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Trump’s Bible walk to church was an act of ‘sacrilege,’ says former Bush advisor

By Alejandra Molina and The Associated Press — June 1, 2020
After calling for governors to call out the National Guard, President Trump walked to St. John's church, where a fire had been set during unrest. Before the president left the White House, law enforcement broke up a peaceful protest with tear gas.

Panama: 7 killed, 14 tortured in exorcism terror rituals

By The Associated Press — January 17, 2020
PANAMA CITY (AP) — Seven people were killed in a bizarre religious ritual in a jungle community in Panama, in which indigenous residents were rounded up by about 10 lay preachers and tortured, beaten, burned and hacked with machetes to make them "repent their sins," authorities said Thursday.

Brazil judge orders Netflix to remove film with gay Jesus

By The Associated Press — January 9, 2020
RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — A Brazilian judge on Wednesday ordered Netflix to stop showing a Christmas special that some called blasphemous for depicting Jesus as a gay man and which prompted a gasoline bomb attack on the satirists behind the program.

Pastor pledges safety for immigrants at Miami Trump event

By The Associated Press — December 30, 2019
MIAMI (AP) — The pastor of a Miami megachurch that will host President Donald Trump at a rally this week is guaranteeing that parishioners who entered the U.S. illegally won't risk deportation by attending.

5 stabbed at rabbi’s house on Hanukkah; suspect in custody

By The Associated Press — December 29, 2019
(AP) — Grafton E. Thomas, 37, of Greenwood Lake, New York, will face five counts of attempted murder and one count of burglary, according to Police Chief Brad Weidel.

After deadly shooting, Pittsburgh synagogue plans reopening

By The Associated Press — October 18, 2019
PITTSBURGH (AP) —Tree of Life leaders now envision a rebuilt space that includes places for worship; memorial, education and social events; classrooms and exhibitions. The mission is to fight anti-Semitism.

US Christian evangelical delegation meets Saudi crown prince

By The Associated Press — September 11, 2019
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Prince Mohammed bin Salman's meeting with prominent Christians marks the second such visit by American evangelicals to the kingdom, which is trying to shake off its reputation for religious intolerance and human rights abuses.

Pastor whose child was shot at Texas church runs for office

By The Associated Press — August 26, 2019
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Frank Pomeroy had not been outspoken politically in the two years since a discharged Air Force airman with a history of violence opened fire in the church where the gunman's wife and mother-in-law attended, killing 22 people.

‘A heavy lift’: Religious black voters weigh Buttigieg’s bid

By The Associated Press — August 16, 2019
GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) — In South Carolina, part of the dialogue focuses on a conflict between a cultural openness for same-sex marriage and the deeply held religious convictions that could impede support for Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

Saudi Arabia allows women to travel without male consent

By The Associated Press — August 2, 2019
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Saudi clerics supported the imposition of male guardianship based on a Quran verse, but other Islamic scholars argued this misinterprets fundamental Quranic concepts.

Unmarked buildings, quiet legal help for accused priests

By The Associated Press — July 29, 2019
DRYDEN, Mich. (AP) — A secretive network operating out of unmarked buildings in rural Michigan provides money, transportation, shelter and legal assistance to priests accused of abuse.

New York ends religious exemption to vaccine mandates

By The Associated Press — June 14, 2019
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The measure follows this year's measles outbreak , which federal officials recently said has surpassed 1,000 illnesses, the highest in 27 years.

Jimmy Carter to teach Sunday school days after breaking hip

By The Associated Press — May 17, 2019
ATLANTA (AP) — Former President Jimmy Carter plans to teach Sunday school this weekend just days after undergoing surgery for a broken hip, a spokeswoman said Thursday.

Pope gives joyride to migrant kids newly arrived in Italy

By The Associated Press — May 15, 2019
VATICAN CITY (AP) — It is Pope Francis' latest gesture to show solidarity with asylum-seekers and those on society's margins.

Jean Vanier, Catholic hero to developmentally disabled, dies

By The Associated Press — May 7, 2019
Jean Vanier, the founder of L'Arche International, a network of communities where people with and without disabilities live together, died at 90. He was the subject of the 2017 film "Jean Vanier, the Sacrament of Tenderness."
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