This billboard went up next to an interstate west of Chicago, part of a new ad campaign by a Muslim-run public relations firm. Photo courtesy of Sound Vision

‘Hey ISIS, you suck!!!’ New campaign by #ActualMuslims pulls no punches

(RNS) As terror attacks by ISIS extremists have proliferated, many in the West have demanded that Muslims do more to denounce radicalized Islam -- and with protests and sermons and theological arguments, average Muslims, imams and scholars have done that more than is often realized.

But now a Muslim-run public relations firm in Chicago is taking the denunciations to a new level -- and with a decidedly different tone -- by producing a billboard and social media campaign that pulls no punches:

“Hey ISIS, you suck!!!” reads the first billboard, which went up this week on northbound I-294 just west of Chicago.

The declaration is signed with a social media hashtag, “From: #ActualMuslims” and it cites a verse from the Quran that says, “Life is sacred.”

“A group of American-Muslim professionals organized like-minded concerned Muslims to raise funds for this campaign,” Mohammad Siddiqi, executive director of Sound Vision, said in a statement.

Leena Suleiman of Sound Vision said about 60 donors had pitched in. She told the local NBC television affiliate that the campaign stemmed from the frustration Muslim Americans feel when a terrorist attack happens.

“It's about shouting out, ‘ISIS does not represent me, I’m Muslim, I say the word ‘sucks,’ I’m like everyone else in my country,’” Suleiman said. “We want to scream it from a billboard.

“Obviously Muslims know that ISIS sucks, so the main audience is people who are not Muslims,” Suleiman told NBC. “People who need to hear that Muslims are not OK with what ISIS is doing.”

She said Sound Vision is planning to expand the “ISIS sucks” campaign to other major cities.



  1. Just a ploy to make the trojan horse look friendly.

  2. That was not only brain dead, but entirely expected.

  3. Odd, I think nice thoughts about you. 🙂

  4. Not personal. Just an expected response to such an article.

  5. This is precisely the kind of hatred that many atheists of my acquaintance claim does not exist among atheists. I can only hope you are an anomaly among atheists.

  6. I don’t know about Trojan Horses, there is no reason not to take these folks at their word, my concern is that they may be targeted by Jihadists, whom Spuddie declares do not exist in America.

  7. I am not saying most white Christians are members of hate groups, terrorists and mass murderers. But there is definitely a proportion of ones who are. 🙂

  8. To which I would reply, such do not meet the definition of genuine Christians. From your point of view, my opinions are construed as harsh, judgmental, and bigoted. You’re entitled to that view, but I will contend just as vigorously with anyone who proclaims him or herself as a Christian who would employ violence as a means to an end. Peace.

  9. It’s funny how you would say that about your own religion but hold others to a much different standard. I simply repeated your own prior statements concerning Muslims. The major difference between us here is I recognized the bigoted and harsh nature of such statements even when it applied to beliefs besides my own. You did not until you saw it applied to your, own faith.

  10. I love it! Good for “#actualMuslims.” The overwhelming majority of American Muslims hate ISIS for destroying their homes, driving them out of their country, and killing friends and relatives. ISIS kills far more Muslims than any other group.

  11. If the world wasn’t so racist, they wouldn’t have to do this in the first place.

    I never was told to denounce Ted Kaczynski, Tim McVeigh, or the Bundy Ranch to prove that despite being a white male that I was not a terrorist sympathizer.

  12. You are not in a position to judge what I recognize or do not recognize about my own faith or others’ solely within the context of the remarks made here. I hold to a view that the precepts of Christianity are the basis for the only legitimate theological point of view vis’ a vis’ the world, but I’m not going to carry a sword or a flaming brand in order to compel it.

  13. Of course I can. Your remarks make it clear. Your outrage simply denotes a lack of awareness towards beliefs besides your own. You give insult, but then fail to realize what it would be like on the receiving end, using the same rhetoric.

  14. I have lived long enough, and inquired relatively closely into the precepts of a number of non-Christian faiths to assess from my knowledge of the history of humanity that Christianity stands apart in its aims and its precepts from all other world faiths. That may be viewed as merely subjective opinion, at the same time it is an assessment, not an insult.

  15. If you say so. In my experience such statements merely reflect personal sectarian chauvinism.

  16. As opposed to personal secular chauvinism, I suppose (The preceding remark reflects a spirit of sarcasm on my part, which might legitimately be construed as an insult, though the point was mere sarcasm…not insult).

  17. The problem with your POV is every religious believer of every religion can make the same claims with the same level of credibility. Therefore one can never say with a straight face that a given religion has any objective rational support. There is no reason why I need to take your statements as true over a Hindu, Jew or Buddhist who says the same.

  18. Credibility can be problematic in the area of religious belief, but I believe there are sufficient proofs which make my beliefs credible to me at least, but they are proofs you would not accept or recognize, on the other hand your inclination to accept as true or untrue anything I declare, or any other believer of any other faith, is your own responsibility.

  19. Credibility is non-existent in religious belief beyond what is personally imputed into it. You are simply showing an insecurity about relying on faith as the basis of your belief. So you pretend it has some kind of rational basis and evidence. It devalues and undermines rational processes and the value of faith. You don’t like the limitations of faith, that it lacks the ability for objective credibility to all people. So you deny your own use of it in public here.

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