Texas county clerk opposed to same-sex marriage resigns

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) – A county clerk in East Texas opposed to same-sex marriage stepped down from her post on Monday, with local media reports saying she is the first clerk to resign rather than abide by a U.S. Supreme Court decision in June making gay marriage legal.

Rusk County Clerk Joyce Lewis-Kugle tendered her resignation last week and it was accepted on Monday, county officials said.

“Before taking office, I was required to take an oath to uphold the laws of this State and the United States. Due to the recent decision by the Supreme Court, the laws I swore to have now changed,” she said in the letter issued to the county judge and posted on the Internet by a local TV broadcaster.

The county will issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, an official said, adding that so far none have applied.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, has said he would support county clerks if they believed their religious liberties would be compromised by issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

According to Equality Texas, a group that lobbies on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues, 250 of the 254 counties in Texas are either issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples or plan to do so soon.

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  • It’s a good start. So texas wants to waste taxpayer resources to defend frivolous lawsuits on behalf of people who are delusional enough to think religion freedom is a license to discriminate.

  • This is an idiot. Not a martyr. I’d bet she issued licenses to a lot of divorced people. A massive number to adulterers (its Texas, hello!) and to others, such as multi-married Deacons and Elders, that didn’t fit the New Testament immutability model for marriage.

    No this person has done something utterly valueless.

    Gay marriage IS the law. Not in a Christian Church. Christians are to be IN the world and not OF it. Handing a same gender couple a government form is not yoking yourself to unbelievers. Otherwise, Paul wouldn’t have allowed a Roman policeman to save his life when he was being attacked by an angry mob. Let people that engage in homosexuality go to the eternal fate that awaits them. Maybe they’ll repent before it’s too late? Once again, some ignorant person is doing what is not required of a Christian to do: “Dear friends, abstain from sinful desires. Live good lives among the pagans. Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers.” 1 Ptr 2.,…

  • It’s a shame that she had to resign her job, but admirable that her religious conscious compels her to sacrifice it for the sake of love of God. Society will belittle her as a homophobic anachronism, but, society has become antagonistic towards religion in general. This whole gay marriage business is suddenly seen as progressive and enlightened, when its really a digression to a pagan mindset; God is either whoever you think He is, or doesn’t exist at all. Both stances are foundationally false. How did we fall into error so quickly?

  • It is what it is. Each clerk — and ultimately, each American — has to make up their own mind, regarding how they will respond to the evil of gay marriage.

    At least Lewis-Kugle is resigning as a solid Christian, and NOT as a gay marriage supporter. She’s taking the high road. No need to be ashamed.

    Also, it’s good to see that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is 100 percent on the side of Religious Freedom. Paxton understands the Bill Of Rights. Gay marriage supporters, honestly do not.

  • Dom – we’ve all been falling into error for millennia – hence Paul: All have fallen short of the glory of God.

    Be a bit gracious with those whom you judge to be “headin’ to hell.” But for Christ, we’d all be there. Who says they aren’t among the saved as well?

  • So tired of your biased judgmental attitude – find me one perfect person, not afflicted by greed, lust, hatred, or worldliness. Then that person can disparage the sinners. But you, Doc, probably don’t fall into that category, do you?

  • Its a shame that she was so overcome by prejudice and spurred on by people seeking cheap excuses to treat others badly that she could not perform the duties of her job.

    There is no sacrifice or martyrdom in having a hissy fit, because for being unable to persecute others.

  • Well Ken Paxton is following the Betty Bowers definition of religious freedom. “When you act badly to others, it is religious freedom, when it is done to you its persecution”.

    Poor clerk is forced between doing her job and having sanction to discriminate against others. What a whinybaby.

  • This really must be the second coming of Jesus! For the fourth time in less than two weeks, I find myself in complete agreement with you– except for the gay people are going to go to Hell part, of course.

    And this time, it’s on the gay issue. Wait!!! You are you, and what did you do with be brave?

  • Doc is the perfect exemplar of my adage about a certain classes so called Christian: all of us maybe sinners, but only some of us are throwing stones.

  • Actually, Doc is right. Doctors are not forced to give abortions, nor are nurses forced to assist in the operation on moral grounds. So why is this situation different?

  • “nor are nurses forced to assist in the operation on moral grounds.”

    Unless there are no other nurses to do the job. Medical personnel do not get to leave a patient untreated because of their personal prejudices.

    County Clerks owe a duty to provide their services to all citizens of the area who meet the requirements of what is being requested from them. They don’t get to choose which citizens they serve and which ones they don’t.

    There is no religious freedom to persecute others. If the situations were reversed and a Christian was being treated in such a fashion, they cry “persecution”. But when they are the perpetrators, they dishonestly and are delusional to think it is their right to do so under “religious freedom”.

    Nobody has to navigate through some nonsense bullcrap sectarian notions of “sin” in order to be served by public officials.

  • I recently read an article from a town clerk who proposed that the federal government assume the responsibility of filing and issuing marriage licenses and having it done online. This would be a great compromise as long as every marriage licenses are obtain this way. I am gay, and I am married but I would go along with this. Both rights are protected. SCOTUS ruled that marriage is now a federal right anyway, so this only makes sense. I am also Christian and have struggled with my believes with who I am. I wouldn’t want a Christian to feel like she had to leave her job to carry out her convictions. We are a free country. This would preserve jobs and make both sides arguably better.

  • Sorry, that is NOT what SCOTUS ruled. They ruled that the states cannot arbitrarily discriminate against gay people on the basis of sexual orientation, not at least as far as the 14th amendment is concerned. No more did the federal government rule that miscegenation laws made interracial marriage a federal right, only that the 14th amendment applied to mixed race couples also.

    and I suspect you are not really gay or gay married. Or, maybe you are, and are deeply conflicted in your Christian beliefs. Maybe you should get that straightened out first.

  • No individuals have been “disparaged” in my previous post, Mark.

    It’s no disrespect to say out loud that:

    (1) Gay marriage is a flat-out evil that will bring damage to this entire nation,

    (2) Gay marriage supporters are flat-out wrong to support gay marriage,

    (3) Gay marriage supporters are flat-out “disparaging” of the religious freedom articulated in the Bill Of Rights, with gay-bullying incidents already recorded in several states.

    Such true statements will naturally move gay marriage supporters to anger and disagreement, of course. (Why? Because they ARE true statements.)

    But I haven’t claimed that gay marriage opponents are sinless or superior in any way to gay marriage supporters. It’s not about “who’s more moral than who.” Forget that stuff.

    It’s all about GAY MARRIAGE COMES STRAIGHT FROM HADES, and Christians and Non-Christians alike should not be supporting that mess at all. Gay marriage is a terminal fatal oozing cancer on America.

  • This woman should never have resigned from her position. That is ludicrous. She should have called in the janitor, or one of the interns to perform the act. In fact, she could simply have gone down to the county jail, and had an inmate do it. Or just ignore the people altogether.

  • “It’s no disrespect to say out loud that:”

    True. Other than Facts, Honesty, Truth, no one is disrespected by your absurd statements.

  • Yeah, sure. Each of your suggestions is more ridiculous than the last. Not as ridiculous as her self-righteousness, but still….

  • Who needs to compromise? If a clerk wants to discriminate against the general public, they don’t need to be working for the county anymore. Fire them.

    Of course a common online ploy is to pretend to identify with one thing and then give a view completely in line with their opposition. You post does not appear to be genuine.

    The fact that you said “both rights” is quite suspect here. There are no rights involved with the clerks here. It is simply looking for a privilege to treat gay people like crap using their position as government employees.

  • Eric, when law in this country is reduced to nothing by the Left, then try not to get all worked up about people engaging in civil disobedience. For example we have Federal immigration laws that are just being ignored by California, and San Francisco in particular, and the Left just doesn’t care. We just had an innocent woman gunned down in San Francisco (Kate Steinle) by an illegal felon being protected there, and the Leftists, including our wonderful president, don’t even have the decency to say that we need to tighten our borders, or enforce federal laws that are being ignored, so who are you to say this woman in Texas should have resigned? Laws mean absolutely nothing anymore. Don’t fight laws you don’t believe in, just don’t follow them. I will join the Leftists in that regard. Civil Disobedience is now the law of the land.

  • God bless this woman. This is the type of thing that we will see more and more of as the wicked society gets even more wicked and TRUE believers do NOT want to be a part of it. What she did, she did before the Lord, and may the Lord’s blessing go with her. She did not want to pass out licenses to sin. I get it. I wouldn’t either. Jesus Christ died for our sins. But we must be willing to repent from them in order to receive God’s forgiveness. To continue in sin and claim to be a Christian is bogus. Its false. Its a lie. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life; and liars will not have a part in the kingdom of God. Receive Him as Lord and Savior. Repent, turn away from sin, and follow Him as He leads through His Word and by His Holy Spirit. Then you will be a true believer, as you continue to abide in Him. And you will know the truth, and the truth will indeed set you free. God Bless

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