
    1.6 million Armenians killed by the Islamic Ottoman Turks in WW1.
    Unknown but high numbers of people killed by Islam’s harsh policies.
    Tens of thousands of Jews randomly killed by Christians during the Middle Ages.
    Millions killed by Christians and Muslims during the Spanish Reconquista from 700 CE to 1490.
    50,000 to 100,000 Protestants killed by Catholics during St. Bartholomew’s massacre.
    In addition to the previous atrocity, hundreds of thousands of Protestants and Catholics killed by religious wars with each other.
    Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions killed by the Islamic Ottoman Turks in repeated invasions of Europe lasting all the way until the end of WW1.

    I could keep going but I think you guys get the point. Non religious people’s dislike or contempt for religion is not just arbitrary. There’s a lot of reason behind it. Religion is responsible for crimes of war, murder, genocide, slavery, terrorism, and repression of all forms. Most crimes by so-called atheists are not done in the name of atheism but for political reasons. If you are going to count all communist dictatorships victims then I’m going to count every death caused by a Christian or Muslim dictatorship/king in history. In which case, 90 percent of the world’s violence would have religion to blame. Since most smaller wars during the religious eras were fought for political reasons however, and not Religious reasons this would not make sense. Religious wars are by far the worst though, they have the largest amounts of victims due to the hatred caused by differing religious opinions. Most atheists don’t give two craps about whether someone believes in a deity. It’s organized religion that most of us have a problem with.

  • “God is cleaning his church”, is that what “God” is doing?… or maybe religion, ALL religion, devotion to fantasies of imaginary gods and books of nonsense written thousands of years ago, IS the problem. Religion is a sickness on this world, the cure is to free ourselves of such fantasies and evolve as humans.

    “Religion: A force for Good in an Uncarding World” (hmm, maybe not. More like “Religion: Pure Evil and made-up fantasies to manipulate idiots for thousands of years.”)

    This is nice isn’t it? This is what Faith brings us (and Christianity has all the same and worse, murdering abortion doctors in the name of Jesus, and the parents below that were responsible for the death of the their children):
    By the way, this has happened a few times in the US, but *most* parents were let off as the courts agreed that they had their childs best interest at heart by praying. Religion is the sickest, foulest fantasy ever dreamt up by mankind. Good luck with that mental sickness. I am ashamed of the cesspit that you people turn this world into every day with your disgusting religions and comic book “Jesus” and “God” fantasies, instead of the beautiful world of being honest and moral that we would have without such fantasies…

  • I have often said where most of these horrible acts take place are in our theological, educational, and medical societies due to the fact we are geared to love, help and not pass judgement thinking we should cover instead of uncover.

    I am a nurse and the issues of evil that affects the physical are unbelievable. We cover it up with a pill, band aid, and surgery.

    I am a Christian and “yes” I have seen one jump from one ministry to another never to find freedom themselves let alone those who are bruised and wounded deeply by their acts of evil.

    When Jesus touched the demonic, he was clothed, sitting, and in his right mind. Jesus just did not cloth with having him sit, nor did He have him sit without being clothed and in his right mind.

  • I just want to say there is no such thing as “mild sexual abuse” ALL abuse is traumatizing; perhaps for life. I never heard a story like mine. I am working like a “Trojan” to bring about awareness of verbal abuse…..1 in 3 women will be physically attacked in their lifetime and it all begins with verbal abuse. Even after 10 years what happened to me because I divorced an abuser is still an open wound……voted out of membership with my name up on a big screen, followed by the words, “Conduct Unbecoming a Child of God.” called to a meeting of deacons (16 “men”) not allowed to have a woman with me and asked:”Are you still having sex with your ex?” No boudnaries. I fought the system for 18 months and in the end on my birthday (when they voted me out), I said, “Wow, i didn’t think this many people would show up to help me celebrate my birthday; they were grim as a heart attack, I was smiling. I welcome anyone contacting me if you want to talk: [email protected]…put churchabuse in subject line so I won’t delete it, thank you! Alice (Sophomore at 67 because I wrote about my life and won a scholarship.

  • I don’t see how yo u can hage prayer warrior and then accuse church people of being stupid! I assure you ma’am I am no fool. I am sorry to hear of your abuse at the hands of your spiritual leader pastor. Unfortunately you have bad mixed in with the good. My son was recently abused by another member in our church ( a teenager). I can’t begin to express how I struggle and grieve over my sons rape! We knew the kid and his parents well we fellowshipped in the same church together. We have left the church we lost relationships with other members who we thought loved us and I lost customers from my church as a result of my response to this. Apparently according to my pastor I did not handle this in a God honoring way. I was told to keep silent about it to other members and I grieved alone for several months. Even now my pastor will say it was a rape. He uses sexual assault which implies what my sons perpetrator has stated, that my son was a willing participant! That implication alone disturbes the depths of my soul. My son the victim whos very life which was threatened, his innocence murdered, and his sense of feeling safe had been robbed. He has now become the perpetrator and his perpetrator is the victim. His perpetrator and his parents sit in our church still and we have been the ones shunned by the very ones I trusted to love ky son. In spite of this we have found a church that my son feels safe in and who have welcomed us. I am on gaurd as is my child we will together do everything to keep this from ever happening to him again.

  • Kevin: Your comment is familiar to many abuse survivors. You blame the victims and condemn our desire to feel safe, to feel heard, and to protect others from going through the hell that we have gone through, while uttering not a word about our tormenters. If you have not endured physical, sexual, or emotional abuse by someone in a position of authority over you, then you should at least try to educate yourself before condemning us. It is thinking like yours that has led church leaders to worry more about the perpetrators and forcing victims to “reconcile” with their abusers and continue to allow them access to other victims.

  • Katie, WHERE did you get the mistaken notion that “Remember, Catholic priests have way more responsibilities than ministers…”? The tone of ‘remember’ is also disturbing. Maybe the duties are so different they should not be compared. How does it help this conversation? I will spare you my easily mede, strong, legitimate case to the contrary. Why not generously assume there are many devoted over worked servants in many churches.

  • It can be almost extremely difficult to find well-qualified men and women on this matter, nevertheless you come across as like you understand what you’re writing about! Gratitude

  • Perhaps because he prosecutes such cases?

    “Boz Tchividjian, a Liberty University law professor who investigates abuse”

    Nah, that couldn’t be it!

  • Interesting to see how many comments try set up the “us vs. them” narrative to try and distract, not discuss. This is a common tactic used by destructive churches, you will hear similar stories in the cult abuse forums where victims can relay their experiences to help others who are just starting to realize how destructive “doctrinal” churches are and that spiritual abuse is rampant.

    Here’s a typical example of how evangelicals “protect their own”. Many of the comments in this thread sound like they’re taken from the same thought reform script.

    Evangelicals are targeting children at public schools as well.
    Rape culture and evangelical culture collide at “God’s Harvard”

    A reporter details how the evangelical Patrick Henry College systematically failed victims of sexual assault

    Evangelical Christian clubs coming to Portland-area public schools, opposition says curriculum is ‘hardcore fundamentalist indoctrination’

    Right-Wing Christian Group Tried to Convert This City’s Kids — But They’re Fighting Back
    Child Evangelism’s efforts to convert kids is facing organized opposition

    Portland Protesting Evangelical Group

    The Good News Club In Portland Is Bad News

    Protect Portland Children

  • Linda, you have my sympathies. I share your hope that every pedophile be exposed and brought to justice wherever he (or she) may be operating.

    It is tragic that it has happened within so many churches, but with so many putting reputation ahead of justice, it is easy to see why churches are being targeted. (I am well aware that it is not just in churches that this is happening.) I see this as a lack of faith when any Christian thinks that they need to cover up abuse for the sake of Christ’s reputation. That is a cop out. Jesus does not need our protection. He wants us to stand up for the smallest or weakest of our members and protect them from such wickedness.

    In the Catholic Church, all those in ministry, not just priests, are required to attend special classes on abuse prevention so that we can recognize and prevent abuse from happening. Many of the steps help to ensure that the situations that could allow abuse to happen do not develop.

    The program in my area is called “Called to Protect” and included speeches from a number of convicted predators who went into detail how they were able to abuse children. What situations they looked for, what would have stopped them. I think that this particular program should be shown to all adults in the parish, and especially all parents. This won’t guarantee that abuse will never happen, but I believe that it will reduce it.

    Predators are very good at what they do. And many adults would not see it coming without any training on what to watch for.

  • I have seen what religion has wrought and what no religion has wrought. I will pick a country with religion over one without ever single time.

    Yes, there are abuses. Yes, there are some cases that are silly and even dangerous. Not all religion is equal, even if you chose to lump all of them together. But the worse situations are often not the result of faith, but the lack of it.

    In the name of no god, many have done far worse. Killed more, abused more, tortured more, all because there was no fear of a higher power or hell.

    Human nature is a mixed bag. There is good. But there is also bad. We have a whole generation being raised where many are not taught morality at all. NONE. NOTHING. NADA. ANYTHING GOES. That may sound cool to you now, but there will come a time where this lack of morality will catch up. There are consequences. Economic. Social. Political. It never ends well. It didn’t the last time.

  • research by Richard Blackman at Fuller Theological Seminary shows that 12% of the 300 Protestant clergy surveyed admitted to sexual intercourse with a parishioner; 38% acknowledged other inappropriate sexual contact. In a 1990 study by the United Methodist Church, 41.8% of clergywomen reported unwanted sexual behavior by a colleague; 17% of laywomen said that their own pastors had sexually harassed them. Phillip Jenkins concludes in his book “Pedophiles and Priests” that while 1.7% of the Catholic clergy has been found guilty of pedophilia, 10% of Protestant ministers have been found guilty of pedophilia.

  • You won’t find it, the Father graham is a slave to supporting the Roman Catholic cult of the queen of heaven.

  • Linda,

    Thank you for speaking up. As a former MK (Missionary Kid) I know first hand the abuse that takes place. Foreign missionaries outside of America’s laws and the eye of any law enforcement can and have done all sorts of abusive things.
    A simple Google search of the various mission organisations will bring up many of the payouts and convictions brought down on them. It is sad that people think a label like “Christian” means “without” (sin or missing the mark). No parent ought to leave their children in the hands of strangers rather missionary, pastor or not. No pastors kid should be left without another person to go to and be honest with when abuse is happening.
    I don’t go to “church” or any of those organised gatherings. They put on a mask of piety that is false.

  • For six years of Saturdays during my early childhood, my father restrained, tortured and raped me and my sister. He also tortured animals. He did it for laughs. He drew great pleasure from us crying in pain and he mocked us for begging Jesus to come rescue us. Jesus never came.
    When we got in our teens, the sexual assaults were gradually replaced with severe beatings. We were bashful, quiet kids, so it was hard to reach out for help. When my sister warned my parents that she would call authorities, she was beaten mercilessly by both parents. We went to the pastor of our evangelical church. We were blamed and punished, not for telling, but for breaking the illusion of an upstanding, “born-again, Holy Ghost-filled Christian” family. The church and my mother did everything in its power to keep up appearances.
    A devout, highly-respected, tithe-paying deacon and member of the church board, my father was also a Boy Scout Troop leader and the director of the church’s children’s…

  • lies he provides them with safe havens to hide un church sex abuse is increasing not decreasing

  • it says in the bible that god will have your children raped that why ministers carry it out they believe there doing his work sick.

  • Neither should be pointing the finger. Abuse is abuse. I’m unfamiliar with Evangelical issues but I do know that the RCC has gone through great lengths to rectify the problems.

    Example, my daughter has her son in Catholic preschool. Before she or her husband couldn do so much as volunteer at play time, they had to go through a background check and screening as well as classes “Virtus”

  • LInda, Sin is everywhere and the church (not any church) is without sin! There is certainly more protection that can happen. But it is difficult to find a church now that does not do background checks on their workers! Our Nursery does background check and all of our children’s classes do also! Many churches like New Life Churches have scan programs that only allow Parents to pick up children who are registered and Sex Offenders are identified. I have not seen any of these in place in Catholic Churches although currently I have not checked. I don’t even think Catholic Churches have Children’s Church, Sunday School or Vacation Bible School.
    We cannot over look the good here either!
    People do NOT serve churches, they serve the Lord and those who don’t are Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing and YES there does need to be accountability in the smaller churches but they are putting these things in place and are not naive like the churches that were so trusting 20 plus years ago!

  • If you want to promote the notion that sexual exploitation exists within every social order, then I’m with you…until you make the leap of faith that sexual abuse is as prevalent among evangelicals as it is in the RC/Vatican structure. Then I throw the false equivalence card…and pose the likelihood that you stand with the desperate hypocrite liberal trend of demonizing evangelicals in order to prop yourselves up and excuse your own political failings–most prominently, fronting the criminal Hillary Clinton. Research project: Pedo-Satanism.

  • Sexual abuse regardless of the contributing participants needs to addressed in schools so children can be aware of the practices and learn how to protect themselves. Obviously institutions that are afraid of education need to start with the abusers. Mental illness can occur but should not be ignored or left to it’s own devices. We need to wake up, not cover up, and provide healing for the abusers and victims. Not be in denial because the idea of sexual abuse of children by adults is too terrifying a concept to recognize and eradicated. Every healing process starts with admitting thre is a problem, then providing treatment. Ignorance is not bliss.

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