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Atheists in the Public Square

My friend and colleague Charles Haynes would like the atheists who have been insisting on erecting anti-religious winter solstice displays to declare victory and go away. They've established their right to be there. I don't think that's going to work.

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End culture war, World Vision head tells Christians

As it dawns on the Republican Party that the American people are not entirely down with the Norquistian anti-tax pledge, so is it dawning that the upper hand in the culture war may not lie with religious conservatives. So along comes Richard Stearns, president of the evangelical international aid agency World Vision, with a call to Christians to lay down their arms.

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The Pro-Choice Election

If you want to understand why President Obama campaigned on abortion rights this year, look no further than the national exit polls, which show that 59 percent of Tuesday's electorate think abortion should be legal in all or most cases, as opposed to 36 percent who think it should be illegal in all or most cases.

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The Marriage Platform

The likelihood that this year's Democratic Party platform will support same-sex marriage and condemn the Defense of Marriage Act creates as bright a culture war line as one could wish with the Republicans, for whom the sanctity of the Old-Time Nuptuality has long been an article of partisan faith.

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Church no place for high school graduations

One of the possibly unintended consequences of the megachurch phenomenon is that there are now all these huge air-conditioned, sound system-equipped auditoriums available for rental by public school departments for the purpose of holdinng graduation ceremonies. And as some have availed themselves of the facilities, so as night follows day, there have been lawsuits challenging the practice.

Benedict:  The Church First

A Pope Focused on Changing His Church, Not the World RNS Vatican correspondent Stacy Meichtry examines Pope Benedict's first nine months, and finds that "it's apparent Benedict is not out ...