Introducing Story-Strategic Methods

On March 17, 2017, Wipf and Stock Publishers released the new book, Introducing Story-Strategic Methods, written by Robert Strauss, the President of Worldview Resource Group. The book asserts that culture matters in effective communication. In fact, the stories told from the Bible do not nullify the power of culture. Culture is more influential than we first imagine. Understanding and skills are required to minister across cultures. The book explores steps toward effective engagement.

Introducing Story-Strategic Methods by Robert Strauss

The purpose of Introducing Story-Strategic Methods is to awaken us in the cross-cultural context. Our natural tendency is to be asleep to our own cultural values and core worldview assumptions. This tendency applies as well to our expectations in the cross-cultural context. For example, in what ways would a "justice" pattern of culture orient our speech and behavior? To what degree is a "justice" pattern of culture different from an "honor" pattern of culture? The book asserts that culture matters in effective communication. Going further, to what degree does a story told from the Bible nullify the power of culture? Often, we assume that the biblical story trumps culture. It does not. The book affirms rigorously that culture is much more powerful than we first suppose. In fact, culture trumps the biblical story. Therefore, understanding and skills are required for effective engagement across cultures. Strategic storytelling is a twelve-step methodology that addresses the problems of miscommunication and syncretism that plague the cross-cultural context. It offers a step-by-step solution that promises success. Insights are firmly rooted in Scripture and equally grounded in empirical research from the social sciences. The stories told throughout the book are true. The answers are compelling.