The full-scale Noah's Ark replica at the Ark Encounter during a preview of the park on July 5, 2016, in Williamstown, Ky. At 510 feet long, 85 feet wide and 51 feet high, based on the measurements in cubits found in the first few chapters of Genesis, the ark is the largest timber-frame structure in the world, according to the Ark Encounter. RNS photo by Emily McFarlan Miller

Ken Ham disputes reports the Ark Encounter is sinking

(RNS) Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham is disputing reports the ministry's Noah's Ark-themed park is taking on water.

The Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Ky., hasn't seen bad attendance, Ham blogged on Answers in Genesis' website, just bad press.

The 800-acre theme park includes an ark built to the measurements God gave Noah in the biblical flood account. Its exhibits defend a "young Earth creationist" interpretation of Scripture that maintains the Earth is about 6,000 years old and that flood account is literally, historically true.

America's Research Group had estimated the park would attract between 1.4 million and 2.2 million visitors its first year.

As the Ark Encounter marks its first anniversary on July 7, attendance at the ark "will draw near the low end of the estimated guest number," Ham wrote. Park co-founder Mike Zovath told the Lexington Herald-Leader it will attract its 1 millionth visitor by July.

In addition to the low turnout at the park, Williamstown businesses haven't seen the flood of customers they had expected as a result of the park's opening, according to the Herald-Leader.

Ham, however, has disputed these reports.

"Nowadays, it seems very few reporters in the secular media actually want to report facts regarding what they cover as news," he wrote. "When it comes to reporting on theologically conservative Christians like those of us at AiG, whose ideology they strongly oppose, many writers have an agenda to undermine Christianity as they file their stories."

The newspaper quoted the mayor of the nearby town of Dry Ridge saying the park "has been great" for business, and it noted county tourism revenue is up based on hotel tax receipts. But Ham seemed to take issue with anecdotal evidence from several Williamstown business owners that people visiting the park weren't necessarily visiting their shops and restaurants.



  1. I’m surprised he didn’t blame the bad press on rampant anti-Hamitism.

  2. Of course Ken Ham would dispute it. His whole hamscam, I mean, livelihood depends on it. But of course, Mr. Ham would believe anything that would bring home the bacon, so to speak.

    Hemant Mehta writes at The Friendly Atheist:

    Remember in the Bible when Noah battled a dinosaur in an arena? Answers in Genesis does. Or at least they have no problem promoting it in a book about how “God shapes [Noah] into the man who eventually saves humanity’s future.”

    I would tell you this is a work of fiction… but isn’t everything on their site? It’s also not the only Creationist reference to biblical characters fighting dinosaurs. Ken Ham has an entire diorama in Ark Encounter showcasing a battle between humans, giants, and dinosaurs. Because science.

  3. “It will attract its one millionth visitor by early July”.
    Or, it’s five hundred thousandth pair by early July…which ever floats your boat.

  4. What bothers me is the Kentucky state government funds this fantasy world. Disney and Universal, etc. all pay their own way. Hopefully he’ll add a Sodom and Gomorrah section and then the government can tax it.

  5. Hahahhahahaa! Ham can always open a new dinosaur museum with himself as the only stuffed attraction!

  6. I guess once you start making a living denying reality and 1ying like a cheap rug, it becomes compulsive.

  7. Get Larry Flynt to design the Sodom and Gomorrah Section (Staffed with Penthouse models).

  8. More disgustingly, a wooden ship loaded to the gills with animals would be rife with deadly cholera from the herbivore poop that couldn’t possibly be removed fast enough and would impregnate the hull. Transporting live animals was a major health hazard for sailors for centuries.

  9. Actually, that every kind of animal could fit in the ark is the one thing that you shouldn’t dispute. It is quite possible given the actual size of the ark is given in the Bible, and that the animals on it were according to their “kind”. This does not show that it happened, but it does show that you have not actually looked at what Ken Ham is actually claiming. And plants were not on the ark other than for food, so you have a straw man there. If you want to show it to be an impossible event, I suggest going for the weakest parts of the claim, not the most plausible.

  10. I live outside of Williamstown and 12 minutes from the Ark. My observations, and opinions based on living here 17 years, interactions with friends, and believing I know the community.

    Some locals thought the coming of the Ark would save Williamstown’s declining business district. Some even opened 2 or 3 small shops, most failed. Now there are a few 2nd-hand stores, a good barbor, speciality dress shop, and a nice little coffee shop. Thats it!   A local restaurant, just out of town opened, Shem’s Shack. I’ve eaten there a couple times, not bad, but as a friend said, “it’s a Speedway hotdog at a gourmet price.”

    Williamstown business district is a few miles from its exit and doesn’t really offer much.  Directly off one exit is the local hospital and county jail.  The Ark exit has a few gas stations and a great Mexican restaurant, El Jalesco’s.  These Williamstown businesses have seen an uptick in business. These are located directly off the same exit as the Ark.

    Dry Ridge’s business district is positioned directly off and around the I-75 exit.  They have avariety of eateries, motels, a Wal Mart, auto dealer, etc. and its only about 7 miles away from the Ark.

    It’s reported Dry Ridge has a $30,000,000 motel/ restaurant venture in progress. Another connected local told me folks from Dolly World visited with the office of tourism and have scouted out the area for possibilities.

    I’m not a believer of their creationist myth. Even with only a million guests, if the locals can build hotels, restaurants, off the exit around the Ark, they will come.

  11. Yeah, its almost as if the 8 people on the boat would need some draft horses or oxen to haul out all the manure. I wonder where they would get them? I find it interesting that you don’t mention the animals miraculously being brought to the ark, but take issue with the possibility of their manure being removed from it.

  12. Did they flatten the earth when they made the Ark? We are going to have a flood due to Climate Change. Maybe the folks who keep looking back to an old “saga” of life will use their platform to look ahead and start being stewards of the earth as commanded in the Bible.

  13. “Who has put wisdom in the inward parts or given understanding to the mind?” -Job 38:36

    God says to use the wisdom of your mind, ie the “brains God gave you.”

    Believing in myths opens people up to irrational persuasions.

  14. State support of the Ark park would seem to violate Section 5 of the KY constitution. — Edd Doerr

  15. I am looking forward to visiting this place one day. It’s like a demented Disneyland where the children aren’t the only ones who think it’s real. And the founder’s name is PRICELESS (Ham–Noah’s son)!

  16. It’s hilarious that anyone is trying to give detailed scientific explanations for why the Noah’s Ark story can’t be true. Is it not so obviously a fairy tale that any adult who can read needs an explanation?

  17. Hamscam!!

    No doubt, this is now my favorite word. Thank you.

  18. I assume you will be sending me money.

    BTW all hamscam ham is processed pork product: chopped, formed, and pressed.

  19. Lucky chicken bones have the advantage of evidence, at least that there was a chicken and that it had bones. Luck? not so much.

  20. So if the earth was entirely under water for how many days, all of the plants survived. Ok.

  21. You’re right…not so funny after all.

  22. Why would repopulation of the earth be genetically impossible? As long as the pairs have the needed genetic material, repopulation can occur. … Fresh water fish wouldn’t be on the ark, and it wouldn’t be necessary. Many fish today are hybridized to be able acclimate to both fresh and salt water. It is reasonable to believe that the fish kind had this ability before the flood with todays specialized fish losing this ability over time. Observed catastrophic events have shown us it is possible for salinity of water to increase and an ecosystem begin recovery within a short period of time. But it shouldn’t be dismissed that many species of fish did die do to the severity of the global flood, as witnessed by the fossilization of the fish kind in every level of the geologic record.

  23. But, but that only makes common sense! And the Ark (in Kentucky)was not built on common sense, but with Kentucky taxpayer money!

  24. Plus…where did all the poop go??!!!

  25. No, Susie Bright, with On Our Backs models.

  26. Which works well with my theory of the effects of bovine scatology.

  27. Another commandment he has broken, bearing false witness, lying.

  28. The problem is your assumption that the paired animal kinds that entered the ark contained the exact limited genetic information of the animal kinds we have today. Inbreeding is only a problem now because of the centuries of genetic degradation. The kinds that entered the ark would have contained a more extensive genetic code and is evidenced by the speciation of those kinds. … The hybridization of the fish would be something they were created with, not something they were given during the flood. Hybridized fish today would be retaining a trait given to them by their created ancestors. … Every scientist comes to evidence of unseen past events with a belief because the cause of the event is unknowable from a limited human perspective.

  29. That is the point upon which you are going to hang your argument?

  30. You should visit them…there are answers to all those questions.

  31. saved humanity’s future by screwing his daughters. if that story were true we are all descended from insestual sex, child rape. I needed an excuse to be me, that one works too.

  32. this is a story about an old white guy who was told as a boy the whole bible was true, every word. even when it told two versions of the same stories, maybe take an average of the two. This man has a severe personality disorder, some would say a mental illness, that involves inflexible thinking or rigidity of thought. Somewhere in the obsessive compulsive spectrum, any waver from what he believes is the truth would cause him such anxiety he may never recover. Think of him this way. An old man in an asylum locked in a room. People like to watch as he paints visions of biblical stories on the wall, in his own feces.

  33. They swam, of course. They’re fish.

  34. But there wasn’t any fresh water if the rains covered the earth. The salt and the fresh would have mixed.

  35. Would have had a more extensive genetic code?

    Why? On what evidence? How did that happen? Where in the Bible did you read it.

    You’ve been watching too much TV. “Well, Scotty, I’m sure in you just recalibrate the plutonium zircon generators according to the LaPlace hypothesis, taking into account Heisemberg’s uncertainty principle for quantum modules, and charming them with 4300 giga joules, we should mbe able to make it across the inter-dimensional gap!”

  36. I think you’re confusing Noah with lot. I’m pretty sure Noah didn’t have sex with his daughters. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t have daughters, just sons. But they were both apparently drunks, so they had that much in common, besides making it into the history books.

    However, there are other problems with Noah. He thought that the perpetrator of the worst genocide in human history was Really quite a swell guy on the whole. And you’d think that the creator would have seen the problem with Noah that would be obvious to a dim theologian: he was still carrying the stain of original sin in him, as were his wife, his sons, his daughters and his grandchildren. So the problem of original sin was not going to be solved by committing the genocide, but in fact would be carried forward.

    It’s almost as if this god was unaware of the doctrine of original sin,


    ‘original sin’ was invented by st augustine in the 5th century, the same guy that said sex was a sin. after living the life of a whore, having sex with men and possibly his mother, in his older age he blamed humans inability to control their sexual urges. original sin then was getting an unwanted erection, getting horny. The church made it into something greater later, to guilt ppl into converting.

    Just read this recently, fascinating. Especially since the adam story never happened. to believe in original sin mean you have to believe in the creation story, one of the two (where’s lilith), and only 25% believe that.

  38. without the creation story and original sin (invented by st augustine) christianity comes crashing down. christians saying their bible is the new testament works for them, until they want to guilt someone with the original sin crap or roll out the ten commandments.

  39. As far as I know, it is still a respected scientific theory that all humans derive from a single female. This isn’t just creationists, but mainstream geneticists. It is completely plausible that a pair of animals could do the same thing. And keep in mind there were 7 pairs of each “clean” animal like cows and sheep etc. Again, you are showing you haven’t really looked at the actual argument you are attempting to refute. If you dispute that a single pair of cats can create all lions, for instance, you are disputing mainstream, secular genetics, not just creationists.

  40. BTW, not 7 pair’s but 7 total: 3 mating pairs and one poor creature whose blood had to be shed to satisfy a brutal God whose bloodlust was not sated by wiping out basically all living things on the planet; but I digress. Your lack of even rudimentary science is evident as you try to justify a myth. Give it up.

  41. I’ve been to the Ark Encounter and had a wonderful time. The exhibits were well designed and interesting. The dining was also very good. The staff was very friendly. As there were no available hotel rooms close to the Ark Encounter, we stayed further away.
    As for myth that tax dollars being spent – you need to read this article
    It states NO tax dollars were spent.
    And if the concept of Christian theme park is so offensive – please take your money elsewhere. Its easy to complain about the accomplishments of someone else.
    As for me, well done Ken. You had a dream – and you did it.

  42. its interesting that you know so much about the Ark Encounter experience, since you have so little positive to say. your quote from the “friendly” atheist is hardly kind.
    why is so much is easier to believe that all the complexities seen in life on Earth happened by random chance?

  43. It would probably help if you had actually read the Bible story BEFORE posting. I’m sorry that you feel that you need an “excuse” to be you.

  44. William, the young earth theory is very possible. Christians do believe in Science – many of the early scientists were Christian. Many of our founding colleges (like Harvard) were founded by Christians. You’re confusing the theory of evolution with provable facts.

  45. Well, I don’t know. How about something called evidence? How about science, rather than the musings of people who live 3000 years ago and thought the world was flat?

    The real question is, why are you using a computer? Science doesn’t know anything.


    Ark Encounter is being funded by a $62 million TIF.

    turns out the majority of Ark Encounter is being funded by a TIF
    granted by the City of Williamstown, Kentucky. On November 1, 2012, a Memorandum of Agreement
    (begins on page 55) approving $62 million in funding for Ark Encounter,
    LLC was signed by officials of Williamstown and the County of Grant.

    said that, over a 30-year period, 75% of Ark Encounter’s real estate
    taxes would go toward repayment of the interest-free TIF. So instead of
    that money going to the city (and the citizens), it’ll be used to repay
    those bonds.

  47. Well, sucks for Ham when that Ark topples over. Coincidence, maybe.

  48. Having worked in the theme park industry for decades, seeing many parks and entertainment centers come and go, the attendance estimates are always completely wrong and totally disconnected from reality. Most of the estimates are either fudged, simply because they offer a more appealing proposition for financial backing, and it’s what people want to hear, or they’re done by people with zero amusement industry experience and no historical data of comparable markets.

  49. The visit to the Ark Encounter is an amazing experience. To see a biblical event brought to life and to walk through it, gives you that feeling of what took place back then.
    To all you negative folks, you truly remind me of those who spoke against it during that time. The Bible speaks of you all as well. Don’t fret, you too have a role in this, keep criticizing and watch the Ark Encounter become successful. Kudos to Mr. Ham on a phenomenal job. Well done!

  50. No, the question is….from which line of apes did your family evolve?

  51. C’mon, go easy on yourself, you’re not confused, dead from the neck up is more like it.

  52. 1. “America’s Research Group had estimated the park would attract between 1.4 million and 2.2 million visitors its first year.”

    2.” As the Ark Encounter marks its first anniversary on July 7, attendance
    at the ark “will draw near the low end of the estimated guest number,” Ham wrote.”

    3. “Park co-founder Mike Zovath told the Lexington Herald-Leader it will attract its 1 millionth visitor by July.”

    to conclude: ham said that by the end of the first year (in july) the ark would “draw near the low end” of the estimate. the low end of the estimate he cites is 1.4 million people.
    his co-founder mike zovath said that the ark would “attract its 1 millionth visitor by july”. which is the end of the first year. that is 400,000 people BELOW the low estimate.

    how do ignore 400,000 people?

    i guess the same way you ignore 4.5 billion years of earth’s history.

  53. is that supposed to be an insult?
    if so, you should at least get your science right. we didn’t evolve from apes. both humans and apes evolved from a common ancestor.

  54. The usual misunderstanding of evolution. Current apes, and current humans, had a common ancestor.

  55. i could go into a long explanation of hominid evolution but it would be immaterial.
    the only material answer to your question is another question.
    ie: and that matters how?
    my original comment was in response to the commenter “lll” who asked “from which line of apes did your family evolve”.
    the answer is none. end of story.

  56. There is no explanation for hominid ‘evolution’ and there is no fossil record. DNA research traces humans back to a common female ancestor in Africa that begins the human chain. She was fully human and there are no intervening species… so where did she come from, professor?

  57. really?
    fully human?
    where do you get that from?
    let me guess, it all happened 6,000 years ago.

  58. you mean the genome that shows that humans share 99% of our dna with bonobo apes?
    that genome, raindrop?

    oh yeah, and i am still waiting for your answer about where you got your info that the common female hominid ancestor in africa was “fully human” and that there were “no intervening species”.

  59. Whenever you don’t have an answer for my questions, you ignore them, then ask three more of me to cover your tracks. Let’s get back to the original question. I did half your homework, you do the rest.

    Explain how the human race can be traced back to a Mitochondrial Eve who lived about 100,000 years ago in Africa if any of the supposed ‘fossil record’ actually exists, or means what paleontologists want you to believe it means?

    DNA says the human race is about 100,000 years old with a single African ancestor. What does the gilded hand say? The world awaits.

  60. I guess when all else fails, just say “God did it.” Maybe the ark failing was “God’s will”? After all, if He wanted it to succeed, millions of believers would be visiting it yearly, and helping pay back the taxpayer money used to support this religious theme park. Ken Ham is implying that atheists have more power than God apparently.

    Which also now set a dangerous precedent. What if other religious groups demand taxpayer money to fund museums for stuff they believe in? Hey, they did it for Christians here, why not Muslims, Hindus, or Buddhists?

    This is why “separation of Church and State” is a thing in the US Constitution. Unless you’re cool with state-sanctioned crusades, jihads, witch trials and book burning events.

  61. Simple fact science was founded by Christians. Also thee is more science at the Ark Encounter than most natural history museums, they have more faith based claims than science. You do know that evolution is a faith not science.

  62. No it is not provable wrong. The simple facts that all dating methods are full of error and make massive assumptions. Scientist dated rocks based on the fossils in them then found the fossils were of still living creatures. They take submerged rocks and use methods to date them that require no water contact for the entire period of dating Because the radio carbon washes away if submerged.

  63. Wonder if Ken ham / answer in genesis have some financial obligation to fulfill to kentucky/ towns nearby after wasting 100$ dollar in tax break…

    probably not…

  64. Science was founded by Christians. I guess Aristotle, Archimedes, the arabs who gave geometry textbooks to the Europeans, and the chinese who knew the earth was round centuries before Christians did were all Christians. Who Knew?

    Evolution is faith? are you saying that faith is a terrible way to know anything?

    Next, you’ll tell me that Trump is descended from Adam.

  65. I never said I did not believe in science I just believe good science. You are the one that only puts out a well there are these things that say. I gave examples.

  66. No suprise you don’t know the differnece between Math, philosophy, and math. Yes, modern science was founded by Christians. And it was accepted by many chrirstians that the earth was round since the founding, and the Israelites believed it was round before that. And since Trump is human yes he and you are both decended from Adam.

  67. mitochondrial eve? that’s your “proof”? that’s all you got?
    well first of all you have misstated your own “evidence”. according to the link you sent me:
    “In 1987, A world wide survey of human mitochondrial DNA
    (mtDNA) was published by Cann, Stoneking, and Wilson in Nature magazine.
    Its main point was that “all mitochondrial DNAs stem from one woman”
    and that she probably lived around 200,000 years ago in Africa.”

    note 200,000 years ago. not 100,000 years ago as you wrote. but hell what’s 100,000 years give or take?

    second of all you and your source have misinterpreted the theory of mitochondrial eve.

    third of all i love how you creationists disparage darwin as just a “theory” but when a “theory” occurs that matches your preconceived beliefs you all of a sudden love you some science.

    fourth of all i could debate you further but quite frankly i don’t engage in quixotic adventures. i will never be able to convince you of my position and you will never be able to convince me of yours.
    so continue put your faith in god and creation and i will continue to put my faith in science.

    go with god (or the flying spaghetti monster), my friend.

  68. Creationism as an allegedly scientific idea is only a century old. It has no basis in reality. Evolution is a proven and effective scientific framework for interpretation of biological data and research.

    Creationism is just dishonest Protestants trying to browbeat people into accepting their religious beliefs. Every creationist is a 1iar by nature.

  69. Hurling insults does nothing to demonstrate you know what you are talking about.

  70. Creationism as an allegedly scientific idea is only a century old. It has no basis in reality. Evolution is a proven and effective scientific framework for interpretation of biological data and research.

    Creationism is just dishonest. Protestants trying to browbeat people into accepting their religious beliefs.

  71. The creation story need not be literal. That is just immaturity incarnate. It is like saying people have zero appreciation for metaphor and do not create intellectual or emotional connections with fictional writings.

    Plus religious belief has ways to insulate itself from rational criticism.

  72. It was never a scientific theory. You can’t cite to anything from a scientific source which supports your ideas.

    “If you dispute that a single pair of cats can create all lions, for instance, you are disputing mainstream, secular genetics, not just creationists.”

    That is not even possible with artificial selection, let alone natural selection. Breeders of various animals require large numbers of original stock to create sustainable populations.

  73. See my posts two weeks ago.

    The presence of so many herbivores on a wooden vessel would have created toxic conditions which would have killed the crew. There is no way the effluence could be disposed of fast enough. It would have impregnated the hull. Cholera for everyone.

    Transporting live cargo by sea wouldn’t be a safe activity for crew and cargo until the advent of steam power and metal ships.

  74. Creationism requires ignoring:
    -engineering of ancient ships

    “Every scientist comes to evidence of unseen past events with a belief because the cause of the event is unknowable from a limited human perspective.”

    How the heck would you know anything about what scientists do? You are trying to make excuses for mythology.

  75. “It states NO tax dollars were spent.”

    That is weasel wording deception. Typical of creationists. Tax benefits came in the form of breaks given. Tax revenue denied the state for such a project. Taxes one is no longer obligated to pay are revenue earned. The equivalent of taxpayers funding it directly.

    Plus the “article” is simply Ham’s letter to the editor claiming he was being misrepresented. The fact the original story was not retracted speaks volumes on Ham’s lack of veracity.

    The concept of a theme park misrepresenting science and history is offensive. They are claiming this nonsense is fact. Funds which could have gone towards educating children went to religious inspired fantasy based amusement.

  76. without original sin there is nothing to be saved from, no need for jesus. it’s what we were taught as christian children, that only jesus could save us from hell.

    ‘belief’ IS THE INSULATOR from rational facts.

  77. Not the point. Most people are capable of thinking metaphorically. Literalism and rational proof is not required.

  78. 25%, the lowest number in our history, believe every word in the bible is historical and true. we thinkers are the majority.

  79. So when people ask if your parents were siblings, you do not feel insulted at all. Because you think it is perfectly natural and no comment on your genetic lineage.

  80. Try opening a science book. Water effects radio carbon dating. And look up the Coelacanth, for decades they used the fossil of this fish to say rocks were millions of years old yet it is stll alive today.

  81. “A man has no reason to be ashamed of having an ape for his grandfather. If there was an ancestor whom I should feel shame in recalling it would rather be a man — a man of restless and versatile intellect — who not content with an equivocal success in his own sphere of activity, plunges into scientific questions with which he has no real acquaintance, only to obscure them with aimless rhetoric, and distract the attention of his hearers from the real point at issue by eloquent digressions and skilled appeals to religious prejudice.”
    — Thomas Henry Huxley 30 June 1860 in response to Samuel Wilberforce, who during a debate had sarcastically questioned: “whether he was descended from an ape on his grandmother’s side or his grandfather’s”

  82. I was reading through this thread until I came upon your list of what once were once called ‘scientific methods.’ Since what has happened in the past, is in the past, you have no measurables, you don’t have a controlled environment, meaning you cannot make ‘repeated observations.’ What you do is not science, it’s poorly sourced guess work.

    You’re a detective at a million year old crime scene who has no witnesses, no transitional fossils, and no differences in species types from the beginning to the end of the fossil record, in other words, next to no evidence. You’re making a gumshoe’s guesses, but you want the world to believe that because some piker with a Phd found a tooth in a gully in Africa that he knows something the rest of the world doesn’t know?

    Here’s science for you. Flight 187 blew up as it took off from La Guardia and the Coast Guard pulled almost the entire airplane off the bottom of the ocean. It’s sitting in a hangar to this day, with all but a few shards of metal accounted for… and you brilliant scientists can’t tell us what blew that plane out of the sky… but you can pull a tooth, or a shinbone out of the ground in Ethiopia and construct an entire society for the gullible, and even tell us how life began… Brilliant… and great work if you can get it.

  83. I see you have a friend working for Disqus…. or maybe that’s you who marks replies you don’t like as PENDING.

  84. i have no idea what you’re talking about.
    i don’t even know what a “pending reply” is.
    i’m willing to get anyone’s reply.

  85. ANY science book. I was wrong it doesn’t leech it it prevents it being absorbed. And I am guessing you are not a scientist with any study in this area because you do not know this simple fact.

  86. Ahh, the Parisian cabby’s reply, without the substance. Quaint.

  87. And you just proved yourself to not being worried about facts. Like I said any science book that addresses radio-carbon dating. And no I do not watch Fox. I research and make educated conclusions based on facts not what someone tells me to think.

  88. And you are not a scientist you are a system anylist at an Ironworks factory.

  89. And if you bothered to read this you would see it only deals with atmospheric absorbtion, not submerged, because there is nearly no carbon in a submerged enviroment to be absorbed. You are such a close minded person you can not even begin to understand the very science you say you support.

  90. I see you are pushing false information again on someone else. By your very arguement evolution is not science, since it has never been observed, is not able to be replicated and hates skepticism. It is pushed as fact with no eviedence and what is put out is revised every few years to try and fit the eviedence that denies the posiblity of evolution. There are no transitional fossils period. No differnce in species from types from begining to end of the fossil record. Evolution is not science it is fantasy and myth wrapped in dogma.

  91. Oh and just so everyone knows WIliam is not a scientist he is a System anylist at a foundry.

  92. You do know that they use one dating method to validate the other then, use those methodes that they have used to created teh other together to come up with dates. And Radio carbon is the long age method.

  93. Provide just one example where the scientific method, for which theory is proven true by being observable and repeatable, demonstrates that Darwin’s theory of evolution is true. Don’t bother with Finches in the Galapagos islands – that is not evolution, it is genetic variability adapting to the environment (same reason why people in a given region as well as across the globe don’t all look the same). For evolution to be true, one kind has to evolve into another kind (like dinosaur to bird or land animal to whale, etc…). Also, piecing bones together from different kinds to create a false hybrid does not count as evolution : ) , that is just lying. Again, just one amazingly fantastic example that will explain why scientists believe in evolution (which I’ve yet to hear one). Now in contrast, the Bible is testable, verifiable, observed by many many eye witnesses (even including those in Jesus’ day who HATED Him, but could not deny the miracles He performed because they saw it with their own eyes), and is evidenced by all creation. If the Bible was written by superstitious (that is, erroneous) men thousands of years ago (we’ll presume of much lower education than we today), then why is it that it’s truth still stands today? Jeremiah 5:21 says “Hear this, O foolish and senseless people, who have eyes, but see not, who have ears, but hear not.”

  94. Ham preaches a false Christianity and he will burn in hell for it.

  95. I work in evolutionary genomics. Think pharma and antibiotic resistance.

    What you say is garbage. Science uncovers truth not though individual research but through the accumulation of evidence over time. Evolution far beyond what you seem to misunderstand a “theory” as being. It is a fact. I watch it in the lab. I see it with my instruments and my own eyes. I see it in small increments and I watch microbes speciate.

    Young earth creationists attempt to shore up their ideas by doing pseudoscience. They gather a piece of research here or there to try and shore up their theories. They produce little to no research of their own. Look at answersingenesis. com and you will find a piece of research here and there that has been cherry picked because its results seem to bring things into discrepancy. And yet they have picked one neon flashing cherry from fifty thousand red ones and are trying to convince me by it that all cherries are neon flashing. They are not.

    The evidence is clear and voluminous. The earth is not 6000 years old. It is VERY old and not only is this written in the starlight, the galaxy, our star system, the rocks, and the water. It is written right into the clocks ticking inside of the genetic code in every living thing.

  96. Not gonna argue religion here, because that is not the point. The point is AIG convinced the City of Williamstown, Grant County, and the Governor to offer them some very lucrative concessions in the expectation that their ark would draw people to local businesses and not one of them looked at the plan and asked themselves, “Why would someone visiting this attraction spend money in the surrounding area?”

    There is nothing about this attraction that is going to convince somebody to stay more than a few hours. This is not a destination, it’s a day trip. I was in Blue Ash, which is on the northeast side of Cincinnati, a couple of months ago and there was a seniors group staying in the hotel. They woke them up, gave them breakfast, and put them on a bus for the Ark. They were back at the hotel in time for a late lunch and a nap before the Lawrence Welk Tribute Band fired it up for the Enchantment Under the Stars dinner-dance. I guarantee you that not one of them spent so much as a dime anywhere in Grant County except at that Ark.

    My point is almost no one is going to come to the area just to see the ark and no one who visits the ark is going to stay in Grant County. They are going to stay in Newport, Covington, or Cincinnati where there are other things to see and do. How many people it draws and whether the reported numbers are accurate or not is irrelevant.

  97. Hey, Jason.

    Here is what you fail to understand. God created a 50-billion year old universe by speaking it into existence from nothing. And he did it about 6,000 years ago, in six (24-hour) days, just like it says in Genesis 1. If you see indications that the universe is older than 6,000 years, that is because God made it that way. But remember, he actually made it 6,000 years ago.

    I hope you realize too that when God created Adam, he was not a baby. Adam was likely about 20 years old when God created him, he was already potty-trained, and he already knew the language. Because that’s the way God created him.

    See? Appearances can be deceiving. Nothing is impossible with God.

    If you do not see that, it is because of Romans 1:20-22.

  98. @gilded_hand . . .

    4.5 billion years of earth’s history? Where did you get that crazy idea?

    Here is what you fail to understand. God created a 50-billion year old universe by speaking it into existence from nothing. And he did it about 6,000 years ago, in six (24-hour) days, just like it says in Genesis 1. If you see indications that the universe is older than 6,000 years, that is because God made it that way. But remember, he actually made it 6,000 years ago.

    I hope you realize too that when God created Adam, he was not a baby. Adam was likely about 20 years old when God created him, he was already potty-trained, and he already knew the language. Because that’s the way God created him.

    See? Appearances can be deceiving. Nothing is impossible with God.

    If you do not see that, it is because of Romans 1:20-22.

  99. so god could have created prokaryotes 4.5 billion years ago that then evolved into all other life forms on earth.

    “nothing is impossible with god.”

  100. 50 billion eh? Where did that number come from? Sounds like a number that some Hindus hold to. Or you are confusing the width of the Universe, which is currently calculated to be nearly 50 billion light years to a side. But as to age, the weight of evidence points to the Universe begin 13.82 billion years old. If you deny this, refute data from the Plank satellite.

    The theology of the universe being created to look already old is actually considered heresy by most fundamentalists and young earth creationists.

    But more importantly, why would God create a universe to look old in every single way, then tell us that we must believe the opposite of what we see? Furthermore, why would he tell us that we must affirm that it is the opposite of what we see (that it is 6000 years old), or be sent to hell? And where exactly in the Bible does it say that it works this way and God demands this of us? Romans 1:20-22 doesn’t say this.

    The fact of the matter is that God does not ask us to believe things that are demonstrably false. That is an incorrect understanding of faith. Faith means trusting God about the things we do not or cannot know, not believing in falsehood as a test. The Universe came into existence 13.82 billion years ago. Genesis is a story, like many parts of the Bible are narrative stories. And to believe in it literally is to twist scripture.

  101. There was no taxpayer money used to subsidize the attraction. The state essentially offered a discount on collecting sales tax. BIG difference. Please check your facts.

  102. Despite Ham’s (and Fox News’) claim there is an attack on Christianity, over 70% of Americans identify as Christians. It’s not Christianity that’s a problem, it’s Ham’s ridiculous, anti-science interpretation. He and his kind make a mockery of Christianity.

  103. Ummm… genetic variability adapting to the environment is the definition of evolution…

  104. Just got this off Google (not my personal definition):
    “Genetic variability is a measure of the tendency of individual genotypes in a population to vary from one another, also. Variability is different from genetic diversity, which is the amount of variation seen in a particular population. Aug 8, 2016”

    No reference to evolution. Looking at the definition for evolution, the following are provided:
    1. The process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth.
    2. The gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

    I also found the following: “Mutations are changes in the DNA. A single mutation can have a large effect, but in many cases, evolutionary change is based on the accumulation of many mutations. Gene flow is any movement of genes from one population to another and is an important source of genetic variation.”

    What causes genetic mutation? I get this: “Acquired (or somatic) mutations occur at some time during a person’s life and are present only in certain cells, not in every cell in the body. These changes can be caused by environmental factors such as ultraviolet radiation from the sun, or can occur if a mistake is made as DNA copies itself during cell division.”

    Several challenges (not an exhaustive list, but one’s that stand out in my mind) with evolution as a concept include:

    1) Evolution has not been observed (many mutations resulting in a MORE COMPLEX form of life). Again, a person who’s ancestry is from Africa is not more/less evolved than a person who’s ancestry is from Europe; however, genetic variability has allowed for them to adapt to their environment.

    2) Looking at the cause(s) of genetic mutation, this is described as an anomaly and the natural tendency of our cells (in support of what I’ll call our “well being”) is to replicate consistently, preserving the genome integrity during the replication process. Cancer is an example of mutation where cells being to replicate out of control and has an adverse impact on one’s health. When we see genetic mutations (everything from a frog with 3 legs, a deformed limb, cancer, etc…) we don’t see that this as an improvement over the ‘simpler’ copy from which it derived. Instead it is anything between a nuisance (in the least) to life threatening (in the worst).

    3) Building upon #1 and #2, let’s look at the giraffe. Ok, what is the most notable feature? The long neck, right? So mutation #1 occurred a long time ago that caused the neck to elongate. Problem #1: Giraffe dies because blood flow is now insufficient to travel against gravity up the long neck. So, mutation #2 happens – larger, stronger heart. Problem #2: Giraffe dies because while blood flow is good to travel up to the brain through the elongated neck now, blood vessels burst and brain hemorrhages when giraffe bends down to drink because heart and gravity are now working together. So, now mutation #3 has to happen – develop a micronetwork of blood vessels at the base of the brain to act as a sponge to prevent hemorrhaging when bending over. What evolution supposes is three separate and distinct mutations (though necessary to support each other), impacting different parts of the body (heart, brain, neck) all having to initiate at the same time, and all having to happen at the same rate of change (this is not a new claim within creationist/atheist debates, just has yet to be “explained away” as a product of evolution).

    I’d really be interested in avoiding the usual cliche responses to just discredit creationist scientists, saying they’re “stupid”, calling me names or taking shots at my own intelligence, etc… stick to supporting your position with logic and research in a spirit of mutual respect. I will not respond to derogatory statements as has been sometimes provided in the past within this forum.

  105. You seem to think that evolutionary change occurs instantaneously. It doesn’t. There were not generations of “no-neck” giraffes and then suddenly a no-necked giraffe birthed one with a 10 foot long neck. Over long periods of time, proto-giraffes developed slightly longer necks because they were better able to reach food higher up on trees that other proto-giraffes could not reach. Because of this they were more likely to survive and pass on their genes which favored longer necks. Over hundreds or thousands of generations the neck, and the physiology to support it, grew longer in tandem with each other and gave us the giraffe we know today.

    I’m not going to address your other points because they ware simply a rehash of the cherry picking and distortions that are propagated by creationist websites and lecturers, except to say that evolution does sometimes result in less complex organisms when complexity becomes unfavorable to survival, such as cave fish, which are blind, but have vestigial eyes, or whales, which have pelvic bones associated with legs, but have no legs.

  106. In the movie the animals all magically fall asleep and don’t poop.

  107. Where is the fun in that? 🙂

    Darren Aronofsky was far more creative in dealing with the story than your average Creationist, who usually just throw their hands up and shout “It was a miracle”.

  108. No difference. The tax payer is out millions.

  109. Wrong, Wrong, and spectacularly wrong.

  110. It has been observed many times.
    Peacocking your ignorance doesn’t change the fact that you don’t Have a clue what your talking about

  111. Completely impossible. Not even remotely plausible.

  112. Taxpayers would have gotten zero benefit if it had been built somewhere else. The rebate offered by Kentucky wooed Answers in Genesis to build in Kentucky as opposed to Indiana or Ohio or elsewhere. Kentucky wins, Ohio, Indiana and anywhere else loses. So sorry you’re grumpy about getting the revenue instead of someone else.

  113. There is virtually no revenue for them to get. Taxpayers are currently getting negative benefits. That’s why the county brought in new taxes that the ark also tried to weasel out of.

  114. Your list does not have a single example of transition of species, simple changes within a species.

  115. There are several. That you are unaware of that is proof you didn’t read it. Like I said willfull, deliberate ignorance. Here’s a video. No reading required.

  116. No, I read it eviedently you did not or you are just ignorant. Finchs are finchs, moths are moths, skinks are still skinks. All this article showed were minor changes within a group, no transitions. In fact the very first one thos same moths have changed back to more 50/50 ratio in light and dark.

  117. Deliberate and willful ignorance. This is why people point and laugh at religious lunatics.

  118. You are right, they laugh because they do not even understand what they are posting. You provide no eviedence and say it is. You result to insulting while not understanding the most basic information. Evolutionist are willfully ignorant and do not even understand the very theory they are defending or the eviedence that is presented does not support thier arguements. I feel sorry that you are can not even read and understand the very article you are using.

  119. It it opposite day? Or is it Bradley Poplin peacocks his scientific illiteracy day?
    What the hell. It can be both.

    Pointing and laughing.
    And laughing.
    And laughing.

  120. First, my apologies for not replying sooner, I’ve not been closely monitoring this forum. Embedded within the theory of evolution is the idea of small changes over a long period of time (I understand that) as well as an increase in complexity (simple life forms becoming complex life forms). The issue with the giraffe isn’t the supposed long period of small changes, but rather the implied intelligence that these unrelated mutations involving the heart, the neck, and blood vessels at the base of the brain all just miraculously happened together. The fact that evolution suggests this all happened over a long period of time actually works against itself, because in effect, we are left to believe under the framework of evolution is that the the process was very gradual. This is like mutation one resulting in a slightly longer neck, mutation two amazingly is saying slightly longer neck again (incredible odds for random mutations). Now mutation after mutation after mutation are all saying the same thing: “longer neck please” – like spinning the roulette wheel hundreds of thousands of times over millions of years and always being spot on. If you say, “wait Robert, a single mutation could have resulted in the neck being much longer in just a single step”, then you fall back into the first trap that we then have to assume that 3 independent mutations occurred at the same time: long neck + larger heart + complex blood vessel structure to protect brain. Unrealistic odds every way we look at.
    The whale example is also backwards to evolution as this (if we continue to operate in the fictitious realm of evolution) would represent a LOSS of genetic data. Evolution results in more complex life (that is the molecules-to-man concept… can a molecule LOSE genetic information and become more complex, such as a person? Plain, rational thinking shows this is not possible). Is the view I have on whales just the biased and unsupported opinion of me? No:

  121. Some people are so stuck on stupid it becomes a burden just to teach basic facts. Come back when you have facts that apply. Just keep laughing, fools love to laugh at the intellegent.

  122. That’s not a very nice way to talk about yourself.
    Irony is not your friend.
    Logic and reason don’t like you either.

  123. The million dollar question:

    Will you go to Heaven when you die? Here’s a quick test: Have you ever lied, stolen, or used God’s name in vain? Jesus said,
    “Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”
    If you have done these things, God sees you as a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart,
    and the Bible warns that one day God will punish you in a terrible place called Hell.
    But God is not willing that any should perish. Sinners broke God’s Law and Jesus paid their fine.
    This means that God can legally dismiss their case:
    “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,
    that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”
    Then Jesus rose from the dead, defeating death. Today, repent and trust Jesus, and God will give you eternal life as a free gift.
    Then read the Bible daily and obey it. God will never fail you.

  124. I don’t believe there is or was ever a god, very few of the bible stories can be verified outside the bible. some names, some places, but no stories. sorry you wasted your time.

  125. Because you have no clue what logic, reason or facts are I can not spend anymore time trying to educate you. Please go get help. Because I am done with you.

  126. Bwahahaha. Is it opposite day? You can’t educate anyone on anything because you don’t understand anything. Not understanding topics doesn’t mean you are smarter than the people who do. You’re confused because you’re a dummy.

  127. No it wasn’t it was built with donations and income from the Creation Museum.

  128. Millions in tourist money has flooded the area porviding more money in taxes than what was discounted to the Ark Encounter.

  129. You do know that the tempatures and being dark would put most large animals into a hibernative state. That is proven fact.

  130. Not even close. Orders of magnitude less. That’s why the county brought in new taxes that target the ark. It wouldn’t even pay for the increases to road maintenance.

  131. Nopety nope nope. Science predates Christianity by thousands of years.

  132. Elephants are famous hibernators. They naturally sleep for up to 8 months of the year.
    You are hilarious.

  133. And a very large gift of free land, tax incentives, and special taxes on thier minimum wage employees.
    But other than those 10’s of millions it was all thier own money.
    Bwahahaha. So wrong about everything.

  134. No land was given it was purchased. Everytime you comment you prove you have no idea what you are talking about.

  135. every land mammal on earth goes into a stupper in constant cool tempatures, the metabolism slows tremendously. Go and get some facts. Because you constantly prove you have no idea what you are talking about.

  136. Oh, I just check your profile. You are a paid troll. How much do you get per comment?

  137. One shill taco every time I get someone to expose themselves as an ignoramus.
    You’re feeding me good this week.

    How paranoid and narcissistic do you have to be to think that anyone who disagrees with you must have been paid to do it?

  138. You mean dies from exposure?

    You accusing other of ignorance while peacocking your own is pretty damn funny.

  139. Wrong. It was “sold” for less then 1% of its market value.
    Rubber, meet glue.

  140. Learn science, Zoos often use this method to keep large animals sedated or placid. Death from exposure only happens at extreme tempatures. But I don’t expect someone with no desire to learn anything or even use basic intelegence to understand facts. And just so you know this will be the last paycheck you get from commenting on my facts.

  141. Please, educate me about girrafe hibernation, also explain why it would be so cold at sea level in the middle East.

  142. Darren Aranofsky already went that route in the movie. He had freedom to ad lib. He was making a fantasy film. 🙂

  143. My family and I flew in from California to visit the Ark Encounter on July 7, 2017, its one-year anniversary. We arrived early to try to beat the crowd, but no such luck. Within an hour after opening, the Ark Encounter was packed. Had to work hard to keep track of the little kids and great grandma too. Then mid-afternoon we had lunch at Emzara’s Kitchen, the buffet-style restaurant on site. Also packed, but the food was good and inexpensive. All-in-all, enjoyed ourselves immensely and would highly recommend a visit to the Ark by anyone interested in a well-thought out, Biblically-accurate and most impressive exhibit.

  144. That’s a fair criticism. Noah had a lot of time to build the ark, so it seems reasonable that there would be a series of corrals, stables, cages or other structures to hold the animals as they were collected. Evidence of this must have been washed away in the flood. There must be biblical scholars who could estimate the amount of fecal matter that would be produced in forty days by the species on the ark. The stench of ammonia from urine breaking down must have been amazing.

    The thing that interests me most about Ark Encounter is how the bonds are to be paid off: one tranche at a time. Interest and principal are due in October of every year, with interest only payments in April.

  145. Not every mammal is built to hibernate. You’re more likely to die of hypothermia if you have to stay at too low of a temperature for too long.

  146. Sorry I’ve not replied sooner. It’s not the amount of time that is the problem for genetic variability, it’s that the genetic variability (driven by what? RANDOM mutation and natural selection?) has to “know” to increase the giraffe neck length (supposedly this is the natural selection component – to lengthen the neck to be able to reach up into the trees?) yet also enlarge the heart correspondingly, yet, then develop a network of blood vessels that acts like a sponge to normalize the blood pressure going to the brain when bending over to drink. Millions of years is just a cop-out mechanism to allow for anything to happen. Lastly, the “achilles heel” of your argument of slow change in genetic variability is that it would necessitate MANY transitional forms that very slowly and progressively ‘evolve’ into the present-day form of giraffes. To the chagrin of darwinian evolutionary theory, the fossil record does NOT support many iterative forms working from Thing 1 to Thing 2… to Thing 187, etc… hence, why the hypothesis of punctuated equilibrium has been created to help explain the lack of many small changes, albeit weakly. By contrast, the fossil record fits what would be expected from a biblical creationist worldview.

    BTW the whale “hip bones” are not attached to the spine and DO currently serve a purpose as it relates to whale reproduction… so is not a vestigial leftover… just like our “tail bone” that is not actually a tail; it creates an anchor point for muscles to tie onto in supporting the organs above. Again… intentional design, not a leftover.

    Best regards –

  147. Considering this project has received untold millions of dollars in taxpayer dollars since its inception why isn’t it required to publicly disclose its attendance figures in an audited statement?

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