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  • Jane Markhorst

    God Bless to our new Pope.I am having a hard time with all the excitement over Pope Francis humbleness. Growing up as a Catholic we were taught that all religious lived in poverty, til I learned of the Vatican.So rich.Myself and my 4 siblings asked to leave because we couldn’t afford our tuition and book bills.All the collections, block money.
    Being humble is asked from us from Jesus Christ.Advertising it is not humble.Again God’s Blessings to you, Jane

  • The new pope paid his hotel bill and took a bus! Stop the presses! Did we expect him to sneak out the back of his hotel and NOT pay? This is a total dog-bites-man story that’s being reported all over. Being impressed with such quotidian acts is setting the bar very low for our papal expectations.

  • Bob

    @Michael: That’s not the point. He could have sent a gopher and shown a “hey, we’ve got people for that stuff” attitude. It’s the personal presence and commitment to simplicity that is newsworthy.

  • John Candido

    Pope Francis is a very intriguing figure. Of course it is too early to tell, but I have a feeling that this Pope will be a very significant Pontiff, who will have an enormously beneficial impact on the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Kevan Scott

    Significant in what? Scandel? Argenttiian’s are not too happy this Pope got elected in the face of their memories of his collorbation with the gov’t back in the 70’s. As usual, another fine article by the whole RNS staff One complaint, why did you not name this Indy pastor who alledgedly told the girl that Jesus wanted her to have a sexual relationship with him that sorta conflicted with countless Biblical passages. I bet her parentsethought him to be a fine young pastor and had no trouble with allowing their daughter to fulfill the pastor’s requests. . I bet they now think that the church in mention deserves to pay up for the pastor’s inddescreations. I have no problem with innocent till proven guilty but why not allow this mans name to show up if for not anything else to make sure the community at large prevents another alleged girl from allegedly being told about how Jesus wants her to have sex with the alleged pastor. If there is a suit and settlement you can be sure that the family will have to pay the taxes while the church has enjoyed tax exempt status and allowing, allegedly, of course, this predator pastor, to prey. Wonder if they were smarter than the Catholic church and didn’t attempt to cover up the allegations?