From privilege to prison: A journey into faith

"What's very clear to me is that this was a rescue operation by God. It was a rescue operation because I was not going to be able to save myself. I dug myself, effectively, into a pit. What happened early on in my prosecution was, I had a decision to make, and that decision involved whether I was going to fight for my old life or effectively give up my fight and trust Jesus to give me a new life."
-Chip Skowron


In 2011, Chip Skowron was sentenced to five years in prison for conspiracy to commit securities fraud. Previously, Skowron was a successful hedge fund manager and medical doctor. As he prepared for prison, Skowron found comfort in the Bible. Surrounded by supporters and skeptics, financiers and felons, Skowron has embraced a new way of living, and a late-blooming faith.

Skowron has embraced a new life, even as he misses the past. However, it’s not the life of a Greenwich, Connecticut titan of capital that he misses. He misses the simplicity and fellowship of life in prison.