The new Christian movement: Starting over after 2,000 years

BOISE, Idaho – A body of believers representing a growing Christian “remnant” movement, the Doctrine of Christ Conference announced today that a vote to canonize new scripture will be held at its upcoming conference on September 2-3, 2017. The culmination of tens of thousands of hours of ongoing volunteer effort to assemble an “open” canon of Christian scripture, both ancient and modern, this effort represents a bold move to embrace the expansive truth-seeking roots of original Christianity.

The hosts of the conference are part of an emerging group of believers who have exited various organized Christian structures in favor of a new tide of open religious thought and worship that is highly individual, involving no paid clergy and no formal leadership. Consisting of fellowships, as taught and practiced at the time of Jesus Christ, the faithful in this new school of thought believe that God is capable of revealing His Word to anyone who earnestly seeks it, and when truth is discovered, it should be added to the canon of inspired writings.

Chris Hamill, spokesperson for the scriptures project said, “The last known major canonization was in 1672 by the Eastern Orthodox Church, so nothing like this has been seen in orthodox or Protestant Christianity in nearly 350 years. Not even the Mormon Church, or any of its offshoots, ever formally canonized (or accepted by common consent of the membership) all of their scriptures--including the Book of Mormon. This is a very important historical development.”

An “open” canon allows for the possibility that additional inspired writings may be discovered and added in the future, as well as the possibility that God may choose to speak again to mankind. “Two thousand years from Christ's sacrifice, five hundred years from the Protestant Reformation, and two hundred years from the ministry of the Prophet Joseph Smith, the hand of God is moving again. Signs in the heavens above and on the earth below testify that we are approaching an important moment in history,” said Denver Snuffer Jr., one of the movement’s primary influencers and author of 16 volumes on the subject. “In this moment, God has and is speaking again to allow those who are interested to know His will to guide us through the coming distresses and perplexities of the nations.”

About the Doctrine of Christ Conference: As an assembly of loosely-organized Christian fellowships from around the world, this 3rd semi-annual Doctrine of Christ Conference will be held September 2-3, 2017 at several venues in the Boise, Idaho area. The conference is free and open to the public. Participants may attend in person or via live video or audio feed. To learn more about the Doctrine of Christ Conference, please visit

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