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We Worked at Christianity Today. And We Have Thoughts About the New Report.

Katelyn and Roxy react to the report of sexual harassment at CT and reflect on their experiences working at the magazine, as well as at other male-dominated Christian organizations.

Et tu, CT?

Nary a week seems to go by these days without revelations of leaders behaving badly in Christian organizations. Last week, the headlines hit close to home when a new report came out from the the flagship evangelical magazine — and our former workplace — detailing a history of sexual harassment going unchecked within Christianity Today’s leadership. The report was heartbreaking to read — and yet not entirely surprising for either of us. 

In this episode, we react to the report and reflect on our experiences at CT, as well as at other male-dominated Christian organizations. We also explore some tough questions — about the ways in which theology can undergird a sexist workplace culture, how internalized misogyny can keep women silent and what we might do differently if we worked there now.

Read the whole report from Christianity Today here.

A post-production clarification: While the CT report indicated that HR didn’t add formal disciplinary updates to former employees’ files, HR leaders did take notes.