'You Are the Catholic Brand' receives raves

LIGUORI, Mo. -- The most powerful marketing force available to the Church is you, says Liguori author Matthew Kilmurry in his highly acclaimed, groundbreaking book, You Are the Catholic Brand, which presents the Catholic’s role as evangelist like none other — using business branding techniques that quickly make sharing the faith simple, natural, and unintimidating.

Will help the faithful answer God’s call

“This book is a wonderful teaching resource for parish and ministry leaders, and an invitation to the faithful to see how to evangelize,” said Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore. “I pray this unique guide will help the faithful answer God’s call.”

Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, DC, praised the book as “timely, inviting, and engaging help. … Drawing from life experience, Kilmurry offers a guide to discovering the mission God has for you.”

“The practical advice in Matthew’s book comes at the perfect time, when so many people seek a greater understanding of their Catholic identity,” said Jennifer Baugh, founder of Young Catholic Professionals.

More than a dozen Church and ministry leaders have recognized “You Are the Catholic Brand” as an outstanding tool for renewing parishes and individuals — and transforming everyday Catholics into brand evangelists who confidently share their faith.

People are looking for conversion, says Kilmurry

Using common branding techniques, interactive exercises, and examples from corporations and from his own faith journey, Kilmurry, former marketing director for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), shows readers what type of Catholic they are, how to develop a faith message for different types of people, and how to evaluate their impact. Chapter One encourages readers to embrace personal conversion, making the book accessible for all Catholics.

Many Catholics feel unequipped to share their faith. Don’t let that stop you, said Kilmurry, explaining that positive experiences create a brand evangelist whose emotions and belief attract others to the brand.

“Who hasn’t encountered a passionate fan of a movie, car, restaurant, or band? Their enthusiasm is contagious,” said Kilmurry. “People are looking for an unforgettable experience. They’re looking for conversion. Whether your conversion happened in a flash of lightning or a slow progression, it is time to be converted anew.”