Mette Harrison

‘Mormon Women for Ethical Government’ is growing fast and standing firm

By Jana Riess — May 7, 2018
In early 2017, some Mormon women began expressing concern about eroding ethical standards in government. Now they're over 6,000 strong and still growing.

Why this Mormon girl wanted to be a Mormon boy

By Jana Riess — April 17, 2018
At age nine, Mette Harrison made a conscious decision to masquerade as a boy as much as possible, mainly at school, because she hated being a girl. Specifically, she hated being a girl in the Mormon world.

When your child resigns from Mormonism

By Jana Riess — February 27, 2018
Mette Harrison's daughter stopped being active in Mormonism years ago, and Mette was at peace with that. So why did it hurt when her daughter decided to formally remove her name from the membership rolls?

I have autism … and I’m a Mormon

By Jana Riess — January 23, 2018
(RNS) — In some ways, being Mormon is an advantage when coping with autism, and in other ways, Mormonism makes it harder, writes guest columnist Mette Harrison.

Creating a new Mormon family after a faith transition

By Jana Riess — December 19, 2017
Christmas with family can be hard when you're a Mormon experiencing a faith transition. Guest blogger Mette Harrison says the death of her old beliefs led to new life in the form of a new "family" of close friends who've been there.

The best Mormon Family Home Evening ever

By Jana Riess — November 3, 2017
Mette Harrison's (mostly) Mormon family doesn't always have the most orthodox or predictable Family Home Evenings. But they're always interesting.

‘Mormon Families Are Forever’ shouldn’t be a threat

By Jana Riess — October 12, 2017
Guest blogger Mette Harrison offers 4 ways the idea of eternal families may not be good news for everyone -- especially when it's used as a tool to bludgeon the non-believing.

An open letter to my Mormon family and friends

By Jana Riess — August 10, 2017
Guest blogger Mette Harrison offers suggestions for orthodox Mormons on how to better get along with family members who have left the Church. Some rules: Honor boundaries, stop judging, and plan family events that don't revolve around church.

Mormon bishops’ interview policy opens the door for sexual abuse

By Jana Riess — July 20, 2017
The LDS Church should revamp its system of allowing bishops to be alone with teenagers -- especially when it comes to asking questions about their sexual activity, says guest blogger Mette Harrison.

Mormon authors take center stage with YA fiction

By Jana Riess — July 13, 2017
From Brandon Sanderson and James Dashner to Shannon Hale and Ally Condie, many of the top novelists for the YA market are Mormon. What's up with that?

10 reasons Mormons dominate multi-level marketing companies

By Jana Riess — June 20, 2017
Utah leads the nation in multi-level marketing companies per capita, and many Mormons are heavily involved in MLM culture. Guest blogger Mette Harrison explores 10 reasons why.

The Mormon temple wedding photo game

By Jana Riess — May 16, 2017
Mormons too often judge each other's righteousness just by glancing at clothing choices, hairstyles, and piercings -- and guest blogger Mette Harrison has had enough of this superficial judgmentalism.

Do Mormons worship Jesus Christ?

By Jana Riess — April 15, 2017
More than 30 years ago, LDS apostle Bruce R. McConkie was adamant that Mormons do not worship Christ. Guest blogger Mette Harrison says otherwise.

Dear Mormon men, please stop calling your wives angels

By Jana Riess — March 24, 2017
Women are not inherently more spiritual than men, says guest blogger Mette Harrison. So why all the "angel wives" comments from Mormon church leaders?

Mormon joy, Lehi’s dream, and the love of God

By Jana Riess — March 9, 2017
Lehi's dream, says guest blogger Mette Harrison, shows how we learn about God’s love largely through the lens of the love of our family.
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