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Can understanding Islam lead to a deeper appreciation of Catholicism?

Catholic scholar on Islam writes guide to the religion, reflects on stark
differences between Islam and Catholicism

SAN FRANCISCO – Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Why is that? What are the differences between Islam and Christianity? Why does this matter? A new book, THE CRUCIFIX ON MECCA’S FRONT PORCH, seeks to answer those questions and many more that are on the hearts and minds of modern Christians.

Written by David Pinault, Ph.D., Professor of Religious Studies and the Director of the Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies program at Santa Clara University, THE CRUCIFIX ON MECCA’S FRONT PORCH delves into the stark differences between Christianity and Islam. Pinault argues that understanding these differences leads readers to not only a deeper understanding of Islam, but a profound appreciation of their own Christian faith.

Different from other books on Islam, THE CRUCIFIX ON MECCA’S FRONT PORCH draws on Pinault’s personal experiences of living in Islamic countries and his fieldwork with persecuted Christians in Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, and Indonesia.

Pinault delves into the Islamic traditions and teaching about Jesus, why millions around the world are so drawn to Islam, and how each faith regards the human tragedy of suffering. THE CRUCIFIX ON MECCA’S FRONT PORCH is released during a time in history where both Islam and Christianity are poorly portrayed in the public and misunderstood for their theology.

“Seldom has a scholar of Islam and Middle Eastern languages spoken so clearly about the profound matters that divide Christianity and Islam,” said Robert Reilly, author of the Closing of the Muslim Mind. “Without engaging in polemics, Pinault writes in a measured way but nevertheless never flinches from the real nature of the differences, especially concerning who Jesus is. This is an indispensable book for both the beginner and the expert, and everyone in between.”


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