U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is sworn in before testifying during the Senate Judiciary Committee on Sept. 27, 2018, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. (Tom Williams/Pool Image via AP)

Moving on from the Kavanaugh case with malice toward none

(RNS) — Regardless of where you stand on the Justice Brett Kavanaugh situation, we all desperately need to agree on this one thing: We can’t let this spectacle ever happen again.

Americans need to be able to wrestle with complicated situations in a nonpartisan way. We simply can’t be pressured into false choices and extreme swings of the pendulum.

Two things can be true at the same time:

There are countless victims of sexual assault in this country. It’s a very serious and unfortunately all too common reality today. Women deserve better and we must do everything we can to prevent such wickedness.

There also needs to be a thorough examination of evidence, handled in a fair and nonpartisan manner, that gives due process to those accused. 

If either of these important truths is not accepted, we risk several dangerous consequences. If victims of sexual assault aren’t given the time of day and allowed to share their stories in a way that encourages them to step forward, we discourage others from coming out of the shadows and shining a light on this evil that plagues our society.

Every American regardless of political situation must unite to ensure sexual assault is obliterated from our homes and our workplaces. As a pastor I hear stories from many in my congregation, and I’m very familiar with the pain and heartache this causes both women and men. In recent years, a plethora of horrendous accounts of violence, abuse, rape and sexual misconduct have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that sexual assault is a dark reality that has run rampant throughout our country.

An activist opposed to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh holds an umbrella on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 27, 2018. RNS photo by Jack Jenkins

On behalf of my own daughters, and son, I for one am incredibly grateful for the many who have stepped forward to share their stories and help us find a way to overcome.

Likewise, if we don’t deal with the accused fairly, we run the risk of drifting into lawlessness, consumed by passions and emotions for sincerely held beliefs about this cultural issue — and the victims will be innocent people with their lives destroyed forever.

As Sen. Susan Collins just recently cautioned, “When passions are most inflamed, fairness is most in jeopardy.”

Emily Yoffe, a contributing editor at The Atlantic and a sexual assault survivor, said it is crucially important to handle allegations and each case on the individual merits.

“I have yet to talk to an accused student, even one who was eventually cleared, whose life wasn’t profoundly damaged; every one has told me that at some point he considered suicide,” she wrote recently.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of handling allegations of sexual assault seriously. If we truly care about combating this issue, we have to be above reproach in every effort to do so.

And that means separating claims of assault from politics. We cannot believe someone is guilty of assault because that person is a political enemy. We cannot assume someone is innocent because that person is a political ally.

I want my wife, my daughters, my son and my grandchildren to be defended by a just society if they are ever a victim, and I want them to be fairly treated if they are ever accused of any wrongdoing. I suspect all of us, regardless of gender, race, religion or political persuasion, would demand the same for our families.

Both victims and accused can feel isolated after sexual misconduct claims. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

The freedom for every American to be a part of the political process and express opinions is a beautiful gift. It’s unprecedented across thousands of years of civilization. But politics these days has looked more like a sporting event than a platform for healthy discussion among voters and lawmakers; we have loyal fans cheering for their team at all costs, and no one willing­­ to be principled referees.

We can’t get caught in this tribal sensation of “I believe her” or “I believe him” — claims that are often rooted in our political affiliations.

We need to adopt an overarching sense of objectivity when it comes to accusations of sexual assault. Courage and discipline to remove ourselves from inflammatory partisan rhetoric are necessary to arrive at the truth — there’s no way around it. We have to get this right. If we don’t, our republic, our way of life will crumble.

If it wasn’t already so obvious, this past month has confirmed without question that our country needs to heal. 

As President Lincoln so eloquently said in his second inaugural address, “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds … ”

“With malice toward none” — I fear we are collectively failing at this charge. Let’s bind up our wounds, and do better next time.

(Jentezen Franklin is the senior pastor of Free Chapel, a multicampus church in Georgia, South Carolina and California. The views expressed in this commentary do not necessarily represent those of Religion News Service.)


  1. It is useful in the real world to remember that the “With malice toward none” guy was later murdered. As was Emmitt Till. As was Martin Luther King. That is the reality. As was Heather Heyer. More reality. There is absolutely no reason to reach out a hand to religious and racial bigots and the Republican Party that now embraces them. They will only see it as an opportunity to cut our hand off.

  2. Why is civility only demanded of those being attacked, ignored or maligned here? To hell with that.

    Malice IS the platform of the conservatives now. It’s far too late to pretend civility and polite discussion has a place here. It only enables authoritarian efforts to strip away rights, propriety and basic decency. Normalizing garbage like putting an accused rapist and general immature manbaby on the Supreme Court and throwing thousands of children into concentration camps. ThThe line was already crossed. It’s too late to pretend reasonable decent or moral people are on the other side of the political divide. Conservatives have demonstrated their malicious intent and actions. Time for appropriate righteous anger in response. When this garbage is ended, then we can seek reconciliation. Not now.

  3. Hey, that reminds me. You said, “Emmett Till.” A young black teenager, really just a kid. Tortured and Lynched.

    And it only took ONE wild unproven accusation from one white woman, just one false #Metoo Moment with no fact-checking and no fairness, to put all that lynching stuff on that young boy.

    (That white woman didn’t publicly own up to her lethal lie for years, maybe decades. Unbelievable.)

    So Jentezen Franklin is correct on both of his main points — but in this forum, maybe his **latter** point needs emphasis.

  4. Carolyn Bryant’s lies were not a #Metoo Moment. Your equating of the two is exactly the kind of lie that makes it impossible to trust your side. You have malice toward us and we rightfully have malice toward you. It is too bad God did not pay closer attention to what She was doing when She created humans. But She didn’t, and it is what it is.

  5. Well last week it made no difference to Republicans whether a rape accuser was willing to give an account under oath, under penalty of perjury. They simply wh0red themselves out to a corporatist manchild out of their own narrow interests.

    “with no fact-checking and no fairness”

    You never gave a crap about fact checking and fairness when you were calling Bill Clinton a rapist and Hillary Clinton a rape enabler with no credible evidence or even a hearing. Despite the sole accuser changed her story under oath, under penalty of perjury.

    You certainly didn’t give a crap when someone gave their story of sexual assault last week.

    So pardon me if I tell you to get bent, and call you a l1ar for pretending you ever cared about such things.

  6. It took SIXTY-TWO years for Carolyn Bryant to admit that she lied. And then only because she was writing her memoirs.

    Very detailed lies they were, too. And she allegedly was “scared to death.”

  7. If a white boy had gotten too friendly with Mrs. Bryant, would the white boy have been tortured and killed? There is a real world out there. Try it some time.

  8. Probably not.

    That takes nothing away from the outright falsity of the accusations, however.

  9. And equating Carolyn Bryant with #Metoo is a false connection.

    Essentially trying to declare all rape accusers to be liars. You could do a lot better than engage in such nasty minded dishonest apologetics.

  10. But of course all members of #metoo are equated with liars and false accusers. Because its too convenient than actually taking such things seriously.

  11. All rape accusers are not liars.

    Some are.

    Carolyn Bryant was one. One whose actions were particularly costly— to someone else.

  12. Wow – way to ignore everything that was noted above. She’s talking about being aware of the issue of sexual assault; and making sure allegations of the same are investigated according to the process.
    But you revert to all you know – inflammatory rhetoric: rapist, manbaby, concentration camps, etc. you just don’t get it; and you will never learn. Kavanaugh didn’t do anything! But because politics IS your religion; and because you hate trump; and because you want to fundamentally change this country into something it wasn’t designed to be – you live and die with everything trump; and aren’t shy about letting the facts get in the way of your beliefs. You talk about kavanaugh crying; you act like a petulant five year old.

  13. Didn’t bill get caught with his business on a fancy blue dress?

  14. They are now because the democrats used the #metoo movement as a political pawn; just like they’ve done with blacks and illegal immigrants.

  15. “What they’ve done” meaning not demonize them for cheap bigoted political ploys by the Right.

    The Republican take on #Metoo is to call rape accusers and victims liars as a default matter of course.

    Essentially admitting Republicans are all about bigotry as a political platform.

    Minorities and women’s advocates run to the DNC because the GOP deliberately targets them for attack. There is no way one can employ the “Democrat Plantation” argument without looking like a raging bigot.

  16. Was that rape? Nope. Better luck next time with the bullshifting nonsense.

    Good to see you are not even bothering to refute my statement. The GOP knowingly put an accused rapist on SCOTUS despite testimony given under oath. Meaning you are immoral slime who signs off on such behavior.

  17. Conservatives proved themselves to be opportunistic rape apologists.

    There is no need to pretend they take the subject of sexual assault seriously. No need to pretend you have been remotely civil or reasonable on the subject as of late.

    Proof of allegations only matter to your crowd when the accused is a Republican. Otherwise rumor and misrepresenting facts worked just fine.

    As seen last week even when people come forward and give their account under penalty of perjury, conservatives couldn’t care less and never took it seriously.

    So I feel no need to pretend civility is in order here. You haven’t.

  18. Of course they are to conservative politicians.

    Except for Paula Jones, who probably committed perjury.

  19. Not according to how conservative politicians act. To them all are. Even when they come forward and are willing to testify under oath.

    Except for Paula Jones of course. Even though she recanted her accusations under oath, she is always taken as credible by conservatives.

    Just remember Dr. Ford was willing to do something our president isn’t willing to do. Give statements under oath under penalty of perjury.

  20. Why should anyone apologize for something that didn’t occur? That’s stupid.
    Again, no facts – no case.
    Just admit that Feinstein’s 11th hour gambit failed; but at least she ruined kavanaughs reputation; and fords mental health; AND the credibility of REAL sexual assault victims.
    Get a clue.

  21. No – minority’s and women run to the DNC for money and power – which has destroyed the black family since the 1960’s and kept them as enslaved to the US government as they were to plantation owners on the 1800’s – and have made “Progressive” women think nothing of destroying human life.

  22. Would it be OK if I converted a few of your comments on this thread into a stand-alone article for publication on my website?

    There is no fee, I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for Writer Beat and liked what you wrote. I’ll be sure to give you combplete credit as the author. You can learn more about the site by checking out my Disqus profile (my email and the website address are in the upper left hand corner) or just reply “sure” and I’ll handle the rest.

  23. As I said before, there is no way you are capable of making the “Democrat Plantation” argument without demonstrating your own bigotry. The whole premise is “__ group is somehow too stupid or venal to vote the way I do” for some garbage reason. You proved my point in your post just now.

    In this case you are belittling blacks and women. Blacks for allegedly not engaging in family planning and “Progressive” women for allegedly doing so. You have no regard for the lives of women or black families and feel that they must do as you command.

    The GOP openly attacks both groups sending them running for cover with the DNC.

  24. Funny how unlike Dr. Ford, neither of them testified under oath about their claims. Funny how neither of them would be of any relevance to this article either.

    But its also good to know you want to ignore the current story. Proving that you personally have no problem ignoring testimony under penalty of perjury about sexual assault if it is against a Republican.

  25. Ford testified under oath as to her accusations. You simply ignored what she said and looked for excuses to make ridiculous claims that she was lying. Kavanaugh on the other hand lied numerous times to the Senate during the hearings in a clearly documented fashion over the course of a few days.

    All you have done is shown me you are nothing more than a rape apologist and are willing to lie in support of your political position.

  26. Democrat/liberal policies have enslaved blacks since the 60’s. Stupid liberal policies in every major US city has led to poor schools, no jobs, horrific crime and people enslaved to the state for their healthcare and “income”.
    The black voter has trusted liberal church leaders and politicians to show them they way; and in each case, they have used them as a voting block to implement their socialist ideas and line their own pockets.
    Here’s hoping Kanye and trump break the chains.

  27. If I wanted to publish what I wrote for the general public, I would do so myself.

  28. Because he’s inconsistent, irrational and lacks historical context when forming his arguments.
    Other than that, he’s a great guy. 🙂

  29. I suppose you could but where would you publish it so that you know it would get read? I have a platform with readers looking for new material and I think they would find what you have to say interesting.

  30. “Not according to how conservative politicians act. To them all are.” No, none of them have indicated in any manner that they think all accusations of rape are false.

    “Even when they come forward and are willing to testify under oath.” That would have been great if said testimony had come with even the smallest bit of corroboration — or even any verifiable details that could be checked out independently. There were none.

  31. So what – she made statements under oath that were uncorraborated by both the FBI and her “best friend”.
    Dude, she has no proof.
    No proof, no crime.
    If her friend or anyone else would have backed her up, it would have stuck – AND, I would actually agree with you.

  32. “We can’t let this spectacle ever happen again.”

    Why not? What’s actually going to stop this from happening again in the future? This is the second time Republicans have gotten a Supreme Court justice nominated and approved despite a scandal of sexual abuse. The GOP barely made a token effort at looking sympathetic to the accuser. They still ultimately got exactly what they wanted. Why can’t they do it again? Is something actually going to stop them? They’ve made it perfectly clear they care nothing about sexual abuse, be it listening to the victims or punishing the perpetrators. So what is their incentive to ever change?

  33. More bigoted garbage to make the claim you don’t support bigots. You are claiming blacks are too stup1d as a group to vote the way you want.

    How about this, the GOP has openly embraced white supremacy and frequently attacks black communities, that is why they generally vote Democrat.

    Funny how you mention lining one’s pockets while supporting one of the most kleptocratic governments the US has since Warren Harding was in office. Attacking public education to line pockets of private religious schools, an immigration policy designed to fill private detention centers, cabinet members deep in the pockets of industries which typically fight enforcement of regulations of their own departments. You could not be more full of it if you were cleaning out stables.

    Parker, there is no way you can continue this line of argument without delving deeper into your own prejudices. It is a ridiculous canned spiel which makes the speaker look worse for bringing it up. Much like your bullshifting nonsense.

  34. Statements under penalty of perjury are considered evidence. Unless someone else refuted the statements of facts given, they are considered credible on their face. Which is why even our president is too scared to give statements under oath.

    You are looking for excuses to ignore her statements because you did not ever want to consider them. You are just engaging in rape apology nonsense.

  35. Correction, conservatives consider all accusations of rape false IF THEY ARE AGAINST CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL FIGURES.

    If the person is a liberal, all manners of rumor, uncorroborated stories and outright fabrications are considered true on their face.

    But in general conservatives have chosen to assume a woman is lying about such things unless given no choice but to accept otherwise or if it is convenient for them.

  36. Yeah, there are probably a few conservative politicians who think there are a few real cases of rape and sexual harassment. But if an accusation is politically inconvenient for them, then it’s obviously a false accusation. If someone’s a conservative figure or politician, then all rape and sexual harassment claims must be false ones.

  37. No worries. Most people say “sure,” so when someone doesn’t I like to understand why. While I’m still not sure if I understand your reason, I appreciate you taking the time.

  38. The FBI Director has testified that the FBI only investigated what the president directed them to investigate, i.e. do a cover up.
    Brett Kavanaugh did an outstanding job of misleading everyone by insisting that IF an assault occurred, it would have to have been on a weekend. His calendar gave evidence that it happened on a Thursday, 7/1/1982.

  39. Not quite.

    If an accusation is…
    A. utterly without corroboration
    B. denied by every proffered witness
    C. devoid of investigable and verifiable details
    D. offered by a person with a personal and/or political background that points to ulterior motive
    E. offered at a suspiciously — indeed predictably– fortuitous time for one’s political allies who are by their own admission desperate for a certain result
    F. closely followed by patently false copycat claims…

    then it’s probably false. Or in any case, not to be taken seriously.

    Or, as one of your own put it the other day on another thread, what is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

  40. He’s out to expose a much Democrat cray-cray as possible before the midterms.

    And one must admit that Tater is a good place to start.

    Slate, however, provides all the cray-cray necessary. Just keep it in front of the public 24/7.

  41. D and E are of course the only ones you really care about. If you think the person has a political axe to grind or does it at an inconvenient time, then of course it’s false. And lucky for you, those two are a catch-22. If someone is accusing a politician, than of course their motive is political. If someone is coming forward with an accusation because the perpetrator is in the news, then of course the timing is suspicious. Brilliant! You can successfully reject any claim of rape ever based on those ones alone.

  42. Pfft. She (or her puppet-masters, most likely) carefully crafted her testimony to make sure there were no details that could be independently investigated and establish perjury.

    Except one — she testified that her best friend was there and could back her up. Her best friend said she was never at any such party.

    Not that they didn’t try to fix that little mishap, though.

    Leland Keyser is the ethical hero here, IMO. I wouldn’t lie under oath for my best friend either, even to save the SCOTUS from the Dems — though in light of the last two years of liberal insanity I’d be sorely tempted.

  43. Yeah… You could call it the Sociopathic Journal.

  44. Who are “REAL” sexual assault victims??? You don’t know s**t about this issue.

  45. …the calendar that made him cry… That was so touching.

  46. Uh-huh. Because everyone knows that most rapists do their work when other people are watching.
    Sure helps that A and F contradict each other. If you can ignore all cases without corroboration AND all cases where other witnesses come forward to establish a pattern, you have another catch-22 allowing you to ignore all cases of rape against inconvenient targets.

  47. “Because everyone knows that most rapists do their work when other people are watching.” An eyewitness is not necessary. But one would expect that SOME detail, however small, could be offered and investigated. A time, perhaps (even a year!). Or a place. Or someone/something that could put you or the accused in the general vicinity, at least. Here, nothing.

    A and F do not contradict each other. Patently false copycat accusations can not corroborate anything. In this case two were recanted, one literally fell apart on national television, and one was offered by someone who did not even know if her own story was true or not until she asked someone else, who offered a possible corroborative statement from yet another party who, upon being located and questioned, denied any knowledge of any such thing.

    Leaving what we started with — a single unverifiable accusation.

    We have rules of evidence for a reason.

  48. Thanks for the sermon. It just adds fuel to the fire among reasons to vote Blue this November. We don’t need soft-spoken gloating disguised as reconciliation; we need a return to “Justice for All” as the goal and part of the American Dream. Your olive branch just offers more of the Putin-Trump nightmare.

  49. As excuses go, that one is rather ridiculous. You are admitting that the testimony lacked means to attack it and are trying to save face.

    There was certainly no evidence or testimony given in refutation of Ford’s statements under oath. Its just Republicans didn’t feel like caring. It was a formality to a decision already made prior to the confirmation hearings.

    “Except one — she testified that her best friend was there and could back her up. Her best friend said she was never at any such party.”

    According to you. But that friend never bothered to testify to any such statements under oath. You are using rumor and pretending unsubstantiated hearsay rise to the level of contrary evidence presented. It would not.

  50. I prefer control over how, when, and in what context my statements are used.

  51. There’s another part of Lincoln’s great speech that I fear applies just as much today:

    “Fondly do we hope–fervently do we pray–that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away. Yet, if God wills that it continue, until all the wealth piled by the bond-man’s two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash, shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said “the judgments of the Lord, are true and righteous altogether.”

    If the strife we’ve seen continues and even worsens until we receive our just due for the millions of babies we’ve slaughtered, what can we say but that “the judgments of the Lord, are true and righteous altogether.”

  52. Uh-huh. Since your “patently false” just needs to meet the threshold of “I don’t believe it”, you can safely keep ignoring everything inconvenient.

    Rules of evidence are good things to have…when you bother investigating. Here, though, no one bothered to investigate before dismissing it. Unless you want to pretend the 2 days the FBI spent on is all the investigation that a rape warrants.

  53. My belief has nothing to do with it. The other claims fell apart all by themselves. Didn’t you keep up with the story when it was happening?

    There was no rape alleged. As for the brevity of the investigation…well, when you give no details to investigate, don’t be surprised when it wraps up fairly quickly. It doesn’t take long to investigate a zero.

  54. Ha! That was actually funny.
    +1 vote to you kind sir.

  55. I know more than you would think and know more than I’m willing to tell.
    If you can, remove the politics for a moment.
    Ford made a claim which wasn’t supported by evidence.
    To just believe her because this is the latest dog whistle issue goes against the founding principles of our country and is flat out wrong.
    I will say it again, how would it impact your life if your neighbor (incorrectly) accused you of some terrible thing? It could irreparably damage your reputation.
    Think man; think.

  56. Leland Keyser was interviewed by the FBI and her statements are subject to the law of perjury.

    Get an education already.

  57. Or, you know, when your boss tells you not to find anything. Real easy to not find anything then.
    It’s perfectly clear that the GOP doesn’t give a damn about rape and sexual assault, doubly so when one of their own is concerned. Considering you all elected a man who confessed on tape to sexual assault to lead your party, everything else is just icing on that cake.

  58. Spuddie, I don’t see anyone engaging in rape apology nonsense and I can’t see how throwing those accusations out there are helpful. Kavanaugh may or may not of committed these acts. Another question needs to be raised however, and that is whether a person can change over time. There is no indication that BK now is anything like what he was 30 years ago and it is the person now who is on the SC. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m turned off that BK lost it and he shouldn’t have brought up that this was some sort of Clinton revenge. I also question his honesty about stating that he wasn’t the drinker some have portrayed him as.

  59. That is your opinion, but I see it quite clearly. Most of it coming from the automatic dismissal of Ford’s claims, long before she got to the hearings and testified. As I said, conservatives only concern themselves with credible proof and evidence when they are the accused. Spreading rumor and rehashing long debunked stories is more than enough proof for them when it comes to others.

    Frankly if someone has such a past, they didn’t deserve to be appointed to the most prestigious position in the legal profession. I don’t have to care if he was capable of change over time. The position is too important to bother hearing such excuses. Most people go their whole lives never committing acts of sexual violence against others. The fact that Ford testified under oath against him on the incident was enough to show he is unsuited for the role.

    “I’m turned off that BK lost it and he shouldn’t have brought up that this was some sort of Clinton revenge. I also question his honesty about stating that he wasn’t the drinker some have portrayed him as.”

    Moreover, Kavannaugh’s immature behavior at the confirmation hearings demonstrated he had no business there in the first place. What the defense of Kavanaugh demonstrated is that the GOP essentially doubled down on cretinous behavior. That there was nobody in their ranks who had a clean past who they could bring up as an alternative.

    A SCOTUS confirmation is not a consolation prize. Nobody is entitled to that position. It needs to be earned. Frankly the GOP senators here were utterly shameless in their actions here.

  60. Nice try to stretch the truth to fit your narrative. She did not testify under oath. Unsworn hearsay.

  61. “Or when your boss tells you not to find anything.” Got a lot of faith the in the unseen, you do.

    Kind of like Christine Ford’s unseen corroborative evidence.

  62. Well, since “the public” reads your comments here, you’ve already done that. A little smaller audience, perhaps, that’s all.

  63. Subject to perjury penalties:


    And hearsay would only matter if the silly mess went to TRIAL, Einstein. Which it never will.

    Here’s a word to a wise potato: you do NOT want to wade into hearsay. Almost no laypeople understand the laws of hearsay, and you’re already at the bottom of the heap.

  64. You are the one who is pretending to look for credible evidence here to refute sworn testimony. But in reality you just wanted excuses.

    Yes, you were pretty clear that credible evidence gathering only matters if the accused is a Republican. 🙂

  65. What did she have to gain by coming forward? There were three women who came forward. There are probably others out there who were also his victims. That’s no fluke. I believe them. I hope more women come forward.

  66. Kavanaugh is guilty as sin. You just hate it when abuse survivors get any attention.

  67. Kavanaugh is the one who ruined Ford’s mental health, by sexually assaulting her.

  68. The FBI couldn’t be bothered to interview corroborating witnesses, because Repulicans don’t care about the truth at all.

  69. He “brought up that this was some sort of Clinton revenge,” because he’s guilty as sin. This is how guilty people deflect.

  70. You never think. Get your filth off this forum. #VirginsDontGiveBirth

  71. Christians are all crazy and stupid. #VirginsDontGiveBirth

  72. I’m happy to reach out to them, just to slap them in the face.

  73. Yes, we already have your opinions on both Christians and the virgin birth. Got anything new to say?

  74. You only have a problem with sexual assault survivors coming forward when it means that you don’t get what you want.

  75. Does this mean that blacks are going to stop lynching queers now?

  76. ‘Stupid *conservative* policies in every major US city has led to poor schools, no jobs, horrific crime and people enslaved to the state for their healthcare and “income”.’

    There, I fixed it for you.

  77. You just don’t like it when rape accusers get attention. Sucks to be you.

  78. You’re lying right now, for attention and nothing more.

  79. The FBI couldn’t be bothered to interview corroborating witnesses. This is what a cover-up looks like.

  80. There were plenty, along with corroborating witnesses whom the FBI refused to interview.

  81. Maybe if conservatives stopped whining about abortion and started caring about actual real-life people instead, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  82. “Refuting” isn’t a thing unless there’s a TRIAL, Einstein. The point is that there’s no corroboration without some back-up.

    Now, if Dr Ford were to go on trial for perjury, which could still happen…THEN you could subpoena Ms Keyser to “refute” — which she definitely would because otherwise she herself would be vulnerable to perjury charges for her FBI statements.

    And if she were dead, ill or otherwise unavailable to testify, her FBI statements would do nicely.

    And kindly refrain from telling me what I want. What I want is for all accusations, no matter by or against whom, to be proven before they are permitted to damage the lives of others. So did our founding fathers.

  83. Exactly. The traitorous GOP must be punished for collaborating with Moscow against America

  84. I agree with you that games were being played, but by both sides. The Republicans certainly wanted to push this nomination through quickly while the Democrats wanted to delay it. Ford and Kavanaugh were stuck in the middle. I also agree he disqualified himself by his outburst. The entire thing was a debacle.

    In your second paragraph you are already assuming that Kavanaugh committed those acts. How can you be so sure? I also don’t believe that what one does when they were 15 represents them as a person when they are in their 40s or 50s.

    I guess the biggest problem I see is in your first sentence and its not against you particularly but the notion that only one side sees things clearly. I’m getting more and more frustrated with the picking of sides and simplifying of facts that is getting our country no where.

  85. Not even close to true here.

    Republicans came into the hearings willing to confirm BK no matter what was being said at them. When the rape accusation came up, they were doing as much as possible to ignore, dismiss or make cheap excuses for it. Not once was it taken seriously by them and it was flat out ignored. All in favor of wh0rish desire to put one of their own on the bench for its own sake.

    The Democrats were well within their rights to delay the nomination. Especially after Republicans in the senate flat out refused to do their job when it came to Merrick Garland.

    Kavannaugh had no business at the hearing after Ford’s testimony. He should have been dropped and an alternative candidate picked. One who comports themselves with the dignity and respect for the position which is necessary.

    But right now the only agenda of conservatives right now is malice for its own sake. Deliberately harming opponents regardless of the toll on the system, professionalism or even loyalty to the Constitution.

  86. You were trying to pretend Ford’s testimony was not credible. Your proof of that is unsubstantiated garbage. As opposed to statements made by someone under penalty of perjury, under oath.

    You are trying to weaselword and make garbage semantical arguments to save face here. Same old Shawnie.

  87. Well your party sure threw a colossal hissy fit to secure an FBI investigation to collect…garbage.

    Saving face is YOUR obession, Tater Tot. That’s why you talk about it so much. But the more you talk the worse you (and your party) look. The better solution is to get an education.

  88. Glad to see you have no respect for the position of SCOTUS justice.

    The Republicans have been throwing hussy fits for a week because Kavanaugh is such a whiny man baby. They should have just dropped him and found a more mature and honest candidate.

    But evidently the GOP was fresh out of professionals with integrity, maturity and a clean history. All they proved is they have become the party of depraved malicious cretins.

  89. Don’t feed the trolls.

    Block N/A like everyone else does except for the one person low-brow enough to ever up-vote her.

  90. To cave in to smear campaigns merely guarantees more smear campaigns in the future. They chose the correct course for once.

    Your party can not seem to stop stepping on rakes. You blew what little moral capital you had left with the voters, who still have some sense of fair play, trying to derail a candidate who is not nearly as dangerous to your precious Roe as the next one is going to be.

    I can’t wait for THAT floor show to start!

    Instead of trying to show the voters that you have not collectively lost your minds, your party is rioting in the streets, calling for abolishing the Senate (a constitutional impossibility) and running headlines such as “The Supreme Court is Expendable.”

    You’re giving the Repubs a gift that is bankrupting you. But hey, if you insist…

  91. Nope. Every major American city is run by democrats and has been forever.
    Be honest. Your party kills baby’s and enslaved people.

  92. Idk. But I was trans people would stop shooting up their places of work.

  93. Malice was the platform the Kavanaugh attack was based on.

    Equating a three-decade-old allegation, unproven, unsubstantiated, uncorroborated with “rapist” is precisely the warp, woof, meat, and potatoes of your camp.

    Yes, it is time for righteous anger, and the polls show you and your friends will be the recipients.

  94. Senator Feinstein showed herself to be beyond the pale.

    You, of course, have always been beyond the pale, and “opportunistic rape apologist” simply confirms it.

    Allegations under oath remain allegations.

    Proof was the missing ingredient.

  95. Hardly a smear campaign. Especially given Kavanaughs hissy fits, lying and breakdown. But then again it’s not like conservatives really gave a damn about anything as long as Trumps pick went through.

    Clearly the GOP lacked any kind of suitable candidate respectful of the position involved. Again defense of Kavanaugh represents a failure of the GOP to find reasonably suitable people of decent moral character, professionalism and even the slightest hint of maturity.

  96. So, if she says aliens probed her anus under oath, aliens probed her anus?

  97. Statements under penalty of perjury are consider sworn statements.

    No, they are not “credible on their face”.

  98. The FBI director stated that the FBI investigated what the President directed them to investigate: Ford’s allegations.

    Other than that the President gave no further direction.

  99. For sure the website ain’t entitled “Sugar Coted” or “The Unvarnished Truth”.

  100. No, a scandal of sexual abuse would be Bill Clinton. In fact, he was several scandals of sexual abuse.

    Neither Clarence Thomas nor Brett Kavanaugh were credibly accused.

    In this latest stunt Ford couldn’t even remember when the alleged event took place, and her own friends wouldn’t back her up.

    Anita Hill actually followed Clarence Thomas from employment A to employment B AFTER, according to her allegations, he harassed her.

    Neither could provide a scintilla of actual evidence.

    So, what we’re finding out is just how the Dems will go, and that standing up to them is precisely the correct approach.

  101. I heartily recommend a fight to the finish, no holds barred, against the increasingly erratic, unrealistic, and anti-American Democrats.

  102. When the President imposes on an intern, whether it’s Bill Clinton or JFK, it’s unsavory and these days illegal.

  103. You’re d-mned right there’s malice towards you.

  104. It is clear that he lacks a fundamental grasp of the criminal justice system, isn’t it?

  105. I wish that Christians would stop bombing abortion clinics.

  106. You’re only going to confuse them with the facts, Bob.

  107. There is NO ONE immune to the sort of smear campaign aimed at Kavanaugh.

    NO ONE.

  108. No, she cares about all of them.

    Every true American should care about all of them.

  109. No evidence, none at all, the boss told anyone not to find anything.

  110. He’s funny.

    Nothing is ever “credible on its face.” Credibility is wholly in the mind of the fact-finder.

  111. I’ve rarely ever seen anyone talk so much, and know so little, about a topic.

  112. FBI Director Christopher Wray told the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday that the White House put limits on the investigation of Brett Kavanaugh. He went on to say in a rather roundabout way that when the FBI does background checks such as this, the standard procedure is to not be as rigorous as in other probes.

  113. Next up, Amy Coney Barrett. A pro-choicer’s worst nightmare.

    She might even have been first up, but your hero Anthony Kennedy likely conditioned his retirement on Trump giving his seat to his former clerk. And he iced the cake by swearing him in personally.

    Can’t wait. We have an especially nice Cabernet all ready to open and sip while we watch the fireworks on the day of THAT nomination.

  114. Ever notice how libs can hardly put together an argument without telling someone else what they “really” think?

    Amateur clairvoyance is such a thing with this crowd — maybe that’s why liberal strongholds are such hotbeds of paranormal quackery.

  115. It would be hard to confuse them more than they already are.

  116. It’s been a characteristic for decades.

    One participant whose is slowly fading did with with:

    “Translation: ….”

    which he began doing prior to the Internet when conversations took place in Usenet or on bulletin boards, and was doing it still when I finally blocked him.

  117. You mean like the Religious Conservatives, who give more of their time and money to both secular and religious charities than anyone else? Though to be fair Religious Liberals are close behind, even if there are significantly fewer of them than there are Religious Conservatives.

  118. Bob Arnzhole and Shawnie5 are just bigoted old as​sholes.

  119. So she is also an alcoholic whiny baby who lies to the Senate and dishonors the Federal bench? That would be fun to watch, again.

  120. At this point I would not be surprised by anything a lib might throw out there to see if it sticks. Watch out for those rakes!

  121. It doesn’t matter how many of you there are. Get your religious beliefs out of government, schools and healthcare. #AbortionOnDemand

  122. Because liberals made Kavanaugh blubber like an immature alcoholic man child? Riiight.

  123. Kavanaugh behaved exactly like any normal man would behave at being falsely accused of disgusting acts and having seen his family suffer because of it.

    You, not being a family man (or likely any other kind of man, either) would not understand.

  124. LMAO! Keep trying to polish that terd. He was accused with credible testimony under oath. The excuses you and the other shameless conservatives had were ridiculous.

    The fact that you are saying it was a false accusation means it was clearly well founded. Facts never seem to comport with your statements.

    Kavanaugh acted like a whiny manbaby who was credibly accused of being a rapist.

    Republicans just demonstrated they just didn’t care about such things.

    Moreover they proved to be the party of depraved cretins who obviously lacked a suitable candidate. A saner more responsible GOP would have “Borked” that loser and moved on to the next one.

  125. An accusation can only be “well-founded” with a foundation. All we had here was an accusation. “Credible” means whatever the observer wants it to. What counts is evidence.

    Kav is no loser. He won. He’s got the job Kennedy left to him and the whole country is watching liberal mobs screaming in the streets again.

    Have a nice evening.

  126. No, lying Shawnie. We had sworn testimony from the accuser and nothing in rebuttal other than a red faced alcoholic manbaby whining about such things being brought up.

    We have cretinous conservatives who not only couldn’t care about such things but made up garbage excuses to pretend it was not significant.

    Pretty much the standard party line is that all accusations if sexual assault and rape are considered false by conservatives if the accused is one of them. If the accused is liberal they are assumed to be a rapist on far less credible criteria.

  127. We had a nebulous accusation about something happening at a long ago party at no particular place and at no particular time, accompanied by the names of four witnesses who were supposedly there and not one of whom had ever heard of any such party.

    There was nothing there to rebut.

    As one of your own stated last week, what is asserted without evidence may be dismissed without evidence.

  128. No it was not a nebulous accusation, Lying Shawnie. It was an account from an accuser given under oath. You just chose to look for excuses to minimize, ignore or make crap up in order to disregard it.

    The standard position of the GOP is all rape accusers are liars.

    The hearings were a joke from the outset. From the nonsense last minute info dump of Kavanaugh’s records, to the garbage questions from Republicans, to their blatant disregard for what should have been disqualifying actions on the part of the candidate himself.

    Face it, Republicans have lost any semblance of dignity, integrity or even the barest notions of respect for the institutions they work for. They have chosen an agenda of malice. Its not about the best interests of the nation. Its been nothing except about how they can harm perceived opponents by fair means or foul.

  129. It was a nebulous account from an accuser given under oath. No details, no corroboration, nothing for anyone to investigate. Zippo.

    And what’s more, it was never intended to amount to anything in the first place, only to delay the confirmation until after the midterms in the wild hope that the Dems might flip enough Senate seats to block all confirmations. The irony of it is that you would have stood a better chance of doing that if you had skipped the floor show.

    Dude, you guys lost, and rightfully so, and nobody cares how butthurt you are about it. And it will be a VERY long time before any Democrat mentions “dignity” or “integrity” or “fairness” without getting laughter in response. Take a pill and get some sleep.

  130. .
    Hummmmm —

    “I’ve looked at rape from both sides now,
    From thrust and fend, but still somehow . . . . .

    I remain a benighted, ignorant advocate of false equivalences.”

    Franklin: “There are countless victims of sexual assault in this country. . . . . There also needs to be a thorough examination of evidence, handled in a fair and nonpartisan manner, that gives due process to those accused. . . . . If either of these important truths is not accepted, we risk several dangerous consequences.”

    Democratic Senators accepted both truths — Republicans, from the bottom-feeders at FoxNews up to and including both the nominee and the President, rejected both.

  131. Keep making excuses, weaselwording and equivocating. I can’t think any less of your ability to state facts in credible, honest and straightforward manner. A statement made under oath is credible evidence where there is nothing to rebut it.

    Republicans just didn’t care. 1) They don’t take sexual assault claims seriously as a matter of policy; 2) They didn’t care about Kavanaugh’s suitability for the job and were trying to get him confirmed through bad faith actions throughout.

    It was meant to be Kavanaugh’s job interview. He failed it spectacularly with childish behavior, but luckily for him Republicans have left any sense of propriety, duty or shame behind a while ago.

  132. Any accusation, no matter how far-fetched, may be credible depending on whom you ask. What counts is evidence. This accusation was deliberately tailored to provide none.

    Just for fun…have you wondered why, after all this, Christine Ford does not want Kavanaugh impeached? Put on your thinking cap, Tater Tot!

  133. Now you are left scrambling with the typical Trumpian bullcrap:

    “Well what are facts anyway? I have my alternative facts, and you have your run of the mill ones”


  134. So no answer? C’mon Tater, I was hoping to see if you could think as well as recite!

  135. That you overplayed a ridiculous canned argument? Sure. Bye

  136. Thank you for this excellent article. Two things can be true at the same time, the author is right.

  137. So Kavano’s sworn statements that he didn’t sexually assault Dr Ford aren’t credible? If you claim for one side, you must claim it for the other.

  138. The allegations had corroboration. You just don’t care, because you can’t handle the truth.

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