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10 things to know about Millennial Mormons

They're strong believers, but they're also politically diverse and less likely to come from super-sized families than older Mormons. Meet the Next Mormons via infographic.

Here are some key findings about the current Mormon population, based on the 2016 Next Mormons survey. I’ll be blogging about several of these findings individually over time, but for now here is a handy infographic that encapsulates some main points.

Note that this is data only about currently identified Mormons (1155 in our survey), and not about former Mormons or those who have left the Church (541 in our survey). Their responses are tabulated separately.

One thing to note is that despite some hand-wringing in the Church about the perils of delaying marriage (see a recent article about this in the Ensign), there’s no evidence that either current or former Mormons are in fact delaying marriage–of those who get married, the median age for current Mormons to do so is 22, and for former Mormons it’s 23. They are, however, having smaller families.



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