Pakistan’s cartoon ‘Burka Avenger’ swoops into India to empower girls

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Burka Avenger

Screenshot via YouTube courtesy Burka Avenger

Screenshot of Burka Avenger

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NEW DELHI (Reuters) A female cartoon superhero who dons a burka to tackle crimes against girls and other social ills is bringing her message of women's empowerment to India.

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  • Dupont

    When you wear a burka to cover your face, what empowerment are you talking about?

  • jacki

    Yeah, because superheroes NEVER cover their faces.

  • Dr. King

    Indian women don’t need cartoon characters, they are already given powerful images of goddesses that embody ‘love, ‘wealth’ , ‘spirituality’ and ’empowerment’.

  • Fourth Valley

    Lol, so you don’t understand irony then??

    The character is using the clothing her enemies want to force her to wear in order to hide her true identity in the way every superhero covers their face.

    The irony of this is the intent.

  • Dupont

    No, Women don’t need cartoon characters that cover their faces purporting to be role models.

  • opheliart

    When I saw this illustration, I thought of Mort from Bazooka Joe. He had his mouth covered.

  • Chris

    Same one the Lone Ranger had when he won the west and foiled all those bad guys!

  • Larry

    Untrue. Let me direct you to Ms. Marvel. A superhero who is a Muslim-American woman. The series is getting serious critical and reader notice.

    The character even inspired some counterprotests to a series of Islamophobic bus ads. ‘

  • This show is good for Muslim countries. It empowers Islamic girls who desperately need that sort of liberation. Keep it in the Islamic countries. Islamic countries are so bad for women that this cartoon is an improvement.

    But it is a joke to American women. American women are incredibly capable – as much as any man. Don’t try forcing a burka onto an American woman. The entire concept is an insult.