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Janice Lloyd

Janice Lloyd is an author at Religion News Service.

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Aging expert Vern Bengtson: Boomers will return to church

By Janice Lloyd — November 22, 2013
(RNS) Baby boomers might not be that different from the Greatest Generation when it comes to religion, says aging expert Vern Bengtson.

‘Death cafes’ normalize a difficult, not morbid, topic

By Janice Lloyd — April 15, 2013
(RNS) No one wants to talk about death at the dinner table, says Lizzy Miles, a social worker in Columbus, Ohio. But sometimes people need to talk about the "taboo'' topic. Hence the birth of "death cafes.''

Health experts laud pope’s decision to step down

By Janice Lloyd — February 12, 2013
RNS) Health experts on aging admired Pope Benedict XVI 's decision to resign, citing visible clues about his declining health and respecting his honesty about an inability to fulfill responsibilities as he grows older.

Citing religion, some health workers refuse flu shots

By Janice Lloyd — January 17, 2013
(RNS) During one of the worst flu season in recent memory, some health care workers are refusing to take flu shots for religious reasons. By Janice Lloyd / USA Today.
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