Malteser International Americas supporting global effort to strengthen emergency aid for Syrian refugees

MIAMI – Today, Malteser International Americas scaled up its support for tens of thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing for their lives from Aleppo –the largest city in Syria- towards the Turkish border.

Malteser International Americas is pledging to secure critical relief for refugees seeking safety, shelter, food and water from the ongoing civil war and persistent religious persecution in the Middle East. Malteser International, the humanitarian relief agency of the Order of Malta, has already distributed 1,000 warm blankets to the surge of newly displaced people.

“The global impact of the crisis in Syria is felt here in the United States. Disasters natural or manmade - do not have boundaries when people’s lives are at stake, and support from faithful individual donors is more important than ever,” said Ravi Tripptrap, Executive Director, Malteser International Americas. “We stand by our mission of supporting the world’s most vulnerable, so that they may live a healthy life with dignity, in the Americas, and now in the Middle East.”

Humanitarian relief items desperately needed with recent fears that previously aid was lost in a political siege in a now occupied border crossing. Despite promises of increased humanitarian funding for the people being tormented by the Syrian Conflict made at a conference of donor nations earlier this month in London, there is little hope of an improvement of conditions for the Syrian people.

For those who would like to contribute towards the Syrian relief efforts, Malteser International Americas is asking supporters to visit their website:

Malteser International has been providing aid to people affected by the Syrian crisis since 2012. Malteser International provided medical treatment to almost 75,000 people in Syria during 2015 – operating a field hospital, a children’s’ hospital and two basic health units in the country. Malteser International also works with Syrian refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and northern Iraq.

Read more about the global efforts in Syria:

About Malteser International Americas:
Malteser International Americas is a global humanitarian organization with a mission of supporting the vulnerable and marginalized so that they may live a healthy life with dignity. Through our U.S. headquarters, Malteser International Americas provides immediate disaster response and preparedness as well as vital healthcare and nutrition to vulnerable people in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

We are part of Malteser International, the humanitarian relief agency of the Order of Malta. With more than 100 projects annually in some 25 countries worldwide, we provide emergency relief after disasters and support recovery efforts, bridging the gap between humanitarian aid and sustainable development. For nearly 60 years, we have been standing by those affected by poverty, disease, conflict and disaster.