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The Shroud of Turin – the ticking time bomb

SPRING BRANCH, Texas – How ironic that Christianity’s most precious relic, widely held as validating Jesus’s resurrection, actually denies it. So concludes author J. Thomas Devins in his recently published book, The Illusion of Death. The Shroud is Jesus’s burial cloth. It contains a faint image of His prone, naked body complete with biblically accurate crucifixion wounds: one hundred thirty flesh and scalp wounds, nail holes in the wrists and feet and a spear jab in the side.

The Gospels use the Greek word egerthe to describe resurrection. It means to arise, to awaken. You “egerthe” when you awake and go from horizontal in your bed to vertical on the floor.

Shroud research reveals that Jesus did not “egerthe.” His body dematerialized into its atomic parts in accord with the well-known principle of matter duality. The evidence is compelling. The cloth was exposed to a flux of atomic radiation so intense that it altered its chemical composition, made it impossible to accurately radiocarbon date and imprinted the image of a 29 AD Roman coin that covered His right eye. Matthew’s account of the first Easter Sunday tells of a great earthquake and an angel that appeared like lightening, then proceeded to roll back the entry stone to the tomb. What he meant was an energy release occurred inside the tomb that produced a flash of light and a rumbling of the earth so strong that it dislodged the entry stone.

“Moreover,” Devins concludes, “that which happened to Jesus is possible for anyone willing to follow a prescribed practice.” In support, he cites the 1998 death of Buddhist monk Khenpo A-Chos. His body also vanished at death in a radiation display. Called rainbow body, thousands of Easterners like him have gracefully exited the planet without leaving a corpse behind. The monk followed a yogic practice called Dzogchen. Jesus too was into mind training and taught something akin to Dzogchen, but one must look to the non-canonical Gospel of Thomas to find it. Based on these observations Devins finds that Jesus was a very human wisdom guru, not a divine savior. “Furthermore,” he says, “the words of Genesis 3:19, ‘to dust you shall return,’ are not a divinely ordered condemnation verdict. They speak to personal choice.’”

Truth is in the house. When it becomes fully known Christianity will have some explaining to do, including a rethink of resurrection doctrine. Why wait until the end of time to get your body back? Take it with you when you go.

Tick, Tick, Tick.


Tom Devins is a Chemical Engineer who was mystically called to write as he did. He lives in Spring Branch, Texas. To learn more about him and the book, please visit

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