Archbishop Chaput calls men to RISE up, embrace true masculinity

PHILADELPHIA – RISE, a new 30-day challenge for men, has been endorsed by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput and embraced by men around the world.

RISE is precisely what is needed today to help men understand and live their unique mission in the world. If every man took the challenge, we’d see a transformation in our homes and parishes,” said Archbishop Chaput.

“… Manhood must be learned and earned and taught. So we need the friendship of real brothers in the Lord to be the disciples and leaders God intends us to be,” writes Archbishop Chaput in his column on “But this week in a special way I want to leave readers and parishes with an invitation to check out the program RISE: A 30-Day Challenge. RISE is the work of co-authors Chris Stefanick and Bill Donaghy — I greatly admire the work of both men — supported by an impressive production team.”

Launched on Jan. 15, RISE is already in more than 550 parishes, with thousands of men from around the world stepping up to the challenge.

“We knew there was a great hunger for something like this, but never could have expected such a response,” said Chris Cope, creative director of Cardinal Studios LLC, publisher of RISE. “RISE fills a unique role because it’s a powerful tool in the hands of those in ministry that reaches men right where they are. It casts a very wide net, and is helping light a fire in these men. They’ll only want to go deeper after the 30 days are complete.”

The next start date is Ash Wednesday, Feb. 14, which falls on Valentine’s Day this year. Wives and girlfriends are encouraged to sign up their significant other for the program — a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the Catholic man in their lives. Sign up here.

“We are so humbled by Archbishop Chaput’s support for RISE and encouraged by his challenge to all men to take a deep look at their own spiritual lives and the leadership — or lack of — they are providing their families,” said Chris Stefanick, co-author and video presenter. “The response to RISE has been tremendous already, and we are so excited to see what God has planned for this Lenten group of men.”

Videos, meditations and challenges accompany each day of the RISE 30-day challenge. The program is designed to be simple but challenging, as it walks men through a battle plan in life.

Men are responding in extraordinary ways to RISE:

“I’m absolutely amazed at the impact it’s had on me and my family,” stated one participant. Another said, “This has changed my life.”

The goal of RISE is to help all men, wherever they are on their faith journey, to live life to the fullest as sons, brothers, spouses and fathers. Men can do the program individually or through their parish. To learn more about RISE, visit, or sign up here. RISE is also available in Spanish.


For more information, or to schedule an interview with one of the RISE co-authors, Chris Stefanick or Bill Donaghy: