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Daily News provokes with cover on Calif. shooting: ‘God isn’t fixing this’

The New York Daily News front cover reads 'God Isn't Fixing This' sits on news stands in Brooklyn, New York on December 3, 2015. Religion News Service photo by David Gibson
The New York Daily News front cover reads 'God Isn't Fixing This' sits on news stands in Brooklyn, New York on December 3, 2015. Religion News Service photo by David Gibson

The New York Daily News front cover reads ‘God Isn’t Fixing This’ sits on news stands in Brooklyn, New York on December 3, 2015. Religion News Service photo by David Gibson

The front cover of the New York Daily News for Thursday takes a strong stance against how some politicians are reacting to the San Bernardino shooting with calls for prayer instead of tighter gun control laws.

The headline says, “God Isn’t Fixing This.”

“As latest batch of innocent Americans are left lying in pools of blood, cowards who could truly end gun scourge continue to hide behind meaningless platitudes,” the cover reads.

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House Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP presidential hopefuls Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham all responded to the attack with tweets about “prayers” for the victims of San Bernardino.

The Daily News’ tweeted image of its provocative front page is currently the most retweeted of 2015 for the news organization, according to Twitter.

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential hopefuls, including Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, took a different tone and called for “action” to stop gun violence.

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President Obama underscored the need for stronger gun control laws in the United States after Wednesday’s mass shooting, which left at least 14 dead and 14 wounded.

“There’s some steps we could take, not to eliminate every one of the mass shootings, but to improve the odds that they don’t happen as frequently,” Obama told CBS News.

Some twitter users also called out for more congressional action.

David Mignery tweeted “@SpeakerRyan We need more from you than prayers.”

But others tweeted that calling for prayer should not be mocked at a time like this.

(Durando reports for USA Today.)

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  • All I read is “GOD” and more “GOD”..Doesn’t satan get any credit? Recognize evil! Fight evil and stop asking GOD to do something man can do. How did this happen..what made it possible..what can man do about guns? Oh boy I said the gun thing..easier to throw the blame on GOD and not lawmakers.

  • According to Marco Rubio, all of this is just god’s plan. But we’re not supposed to know what it is, and why his plan includes people killing people and plunging entire countries into misery, horror, and death for generations.

    According to Marco Rubio, all of this is just god’s plan. According to the 9/11 murderers, and every other murderer who has used religion to justify his crimes, it’s all part of god’s plan. Wonderful god they worship, Rubio and the jihadists.

    According to Marco Rubio, it’s all part of god’s plan. If it were a human’s plan– and it often has been– we would be denouncing that human as a homicidal psychopath. But since it’s god’s plan, it’s all good.

    Well, his ways are not our ways . and thank the god I don’t believe in for THAT.

  • Twitter being a 145 character limit format doesn’t allow nuance. It also exposes the double standards on the left as well. If there’s a massacre you can’t blame Islam, but apparently you can blame the pro-life movement or the gun rights movement.

    The left mocks prayers and pushes left wing activism. If a person is a left wing activist, they’re a hero. If they pray instead or even do some right wing activism, they’re a villain. The left says prayer is useless piety, and the activism should be able done, but only recognize government as being the solution to all society’s problems. The Left has a huge problem with its hatred of Liberty. Every single news story is a chance for the Left to push that government grow and liberty shrink. Liberty requires restraint, but self restraint rather than government control.

    The Washington Examiner did a great article. The Left doesn’t recognize the gun rights without gun violence view as even an option.

  • Two piously walked by, but the third stopped to help.
    Guess which one Jesus liked?
    Luke 10:25-37.

    If Republicans were literate, they’d notice the 2nd Amendment begins “A WELL-REGULATED militia …”. So where are the regulations?! We need help!

  • In the bible:

    God has been specifically mentioned to have killed 2 476 633 people, and Satan has killed 10.

    Money is on the mass murderer 🙂

  • God didn’t pull the trigger, some psycho’s murderer those people, it is not for anyone to know the plan of God but we as humans must never over estimate or underestimate the devil and his influence. nothing wrong with prayer, someone whose a true believer is called to pray and put all faith in God not try to fix this corrupted world by human means. the less we depend on God the more this crazy stuff will happen and people will sit around dumbfounded.

  • Obviously subtlety is lost when trying to make sense of twitter feeds. You miss the actual message to come up with a far more ridiculous one.

    “If there’s a massacre you can’t blame Islam, but apparently you can blame the pro-life movement or the gun rights movement.”

    Its more of the converse. If there is a massacre and you are blaming Islam, you should also be blaming the anti-abortion nuts and ammosexuals as well. It is a call to be consistent. Its an attack on assigning blame.

    People criticize the prayers of anti-gun control pundits because of its obviously insincerity, politically motivated, and an example of their indifference. They offer prayers and actively campaign to continue with the conditions which keep this happening.

    Btw before you bring up Paris as an example of where gun control does not work, just remember, this year we have had triple the deaths from mass shootings than France had and it was so common as to not be considered major international news.

  • Where?

    These are the same cretins who are throwing money and potential votes to Donald Trump, Ben Carson and some other liberty hating theocrats.

    People who come up with silly premises like expecting trigger happy amateurs to perform the role of law enforcement/crime prevention.

    Whatever intelligence and literacy is among them is lost in a sea of mendacity, connivance, and malice.

  • First, I guess I’m part of the left. We do not blame the whole pro-life movement for what happened in Colorado, only those who spread lies about Planned Parenthood. We ask that you not blame all Muslims for what a few radicals do. As for freedom, we do not have full freedom anywhere. My freedom ends where your freedom begins. That is why I stop at red lights. That is why I wait in line at many places. That is why we need sensible gun control laws. No one should have an automatic weapon. My father and brother were hunters, and they did not need an automatic weapon. We also need background checks. Sure some of these people may still get a gun, but we may stop some.

  • “God condemned murder at Creation.” Except when he does it. Then it’s good.

    “Gun control is meaningless, because these laws are not respected by fanatics/crazy people/criminals.” Then all laws are meaningless. They’re just not respected. so why have them?

    “If not guns, then bombs, knives, grenades, or gas will be used to slaughter innocent people.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen the headline “20 massacred by knife wielding man.”

    “Mass shootings have become the norm today.” In this country, absolutely. In foreign hellholes, sure. But a rarity in countries that actually have gun control laws. funny isn’t it.

    ” God is waiting for us to do the right thing, because He knows we are capable of this. Amen.” But that apparently does not include gun control laws.

  • Or, alteratively, God doesn’t exist, and maybe we should take some responsibility for our own ethics and morals

  • Many of these comments show ignorance and lack of education. Of course there is a God, just look around at the miracle of life, the universe, DNA, the knowledge of good and evil, etc. It is much harder to not believe. Why attack prayer and Christians? If you do not want to pray or have faith then do not do it, but how does it hurt for others to do this when it harms no one? These terrible incidents are due to extremists, the lack of the family unit, and yes taking morals and values out of America. Gun control is not the answer either, we have gun laws now that need to be enforced, guns don’t kill people, crazy evil people do. The good people that have guns are not doing these crimes, the bad people are and they will not obey the laws anyway! Just look at the correct data on Austraila, Great Britian, NYC, Detroit, Chicago, etc. gun control does not stop violence. Take a look at where we ar headed and pray for help and take action in a positive way. God Bless!

  • How does it hurt to pray and have faith? Because then you do nothing! You expect some make believe entity will either make things better now or punish that person in the afterlife. Neither of which will happen. Why don’t you pray to Zeus or Odin to stop gun massacres? Why don’t you have faith that Santa will bring you presents this Christmas and they will magically appear under your tree? Fact is you don’t have faith in that because you know it is a scientific impossibility that reindeer can fly but you believe some made up being will stop mass [email protected]!

  • ” Just look at the correct data on Austraila, Great Britian, NYC, Detroit, Chicago, etc.”

    Could you give us a reference for the ‘correct data’? From a quick look at ‘Intentional Homicide Rates’ online (this is all killings, not just shootings):
    Australia 1.1 deaths per 100,000
    Great Britain 1.0
    USA 3.8

    Based on this, I feel safer where I am.

  • I didn’t take it to be an attack on God. You’re completely missing the point! The articles pointing out the futility of Prayer in this context. Quite rightly it’s reminding you that your God will not interfere in human actions of this sort, so what would be the point of praying for it to change it’s mind? Isn’t that just arrogance for you to think that you know better than your deity? Surely your God would prefer us to take positive action regarding gun controls ourselves rather than keep whining to it all the time?

  • “ignorance and lack of education” evidence suggests that statistically the less educated you are, the more likely you are to be religious! “Of course there is a God, just look around at the miracle of life, the universe, DNA, the knowledge of good and evil” Everything you’ve just mentioned has been explained satisfactorily using scientific evidence without the need for a deity’s involvement. Where’s the evidence for your stance? Easy access to guns enable easier access to killing people. it’s not rocket science!

  • The Left doesn’t blame all Islam. The GOP front runner, etc., call for unconstitutionally registering all Muslims in US, unconstitutionally closing all mosques or suveillance without cause and due process and killing the family of known terrorists in other lands whether or not they committed an act of terror. It’s the GOP that promotes loss of liberty. And, by the way, the religious and racial background is ALWAYS mentioned in the news – the difference with the Left is that we do not aspire to take it to barbarism of collective guilt.

  • Liberal ideology forms the basis of most of the US Constitution and subsequent amendments – due process rights of the accused, no unauthorized search and seizure, representative federal government, federal income tax, voting rights of the citizenry and its expansion over time, freedom of the press, protection of free speech, separation of church and state.

  • The headline blames politicians – it is our job to fix this problem but not through prayer. Look at the note at the bottom of the cover.

  • What truly annoys me about the conservative position on all of this is:

    1. They want gun-toting amateurs to take up the slack for the limited resources of law enforcement. Yet these are the same people who mercilessly slash law enforcement budgets.

    2. When the shooter is white and Christian, they fob it off as the product of mental illness. These same conservatives were the people who dismantled anything resembling an effective mental health system in this country.

    3. Mental infirmity is surpassing physical infirmities as the chief complaints of our returning veterans of our 14 year war. These same politicians slash veteran benefits.

    4. They have the nerve to speak of gun control measures only when a mass shooter is not white and/or not Christian.

    5. If people with a history mental illness were banned from owning a gun, the president of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre would be subject to it.

  • Get of your ass. Crying and moping around hoping God will help this matter NEVER. SOLVED. ANYTHING. You all live inside your heads as the murders continue. Wake up. Propose ideas, solution… not sheepish idolatry.

  • I blame muslims for being muslim. Worshippers of a pedophile and barbarian. Moreover, I do not owe any explanation or justification to foreigners who are squatting in my white Christian homeland.

  • I ask myself, what exactly are these Republicans praying for when a gun massacre happens? That the victims families will forget their grief quickly? That insurance money will rain on their heads? That a new husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend will come along soon for the relatives of the victims? That god will punish the baddies? That people will forget the massacre as fast as possible? That people won’t hold the Republicans’ feet to the fire for their decades of gun advocacy? In short, that god will fix “it.” Prayer seems like such a weak cop-out, an excuse to do nothing.

  • God murdered every living thing except Noah’s family and pairs of animals.
    The bible calls for lots of murder.
    It’s in writing.

  • The one that was stolen through theft, murder, rape, war, slaughter, torture, displacement, and cheating from the brown, non-Christian people who lived here for 10,000 years before your white, Christian forebears did the theft?

    That one?

  • The question is, who gets to decide which God has no obligation, and what comprises shaking one’s first at him. I can assure you, I don’t often shake my fist at any one, and certainly not at pookahs, banshees, leprechauns, and bogeys.

  • If just a few deer carried guns, do you think the number of deer killing incidents would increase or decrease? Wake up people.

  • The way these religious people are reacting is as crazy as the way radical Islam reacts. Call for help from an imaginary god is insane!

  • I’m Republican . I think there are some gun laws that need reforming; the gun show loop, I agree people with serious mental illness should not be allowed to purchase guns. Some reforms are needed. However, I think the left wing media politicized San Bernardino and assigned the blame to lack of gun laws when that is inaccurate. The Massacre occurred because radical Islamics decided to kill people. Stricter gun laws would not have prevented this attack. That’s where people , like me , get frustrated. I think it’s wrong for anyone to slaughter innocent people, Christians or muslims. The reason the above from page is offensive is because , once again, the media twisted what people said and basically blamed the above people for the recent shootings. And that is way too harsh.

  • In response to the Daily News Article headline:
    1) God didn’t CAUSE this.
    2) God hasn’t been INVITED by this NATION to fix this. He’s been thrown out of practically everywhere and everything. Now it’s His fault it’s not fixed?
    3) God has already provided a solution to this problem: JESUS. Messiah. Savior. Those neighbors who were afraid to report the couple could have done so and possibly avoided this. They could have perhaps even befriended the people at some point along the way and spoken to them. A Christian could have seen them as people deeply deceived and asked Jesus to give us His eyes for them—He died for them too—and spoken to them of His love for them, His hope for them, and His life available to them.

    Social Christianity gets us nowhere. Political Christianity gets us nowhere. We are called to receive Jesus and to offer Jesus. Period. He is the One who changes hearts and minds. He is the One who restores.

  • My wish is that the government would be a as passionate towards illegal drugs which are killing our youth. Maybe they should make stricter laws about using drugs? Oh wait…