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The US Department of Justice is investigating the SBC. What does it mean?

By Bob Smietana — August 17, 2022

(RNS) — A former FBI agent, who later ran the USCCB’s office of child protection, suspects federal officials want to make sure they have not missed any crimes in an SBC abuse report.

Report: Nonreligious LGBTQ people face heightened stigma, conceal their beliefs

By Alejandra Molina — August 17, 2022

(RNS) — A new report details the extent to which nonreligious LGBTQ people experience both religious oppression and anti-LGBTQ sentiment.

Dear Mormons in a faith crisis: You’re not crazy, wrong or stupid

By Jana Riess — August 17, 2022

(RNS) — Your old faith, like the caterpillar’s body, used to serve you well, until suddenly it didn’t.

My father’s drug addiction put a mask on me. Here’s how I took it off.

By Jennifer R. Farmer — August 17, 2022

(RNS) — ‘Daughter of an addict’ is as accurate a reflection of my life as is ‘PR professional.’

Bombing at Kabul mosque kills 10, including prominent cleric

By Rahim Faiez — August 17, 2022

ISLAMABAD (AP) — The Italian Emergency hospital in Kabul said that at least 27 wounded civilians, including five children, were brought there from the site of the bomb blast.

Attack on Rushdie shows divisions among Lebanese Shiites

By Bassem Mroue — August 17, 2022

BEIRUT (AP) — The religious edict, or fatwa, urging Muslims to kill Rushdie was issued in 1989 by Iran’s then-spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who accused the author of blasphemy for his portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad in the novel ‘The Satanic Verses.’

Ayurveda’s spiritual science makes inroads among foodies and healers

By Richa Karmarkar — August 17, 2022

(RNS) — At the intersection of science and religion, the ancient art of ayurveda is attracting believers seeking to improve their health by treating soul and body.

They’re banning Anne Frank. Are you kidding me?!?!

By Jeffrey Salkin — August 17, 2022

(RNS) — Warning: They are coming for our young people’s brains.

Thailand’s restive south hit by wave of arson and bombings

By Sumeth Panpetch — August 17, 2022

HAT YAI, Thailand (AP) — Muslim residents have long charged they are treated like second-class citizens in Thailand, and separatist movements have been periodically active for decades. Heavy-handed crackdowns have fueled the discontent.

Nepal’s holy Bagmati River choked with black sewage, trash

By Binaj Gurubacharya — August 17, 2022

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — Tainted by garbage and raw sewage that is dumped directly into the waterway, Nepal’s holiest river has deteriorated so greatly that today it is also the country’s most polluted.

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