Former Alabama Chief Justice and U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore speaks at a revival Nov. 14, 2017, in Jackson, Ala. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

Amid calls to step down, Moore finds refuge with his base

JACKSON, Ala. (AP) — Taking the pulpit at a Baptist revival at a south Alabama church, Republican Roy Moore quoted lengthy Bible passages and made only passing reference to the allegations against him of sexual misconduct with teenagers.

The former judge found a brief refuge Tuesday night (Nov. 14) from the political firestorm and the calls from national Republicans in elected office for him to drop out of the Alabama Senate race. Speaking in between hymns and sermons urging people to accept Jesus, the embattled Senate candidate dismissed the allegations as an effort to derail his rise to the Senate and end his political career that included an effort to halt same-sex marriage in the state and install a granite Ten Commandments monument in the lobby of the state appellate courthouse.

"After 40-something years of fighting this battle, I'm now facing allegations. And that's all the press want to talk about," Moore said. "But I want to talk about the issues. I want to talk about where this country's going and if we don't get back to God, we're not going anywhere."

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Two women have accused Moore of sexually molesting them in the 1970s when one was 14 and the other 16 and he was a deputy district attorney in his 30s. Three others have said he pursued romantic relationships with them when they were between the ages of 16 and 18.

"I thought that he was going to rape me," Beverly Young Nelson said in a news conference Monday as she accused Moore of assaulting her when she was a 16-year-old waitress after he offered to drive her home.

Moore has denied the accusations of sexual misconduct but in his limited media interviews did not wholly rule out dating teenagers as a man in his 30s. He has largely avoided reporters in his recent campaign stops.

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Inside the recreation hall of the 200-member Walker Springs Road Baptist Church, Moore, who built his political brand on the intertwining of God and government, found a friendly crowd.

Don Day, 83, said he refuses to believe the allegations against Moore. "He is nothing but a godly man trying to make this country come to its senses because of liberals and the other side of the fence trying to protect their evil ways," Day said.

"It is very terrible, but it would be bad for him to be innocent and them go after him," Shontelle Wright, a 48-year-old mother of three, said of the allegations.

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Long a divisive figure in his home state, Moore was twice elected chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and twice removed from those duties because of stands against gay marriage and for the display of the Ten Commandments in a public building.

Moore's religious-themed stands won him a loyal following among evangelical voters that helped propel him to victory over Sen. Luther Strange, who was backed both by President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Moore is trying to maintain that support in the Dec. 12 election against Democrat Doug Jones.

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Mike Allison, the pastor of Madison Baptist Church, in his introduction praised Moore as someone "against the murder of the unborn by abortion" and against the "redefinition of marriage."

"He is a fighter," Allison said.


  1. Of course he finds refuge with his base— because baseness is what this is all about. In that respect, he’s deplorably like 2Rump. Meanwhile, another accuser has come forward, this time detailing Moore’s adulterous-by-christian-standards groping of a woman not his wife while he was married to his wife.

    It is very telling that 8% of the voters in Alabama are still undecided about Moore. They really can’t decide which is worse— voting for a creepy hypocrite who likes underaged girls…

    or a Democrat.


    That X-Files poster pitch is to go with these headlines:

    New Poll Shows Roy Moore Trailing Democrat Doug Jones by 12 Points
    – Fox News, November 15, 2017

    NRSC poll: Moore trails Jones by 12
    – Politico, 11/15/2017

  3. Well, these are tough times for Judge Moore. It’s the fight of his political life.

    On the positive side, you have people like attorney Gloria Allred, representing the teenager accusing Moore. To her credit, Allred at least understands something about American concepts like “fairness”, “due process”, “a little space to state your case.”

    So Allred says if Moore will testify under oath, she will allow an expert to examine this “yearbook” thing. No telling if Moore will agree to it, but AT LEAST attorney Allred seems to be practicing the aforementioned concepts.

    Fox News’ Sean Hannity was a bit more impatient, “giving Moore 24 hours” to explain what he called “inconsistencies.” 24 hours ain’t much time, but it’s a lot more fair than Mitch McConnell’s blatant rush to judgment.

    But even with Allred and Hannity showing a little fairness, it’s all uphill now for Moore. The RNC money boys say they won’t help Moore, and Ivanka Trump is yapping about “a special place in hell” for Moore.

    Thankfully, Donald Trump is keeping quiet for now (perhaps he remembers all the hateful, spiteful, caustic fallout from his “grabby” video), but Trump initially supported a rival of Moore’s — not Moore himself.

    So now, Moore has only himself and his religious base. Moore is fighting hard, even bravely, but the GOP big boys now oppose him whether he’s innocent or guilty. I don’t think he’ll be able to withstand it much longer. (But then again, I was certain that Trump’s 2016 campaign was stone-dead after the “grabby” video surfaced. I was wrong.)

  4. “Well, these are tough times for Judge Moore.” As they should be, given the seriousness of the allegations. Would you give Moore money, at this point in time, if you were one of the “RNC money boys”? In my opinion, it would be irresponsible.

  5. When he files a suit in a court of law and complies fully during discovery, only then will I give him a benefit of the doubt…an tiny amount though. This man’s past speaks for itself and I’m not referring to the current situation or his attempts at establishing bible based authoritarian law but his not so carefully hidden efforts at maintaining that state’s constitution mandates.

  6. Just how can Moore’s supporters call themselves Christians? IMHO it is the height of hypocrisy. BTW, the “need” for these repeated revivals demonstrates the very weakness of their faith.

  7. There are other polls showing a much closer race — at this point the 12 percent lead shown in one poll is an exception. If Moore stays in the race we will see some real polling — what people do in the privacy of a voting booth.

  8. Yup, as you should well know, there is no bottom to the kind of Christian baseness that attacks everyone for not being just like them. So, a vote for President Grabby is just like a vote Senator Grabby McKitten.

  9. Many are the plans in the mind of a man,
    but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand. Proverbs 19:21

    Your word is a lamp for my feet,
    a light on my path. Ps 119:105

    Those are two of many verses that Roy Moore and I share a belief in. I believe in God, the same God Roy believes in and whether you believe in God or not it is good to understand a belief like this is a powerful thing. What I don’t believe in is that belief in God, and what we Christians call His word, the Bible, is always a powerful, good thing. If I take the two verses as examples, believing in God first, then the words, that belief can lead to great pride or great humility. Faith in God is hard for someone like me really explain to someone because I don’t see it as belief but I don’t see it without belief. But whatever is between belief and humility that is where I see faith in people.

    When a person can not respect the belief in God, or the reasons for that belief Roy Moore and I share, I get it sometimes I even share that lack of respect for my own belief. I do believe however faith is a respectable thing when understood.

    Just wanted to get that off my chest. Now back to the regularly scheduled disrespects.

  10. In other news, yet another heterosexually married, family values, Christian Republican hypocrite— I know, it’s all redundant— who believed in the sanctity of marriage so much so that he trashed his own— oops, did I say that?— has resigned from the Ohio Legislature.

    Why? because he was found in a compromising position IN HIS OFFICE with another man not his wife. Or Husband. Well, at least unlike Grabby McKitten here, it was all consensual, though I believe his wife wasn’t asked.

    The best part is his Name: Wesley Goodman. Obviously, He wasn’t. Or can we just say that a good man is hard to find, or in his case, VICE versa.

    The real question is, when will Moore’s base base understand that their constant attacks on gay people in the name of their “faith” is entirely baseless, but weirdly contradictorally and paradoxically, as base as you can get?

    I have a religious answer, thank god. This must be the feast day of St. Schadenfreude of the Closets.

  11. But is it not possible to share many beliefs with someone and still demand they answer to credible serious allegations?

  12. You share the dilemma of all thinking and feeling religious people. Thank you for speaking out about it.

  13. And speaking of Democrats, looks like liberal Senator Al Franken received HIS official media notification today, replete with photograph. (No joke; a pic actually was taken while the person was asleep.)

    The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Gabrielle Union, and other celebs ain’t happy about it. So yes, Judge Moore may wind up stepping down, but Sen. Franken won’t be celebrating too quickly.

    But, for Franken also, may he find the “fairness”, “due process”, and “a little space to make his case” that I’ve insisted on for Judge Moore.

  14. You’re right, he should resign just like Roy Moore should get out of the race.

  15. Right now in this country we’ve managed to completely politicize sexual assault and rape. Nobody says they support these crimes, but we are incapable of believing our side is ever guilty.

    That explains why Trump is president and why Clinton was president. It explains Roy Moore and also why Al Franken is still a senator.

    Pretty sorry all around.

  16. Allred is a litigator. You don’t hire her unless there’s some kind of court action being contemplated. In court, due process is a requirement. At the very least, she wants a Congressional hearing. Sworn testimony is a part of that. The court of public opinion is a much lesser standard. That’s what allows you to label Bill Clinton a sexual assaulter and Hillary an accomplice. No standards of proof are involved.
    As for Hannity, he knows which side his bread is buttered on. No sponsors, no show.

  17. Roy should answer the credible serious allegations.

    Moore said. “But I want to talk about the issues. I want to talk about where this country’s going and if we don’t get back to God, we’re not going anywhere.”

    I have no problem with that statement. For Roy Moore it starts with standing in front of people and telling the truth about these allegations not quoting scriptures. If he does that there is a good chance it will cost him the election. But if his statement is more important to him than being a US senator that is what he does. That is a belief that produces faith, that would be humility.
    The case with someone like Roy is they have faith in what they believe, or faith in what I believe will produce a election win for me and that win is a mandate for my interpretation of the fulfillment of my belief, that’s pride. It’s the same believe, but that belief is creating two completely different people. Do you see the difference? I hope that makes sense.

  18. Truly a deplorable person…..unfit to serve in the Senate.

    If he wins, this will serve as an interesting lesson to kids who are being taught that their actions have consequences….

  19. Turns out that particular lesson will be team-taught by atheist Senator Al Franken. Classes begin today, and are free of charge.

  20. Clinton admitted fault (then conservatives started to conflate and exaggerate the incidents), Franken admitted fault and his apology was accepted.

    Trump denied and made up ridiculous stories, Moore is denying and making up ridiculous stories. What we are seeing is two different approaches to scandal. One is far more honest than the other.

  21. Clinton admitted raping Juanita Broaddrick? Link please.

    Clinton admitted violently sexually assaulting Kathleen Wiley? Link please.

    Clinton apologized for sexually harassing Paula Jones? Link please.

  22. Nope, that is unsubstantiated rumor. He admitted Genifer Flowers, Elizabeth Ward Gracen and Monica.

    Notice no news outlet, not even conservative ones ever did an actual researched and sourced story on any of the allegations of sexual assault. No press conferences, no lawsuits, nothing to the public. Just nonsense coming out in the last election from right wing media.

    As I said before, conservatives absolutely s–k at digging dirt on people. How many hearings against the Clinton’s came up empty. They aren’t criminal masterminds. You guys just st!nk at this. It’s not so much liberals defend their own, it’s that conservatives are usually so full of crap that nobody feels a need to believe them.

    They don’t exactly try to court the well educated or well informed.

  23. Rumor? LOL>

    Ok, then all sexual assault cases are just rumors.

    You really hate women.

  24. Is this comparable to the way-exaggerated polls on HIllary vs Donald? I trusted Day-something poll & Rasmussen who had always banked on Trump, and they were right, despite the MSM’s high poll numbers for Clinton. Now though the GOP candidate is Evil Personified – so Roy’s poll numbers should be very high like Hillary’s were given by MSM.

    Nah, something worse is happening. Stinkier even.

    Psst … I was so scared that Hillary was going to win that I prayed God rescue America from her. Now I’m so scared that Roy’s going to be a senator that I’m now praying, God rescue America from this Sexual Assaulter for Christ.

    Now, of course, this is like praying for your team to win World Cup or World Series. I know that’s embarassing. Hence the Psst.

  25. Nope. Just those

    So what news sources reported it? Not op eds, actual news stories with attribution to sources?

    How many alleged victims held press conferences to announce the story (and subject it to public scrutiny)

    How many sought legal action for the alleged incidents?

    How many people did the Clintons threaten with legal actions over the alleged incidents?

    Not a one. The Roy Moore accusers are leaps and bounds more credible in comparison for doing all that. .

    You really hate presenting a credible case. You guys s–k at digging dirt and are usually such obvious lying trolls all the time nobody would believe you if you had proof.

  26. 1 Timothy 3:7 says Roy Moore “must have a good reputation [martyrian = witness, evidence, testimony] with those outside the church, so that he will not fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.”

    End of story.

    And the end of my born-again Christian brother Roy Moore, #sexassault4christ.

  27. Umm, Al Franken’s apology clearly is NOT accepted by some liberals (and honestly, it doesn’t sound sincere or caring anyway).

    You can see how serious Franken’s “grabby” mess really is, by the fact that Democratic leader Chuck Schumer is already talking about an ethics probe on him. Wonder what Franken’s fellow atheists are thinking?

  28. Senator McCaskill from Missouri says she is going to take the $30K that Grabby Al Franken donated to her political campaign, and instead give it all away to Mizzou’s food banks.

    (First she will have Franken’s money sprayed for lice and maggots, then she’ll donate the disinfected funds to the poor. Safety first. ya know!!)

  29. Wonder what Franken’s fellow atheists are thinking?

    I’m thinking there are way too many grabby guys. Atheist, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Democrat and Republican – that makes no difference. They deserve some kind of punishment be it legal, civil or just public humiliation. Again it’s only Moore’s supporters making excuses.

  30. Actually Franken welcomed investigation and punishment like a man. He is not disputing facts, making excuses or running away from the consequences.

    I think he has acted quite honorably and in a refreshing change of pace from the others so far. With a level of humility. He has taken control of the story and killed its ability to metastasize into something far worse for his reputation.

    If Roy Moore had done the same, he would still be frontrunner in AL. 🙂

  31. I watched a commentator the other day who said Moore is still a possibility. He based that on predicted very low turnout in which Moore’s base will likely have a big advantage. He also used precent ast voting history of voters making some very bad choices.

  32. Mike Allison uses the “cute baby” defense for his amoral decision to support Moore. He stands on a single issue, abortion, and walks right past all of the amorality of any person or cause he supports. It’s effective with most in the church, because in reality most folks think abortion is a barbaric practice, just like the death penalty.

    But make no mistake, Mike Allison and his ilk couldn’t care less about these “cute babies” because if they did they wouldn’t be voting to starve them to death at the Mexican border, drown them in the Mediterranean, or deny them access to medical care.

    I’m a Christian and an evangelical, and I deal with this hypocrisy almost weekly. When you hear someone make this defense, ask them how their vote helped save a baby that the mother wanted to keep.

    You won’t win any popularity contests in church, but neither did Jesus. More importantly, you will reach a few folks saving them and some “cute babies”.

  33. I am betting that Schumer didn’t call a press conference in which allegations as lies are asserted by various supporters and deemed predicated on “lynch mob media,” “gay terrorists,” “communist Democrats,” “anti-God Republicans,” and other enemies of life, liberty and the Ten Commandments.and praised Moore for taking on “immoral Bible-hating millionaires” including “anti-god Republicans like McCain and Romney.” (If you remember, I expected as much)

  34. Politics and pedophillia go hand in hand from the pulpit

  35. Probably, as they usually say, to spend more time (Moore time?) with his family…

    That he just trashed.

  36. Bwahahaahah Franken got the last laugh on you guys! He killed the story early by acting like a responsible politician.

    He admitted fault completely, apologized to the woman wronged, she forgave him, and he told Congress he would accept any punishment given.

    If Roy Moore did any of those things, he would not be trailing in the polls by double digits and Republicans would not look like such miscreants defending this walking sewer in a cowboy hat.

  37. Hey Floydlee, if Moore acted like Franken did yesterday, AL might not be looking at a possible Democrat in senate. 🙂

  38. “Wonder what Franken’s fellow atheists are thinking?”

    Probably happy he admitted fault, apologized and accepted punishment like a responsible adult.

  39. You’re right. Plenty of liberals are still criticizing him even after his apologies. You can see quite a number of liberals saying he needs to be punished because of this. Sure it’s inconvenient and potentially costly, but listen to any group of liberals and you’ll hear plenty of people taking the accusation seriously and agreeing something must be done about it. You won’t hear people making excuses or pointing out things in the Bible that justify what he did. You’ll hear disagreement about the degree it should be punished and how much investigation is needed before taking action, but you won’t hear a whole lot of people screaming “fake news” or “it was locker room talk” or “look at how old Mary and Joseph were”.

  40. Oh? I just read this today in the Washington Post:

    If we set this precedent in the interest of demonstrating our party’s solidarity with harassed and abused women, we’re only going to drain the swamp of people who, however flawed, still regularly vote to protect women’s rights and freedoms…If the short-term “right thing” leads to long-term political catastrophe for American women, I think we need to reconsider our definition of the right thing.

  41. Franken is a Jew.
    If he is guilty…then he deserves the same treatment as Moore. I suspect the Senate will censure him and they probably should.

    No class needed for common sense.

    Also, the WhatAboutism defense is ineffective. FRanken did what he did….Moore did what he did,.

    My previous reply stands as is.

  42. Believing UFOs exist (per my X-Files poster reference) takes less faith, I guess, than giving Alabamaneses the benefit of the doubt right now. High-5-ing them on the streets of Mobile this weekend with a “I believe in y’all” put-on is out of the question, then.

  43. Moore News on Wesley Goodman…

    Apparently his predilections for male flesh that he is not married to have been well known for a long time. According to a waPo story, complete with a letter from no less a person than virulently viciously antigay bigot Tony Perkins, this good evangelical family man was caught with his hands down a male cookie jars pants.

    An 18 year old male, who was with his parents at the FRC event.

    And the letter that virulently viciously antigay Tony wrote to Goodman seems to acknowledge that Goodman had already tried exgay therapy, and it didn’t take. Not that it ever does.

    So we have yet another adulterous, possibly fornicating, definitely antigay, apparently homosexual (notice the change in terms) evangelical, with all of the self loathing and destructive behavior that accompanies that holy condition, and another power-pursuing evangelical power broker covering up for him, supporting him, and looking the other way.


  44. You’re the 2nd commentator, brother floydlee, to bring my attention to this news-making U.S. Senator by the name of Al Franken, whom I’ve always known to be a joke because he was that never-funny joker from the bad ‘ol Live It’s Saturday Night Live! days.

    The 1st one was PirateWoman or other who showcased for me Franken’s cartoonized “Gospel of Supply Side Jesus”. I enjoyed the twist ending to that storyboard but didn’t get it: why call my Lord & Savior that. It sounds like US President Ronald Reagan’s supply-side economic policies, but that’s about it for me. Not interested.

    Until, that is, the breaking news of the same Franken strongarming Google, Facebook, Twitter & Amazon to censor political speech! WHAT?!

    And so I dug deep until I hit these 2 barrels of dirt on the guy:

    (1) According to Amity Shlaes, “Any merit to Franken’s Supply Side Jesus? Compassion in tax policies”, Chicago Tribune, October 14, 2003. “In [a] tasteless way, Franken [sought] to address the central tax question: Which tax policies are more compassionate? Are they redistributive policies or are they growth-oriented policies [hence the put-down: Supply Side Jesus] that generate opportunity? … Maybe Supply Side Jesus isn’t quite as ridiculous as Franken thinks.”

    (2) According to Clyde Wayne Crews Jr., “The Significance of Sen. Al Franken’s Call to Impose Net Neutrality on Google, Facebook and Amazon”, Forbes, November 10, 2017: “There are separate quarrels I’d have with Franken with respect to government data collection vs. private data collection for marketing purposes. Instead, for the moment I only wish to observe that, in a free society that does not practice censorship, there is no such thing as information monopoly or gatekeeping, and that government should not be regulating information flows or the size of microphones. … [So now, it’s either] we … allow politicians and regulators to usher in a tightly regulated Internet on which both infrastructure and content are governed from Washington in violation of every principle of a free society, or we … have effectively infinite Splinternets and Cyberspaces.”

  45. Actually, Moore may have the last laugh on you. Moore’s only trailing by single digits, and it’s a long walk for Jones — a Liberal Democrat in a state that don’t like such people — to get to Dec. 12.

    Al Franken will stay alive (or at least his female accuser bought Franken some time). His first statement was considered a disaster by all sides. But now his new “apology” (and support from the female accuser), will help him long enough for the turkey holidays to get Franken off of people’s front burners.

    But Franken’s undeniable photo has given Roy Moore the same help. Franken has saved Moore from stepping down before Dec.12. Moore’s fighting back, Moore’s wife is fighting back, Alabama’s female governor even says she’s gonna vote for Moore. That’s no small thing.

    So now Liberal Democrat Jones (and that IS how he’s perceived in Alabama) still has to beat Moore on the ground. For now, nobody knows who will win.

  46. So he hasn’t offered to pay his victim off like Terry Bean, eh?

  47. #2 is a whole bunch of false dichotomies. The real question is who controls the internet. The government position is not that it controls the internet, but that no one can or Should control the internet. It wants the control of THAT.

  48. Franken may have saved Franken from stepping down, but Franken’s photograph effectively saved Moore from stepping down too. Moore has time now, and is close enough to beat Jones, if enough Alabamians do like Alabama’s governor and vote for Moore.

    There’s no way right now to predict the election day ending, but Franken did his part to support Moore. (Thanks Al.)

  49. All supporters are essentially “making excuses” now, including the media folks.

  50. Probably not happy that Franken saved Moore (by buying him time).

  51. Actually, you didn’t hear a whole lot of people day “look at how old Mary and Joseph were.”

    You only heard one mistaken guy say it, and then the media decides to pounce on it and exploit it, as part of their own desperate desire to take out Moore.

  52. Slick Willie and Mrs. Willie, both need to own up to what they did to Juanita Broddrick.

    There is just NO excuse for what the “tag team” did to her.

  53. Alabama’s female governor, Gov. Ivey, says she is going to vote for Moore.

    What will you do if Moore accidentally wins this election, Spuddie?

  54. Franken was raised Reform Jewish, and I’m sure he’s not forgotten his childhood cultural background, but honestly? Liberal politics, not God, is his religion now.

    But just like Bernie Sanders, Al Franken knows better than to shout “I’m an atheist” in the halls of the U.S. Senate. Bad optics, you know. So he keeps his cards close to his vest, and lets his voting do the talking. (By the way, he also hates religious freedom.)

  55. Laugh at the venality, and utter craven nature of Alabama Republicans.

  56. Based on….researched news articles?…..all those press conferences she made?….all those legal actions she commenced?

    Oh wait we have absolutely nothing of the kind. In fact there is nothing to substantiate the story outside of right wingnut media. Because Republicans st1nk at digging up dirt on people.

    Can you name one major scandal broken by Republicans? Its like number of Creationists who have ever discovered hoaxes in biology. They are more used to being the subject of them than investigating them.

  57. Nope. Time is not helping Moore. His position is getting worse and worse. The number of accusers has gone up to 8 now. He lost the chance to act like an honest defamed person early on. Now he has to rely on the trolling malicious nature of conservative wingnuts.

  58. See my prior comment. Time is only making Moore’s position worse and worse.

  59. She did even worse. Just accepted his apology in public. Taking his free words.

    A check would have made him look more contrite IMO.

  60. He had a 2 digit lead last week. To fall behind that much is a major drop in a short period of time.

    Roy Moore needs a dose of humility if he is going to keep from being eaten alive at the polls. That is not in his nature.

  61. More on Our Beloved Abomi-Nation Nation …

    (3) According to Rex Huppke, “Al Franken, Roy Moore and America’s men problem”, Chicago Tribune, November 17, 2017: “Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken, who on Thursday was accused of groping a woman and kissing her without her consent, should step down, even though he apologized and encouraged an ethics investigation into his own behavior. … Roy Moore, the Alabama judge facing numerous accusations of sexual misconduct against girls in their teens while he was in his 30s, should leave the race for U.S. Senate immediately.”

  62. Forgive the “dichotomies” – but not the Franken’s pretext in all this. Which is?

    As my hero Jordan Chariton over at TYT (The Young Turks) summed it best during the Election 2016/Wikileaks episode:

    Russia. Russia. Russia.

    Franken is being punked by this meme, whose puppetmaster – after 1 long year of failures to impeach Trump because of – wait for it – Russia Russia Russia – now takes the Road Less Traveled. Social Media. Russia trolled ads on Google, Facebook, Twitter & Amazon.

    So Franken to their CEOs – How could you, guys? What’s up with that? Can I tell you an unfunny joke, please?


    Franken => Social Media => Russia => Trump

  63. “On Friday, a Gravis Marketing poll showed Jones with a five-point lead, 47 to 42, a seven-point swing from the last result on November 10, one day after the story broke. … The result mirrored other findings. A Fox News poll on Thursday evening showed Jones with a remarkable eight-point lead over Moore. 50 to 42. In that poll, Jones had a 26-point advantage among women. And a National Republican Senatorial Committee taken Sunday and Monday had Jones up by a remarkable 12 points.” (Benjamin Hart, “Polls Show Roy Moore Crashing in Alabama”, New York Magazine, November 17, 2017.)

  64. So…

    Moore news about Moore’s spiritual protege, wes Goodman.

    Apparently, he’s been doing the trolling-for-young-men-while-married-and-evangelical for several years. It was WELL to his collleagues, who said nothing.

    This is the party of morality, responsibility, and family values?

    Another homosexual-hating-homosexual, attacking gay people who have done nothing except live their lives authentically and openly, while he smears his theocratic feces and religious opportunitism all over our lives.

    Words begin o fail me.

  65. Can you please demonstrate that Franken’s religion is liberal politics? Can you provide a quote? The official US Senate site says he is Jewish. By the same token, could we not then accuse Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell of having conservative politics as their religion? What is Trump’s religion (Trumpism or Putinism maybe?).

    So you are OK with imputing possible hidden actions to Franken but not to Moore.

    Keep in mind…I am not a supporter nor non-supporter of Franken….I am not from Minnesota.

    If Franken is guilty or not (probably guilty) has no bearing on the Moore case. I suspect both of them are guilty (Franken admitted it). Both should not serve in the Senate.

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