Near-death experiences are real!

The explanation for near-death experiences was buried in history. So religion and science ignored it. But psychotherapy serendipitously uncovered its reality about a quarter-century ago. Since then it has been a fact of life, is widely publicized, and has accumulated substantial documentation around the world. This fact of life is also the cause of near-death experiences. It is our souls, which God has given each of us for at least the past one hundred thousand years. He still creates each soul with special capabilities, as is reflected in their being called “sparks of God.”

Plato and Socrates wrote about souls, as did Christian Church Father Origen. The reincarnation of souls was a common belief in Jesus’ day. But the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian removed this from Christian orthodoxy in 553 CE. The reality of our souls therefore languished until Miami psychiatrist Brian Weiss and California psychologist Michael Newton each accidentally accessed soul past-life memories in a patient in traditional hypnotic regression psychotherapy.

Weiss and Newton—and thousands of other psychotherapists—had used hypnotic regression effectively to unearth traumatic memories from early childhood. But these two academically rigid professionals inadvertently misspoke instructions to his patient. Each patient shocked her psychotherapist by recalling causes of emotional trauma that happened thousands of years before her childhood!

Weiss has since successfully treated thousands of patients with intractable current emotional trauma, which had been imprinted in their souls’ past lives. Realize that soul past-life memory is very vivid, complete, dynamic, and immortal. Our souls spend a human lifetime with each host—so the soul knows its host in every reincarnation better than its host knows itself! Weiss describes his work in numerous books.

Newton’s patient had constantly complained of always being so lonely, despite being surrounded by family and other loved ones. Hypnotic regression did not help her until he happened to mention the word “group.” She began crying. Surprised, Newton asked her why. She blurted out, “I miss the others in my group so much!” “Where are they?” Newton asked. Only then did he discover that his patient had moved her trance forward in her soul’s “past-life” and through its death scene. She blurted out, “In my permanent home [i.e., Heaven] and I’m looking at them right now!”

Newton was shocked, but curious too. So he closed his practice for ten years to study “that mysterious place.” He has written four books and taught hundreds of psychotherapists around the world to hypnotically access souls’ memories. His regression procedure used to be called “life-between-lives” (i.e., Heaven), but is now known as “spiritual” regression. He first regresses the subject to one of his or her soul’s past lives. Then he moves the soul’s memory forward to and through the death scene. So the soul recalls leaving the dead body and making its way back to Heaven.

Now compare that process with the cardiac arrest victim’s feeling separated from his or her “dead” body. If resuscitation is quick, the “survivor” may have risen only to the emergency room ceiling. But for a troubled resuscitation, “he” or “she” may have “visited Heaven.”

The soul is incorporeal (i.e., having no material body or form)—Newton calls it “intelligent light energy” and says it merges with the human mind at birth. So maybe the mind and soul together survive death and return to Heaven cloaked in incorporeality--or have a near-death experience, invisible to all others! Michael Newton’s second book therefore claims “We have seen how souls can remember and re-create who they were” in their past lives. More information is available in What Near-Death Experiences Taught Us All!